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Aa mere saathhi aa

Posted on: July 3, 2011

When one speaks of a movie “chhaliyaa”, one is reminded of the 1960 movie starring Raj Kapoor and Nutan which was also the debut movie of Manmohan Desai as a director.

There is another movie of this name, which, despite being of more recennt vintage than “Chhaliyaa” (1960) is a by and large forgotten movie.

When one looks at the songs of this movie, one finds that the songs of this movie have been sung by as many as four female singers, but when one looks at the star cast, one finds the mention of only two female actors, viz Nanda and Helen. Yes, that is how obscure this movie has become.

Here is a song from this movie which proves that there is at least another actress in this movie, and she plays a role important enough for her to figure in a song.

Here is this song which is sung by Lata and it is picturised as a get together song on Navin Nischol, Nanda and another actress. nterestingly, both Nanda as well as this mystery actress take turns lip syncing in Lata’s voice. Apparently it is Nanda who is there with Navin Nischol singing this song for him, but Navin Nischol imagines this lady (who apparently is known to her from his past) to be present instead.

The identity of this lady has puzzled many and in fact it is one Lata devotee called Vikas Zutshi who has sent me a message asking me whether I can identify this lady. Of course I cannot, but I am sure my knowledgeable readers certainly can.

So I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify this mystery lady who, alongwith Nanda, lip syncs in Lata’s voice in this song.

PS-She is Sanjana. She also figures in the Zanjeer song Deewaane hain deewaanon ko na ghar chaahiye that has been discussed two years back in this blog.

This song is written by Rajinder Krishan and its music is composed by R D Burman.



Song-Aa mere saathhi aa (Chhaliya) (1973) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-R D Burman


aa mere saathhi aa
dil ki baat sunta jaa
raahon mein bichhaaoon taare
aahaa haa
mere saathi aa
dil ki baat sunta jaa
raahon mein bichhaaoon taare

wahaan teri duniya
jahaan main hoon
magar tu na jaane
kahaan main hoon
wahaan teri duniya
jahaan main hoon
magar tu na jaane
kahaan main hoon
ujaalon mein khoye huye
o sanam
yahaan main hoon
mere hamdam
yahaan main hoon
o ho ho
mere saathiyaan
dil ki baat
sunta jaa
raahon mein bichhaaoon taare

zameen se parey
is jahaan se parey
mere saath chal
aasmaan se parey
zameen se parey
is jahaan se parey
mere saath chal
aasmaan se parey
khayaalon mein
doobey huye
o sanam
jawaan tu hai
mere hamdam
jawaan main hoon
ho ho ho
mere saathhiyaan
dil ki baat sunta jaa
raahon mein bichhaaoon taare

10 Responses to "Aa mere saathhi aa"

Atul ji,
The actress in the above song,along with Navin and Nanda is ANJALI KADAM.she has acted in Jahan pyar miley,Dharma,Sankalp,Ek huns ka joda,Neelima,Shankar Dada etc.
An United Movies Art production,it was produced by sudesh Gupta and directed by Madan Mohala(Dus Numbari and Raja Jani fame).
The story revolves around Shankar(Navin N.)-an ordinary clerk,Sunita(Nanda)-the factory owner and Amar(Shatrughna Sinha)-facory manager.
Shankar,though poor,has a habit of borrowing suits and cars to impress others.He works in Sunita’s factory.She loves him but to get him,poses as poor school teacher.Amar incites workers and they go on strike.
The story reveals how shankar quells the strike,saves the factory,exposes Amar’s deeds and gets Sunita in return.


Thanks a lot for this information. This information was not available on internet till now.


Atulji and arunji,
with due respect to both of you, I think it is not Anjali kadam,It is actress named SANJANA,(I am 99% sure)

The famous song from amithabji`s ZANJEER(1973)-“Deewane hain deewanon ko na ghar chaahiye” was picturised on Gulshan bawra and SANJANA”

She acted also in Radha saluja`s DO RAHAA(1971)
Yaadon ki baaraat(1973)(as nanny to 3 separated brothers)and as a co-dancer in Tahir hussain`s CARVAAN(1971)(She was there in “Dilbhar dil se pyaare”dance alongwith Aruna irani)

Please check this fact with others, If I am wrong, please excuse me for deviating your search work.
with regards


Your identification makes sense. The lady indeed has chubby cheeks in both the songs.

That is how it is when one seeks to identify less known actors. One may hit a wrong trail sometimes.


I have seen Anjali kadam in Prasad productions JEENE KI RAAH(as Jeethendra`s wife),in O.P.Ralhan`s HULCHAL(as one of the doubting wives)in JAHAN PYAR MILE(lip synching the title song)

SANJANA`s name sometime spelt as SANJANA and sometimes as SANJNA. Sanjana`s got chubby cheeks and she got a dimpled smile.Further, sanjana is more plump in figure than anjali kadam.
Anjali kadam is not as chubby as sanjana


I just watched the other songs of Chhalia on youtube,to confirm the name of the actress, yes SANJANA is there in another song, other than Sanjana,
there is1)SNEHALATHA(her memorable song is from Waheeda rehman`s KHAMOSHI-Humne dekhi hain, un aankhon ki khushboo”,Tumse achcha kaun hai starring Shammi Kapoor
,Naatak-starring Moushumi Chatterjee,vijay arora),

2)ASHOO(her memorable role is as mother to three heroes in Yaadon ki baaraat,she was there in the title song of the film with three child artistes),



Are we quite sure that the other actress in the song is not Asha Chandra? She looks deceptively like Asha!
Harish Bhimani


Production house:United movie Arts
starcast:Nanda,Navin Nishchol,Shatrughan Sinha,Rajinder Nath,
Helen,SANJANA,Anjali Kadam,Asha Chandra,Jugnu,Vera,
Master Chikoo,Mac Mohan,C.S.Dubey,Shah,A.K.Tiwari,
Amir Ali,Reddi,Jairaj,
special appearances by:
Sujit Kumar,Bhagwan,Mohan Choti,Vishwa Mehra, Birbal,Parveen Paul, Yashodra Khatju,
Guest artistes:
Ashoo,Snehlata,Kamal Kapoor,Sunder, Dulari,
Lyricist:Rajinder Krishan
Producer:Sudesh Raj Gupta
director:Mukul Dutt

missing video link:

Another lady with Navin Nischol and Nanda is SANJANA, I am 100% Sure


She is not Asha Chandra. Her current photo is on her website

She is Sanjana.


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