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Dhaake ki malmal mangaanaa balam jee

Posted on: July 11, 2011

“Dushman” appears to be quite a popular title of Hindi movies. About half a dozen movies of this name have been produced so far. In this blog, I have discussed songs from three such movies, viz “Dushman” (1938),”Dushman”(1957) and “Dushman” (1971).

“Dushman” (1957) had Dev Anand and Usha Kiran in lead roles. This movie had some nice songs in it.

Here is a song from this movie. This is a stage song sung by Asha Bhonsle picturised on Minu Mumtaz. The lyrics talk about various places famous of garments, bangles etc. For instance, this talk discussed Dhaka (now Bangladesh’s capital) which was famous for malmal (fine muslin cloth). In addition the song also talks about Kashi , Mathura,Agra,Banaras,Dilli etc and the lady urges her balam to get malmal from Dhaka, kumkum from Kaashi, Banarasi sari from Banaras etc for her use.

The song is written by Tanvir Naqvi. Music is composed by Husnlal Bhagatram.



Song-Dhaake ki malmal mangaanaa balam jee (Dushman) (1957) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Tanvir Naqvi, MD-Husnlal Bhagatram


Dhaake ki malmal mangaanaa balam jee
Dhaake ki malmal mangaanaa balam jee
itna karam farmaanaa balam jee
itna karam farmaanaa
malmal ki halki si ujli chunariyaa
malmal ki halki si ujli chunariyaa
odhho to dekhe zamaane balam jee
itna karam farmaanaa balam jee
Dhaake ki malmal mangaanaa balam jee

Kaashi ki kumkum
Mathura se jhaanjhar
bindiya Bangaal ki
Aagre se kangan
Dilli se aarsi
Saadi banaasi
Dilli se aarsi
Saadi banaasi
haathhon se apne pehnaanaa balam jee
itna karam farmaanaa balam jee
Dhaake ki malmal mangaanaa balam jee

nikloon jidhar se ghoonghat nikaale
har koi apne dil ko sambhaale
dekho jee pyaar se
solah singaar se
dekho jee pyaar se
solah singaar se
mujhko banaanaa sajaanaa balam jee
itna karam farmaanaa balam jee
Dhaake ki malmal mangaanaa balam jee

7 Responses to "Dhaake ki malmal mangaanaa balam jee"

Atul, thanks again for this wonderful song. I saw Master Romi sitting there. Did I correctly spot him?

I commend the lyricist, Tanvir Naqvi, for bringing in all items of the day. Re: Dhaka’s malmal, I heard in the good old days that all artisans who made the muslin in Dhaka were made to lose their fingers by the British or some ruler. Can someone shed more light on this fact? Shukriya!!!!


Yes, it was indeed Master Romi.


Arif bhai,
Dhake ki malmal or the Shahi/Khas Muslin was manufatured in eastern India since 16th century and was the favourite of Kings and Nawabs.
The Muslin industry declined after the battle of Plassey 1757 A.D.
This cloth was exported to entire world,especially Europe.By 1857,the exports dwindled to 50%.This decline was due to the diminishing purchase powers of Kings and Nawabs under the British rule.I quote an excerpt from an article published in THE TIMES of London,dated 9th Feb 2010 :
‘There was a deliberate destruction of Handloom industry in this region which once produced the finest of fine cloth.The export point of this cloth was Dhaka.
The Manchester mills were scared of the competetion.In next 100 years,the British systematically destroyed this industry,to safeguard its interests in U.K.’
The stories that the fingers were chopped etc were only folklores.They were more interesting than the mundane history of British policies.


There is similar story pertaining to skilled artisans who worked on the Taj Mahal at Agra. Shah jahan did not want them to make another monument to rival the Taj. One wonders how much fact and folklore was that.


Nahm ji,
Stories of workers of Taj mahal were strenghtened by Films,novels and poems,but they were all baseless.
I quote from “The complete Taj Mahal” by Ebba Coch-published Aug 2006,pp239 and
Notes of J.Rosselli on Lord Bentinck-by Sussex 1974,pp283

‘A labour force of 20000 was employed to complete Taj Mahal from 1632 to 1648 at a phenominal cost of Rs.32 million,in those days.
No evidence exists for claims that describe,often in horrific details,deaths,dismemberments of hands and mutilations of bodies which Shahajehan reportedly inflicted upon the chief Architects.
There is also no proof of a claim that Lord Bentinck planned to demolish Taj Mahal.’ Roselli further says,these stories arose from Bentinck’s fund raising sale of discarded marbles from Agra Fort.


Oh that is good news at least. Thanks Sir.


The missing word is,

Mathura se “Jhanjar”


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