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Ham tumse judaa tum hamse judaa

Posted on: July 29, 2011

“Bade Bhaiyya” (1951) was a B grade movie starring Suresh and Nirupa Roy. this movie , which was directed by Aspi Iraani had a musical team that is quite obscure.

Take this song for example. This melancholic song is sung by Sulochana Kadam and it is picturised on Nirupa Roy. Manohar Lal Khanna is the lyricist and Premnath (not to be confused with actor of the same name) is the music director. These artists are no household names, that is for sure, but this is a nice song to listen to. A forgotten gem, if you like.



Song-Ham tumse judaa tum hamse judaa (Bade Bhaiyya)(1951) Singer-Sulochana Kadam, Lyrics-Manohar Lal Khanna, MD-Premnath


ham tumse judaa
tum hamse judaa
kashti se kinaaraa door huaa
in roti huyi aankhon ki qasam
dil toot ke chaknaachoor huaa
dil bichhde huye kyun rote hain
bedard zamaanaa kyaa jaane
haay kyaa jaane
dil bichhde huye kyun rote hain
bedard zamaanaa kyaa jaane
haay kyaa jaane
ham aahen bharen aur uff na karen
ulfat ka yahi dastoor (?) huaa

armaan na rahe
hasrat na rahi
ab dil ka sahaaraa koi nahin
haay koi nahin
armaan na rahe
hasrat na rahi
ab dil ka sahaaraa koi nahin
haay koi nahin
barbaad huyi duniya meri
wo jab se nazar se door huaa

aabaad raho tum shaad raho
barbaad hain ham barbaad rahen
haay yoon hi sahi
aabaad raho tum shaad raho
barbaad hain ham barbaad rahen
haay yoon hi sahi
tum hanste raho
ham rote rahen
qismat ko yahi manzoor huaa
in roti huyi aankhon ki qasam
dil toot ke chaknaachoor huaa

6 Responses to "Ham tumse judaa tum hamse judaa"

the music Director Premnath none other than the actor Premnath, husband of Bina Rai.

He did some other films as a music director: Rangbhoomi (1946), Pahala Pyar (1947), Chand Sitare (1948), Alakh Ni Ranjan (1950), Maya Machhindra (1951) Bade Bhaiya (1951), Sati Vaishalini (1959) .


derubala ji,

The same Premnath, who featured in a no. of films as parallel hero, like Barsaat with Raj Kapoor. He is the brother of Krishna Kapoor, Raj Kapoor’s wife. Another brother is Rajendra Nath(Comedienne).

Fond remembrance of Premnath is the “Bobby” song “Ghe ghe ghe re ghe re saayeba pyaar mein sauda nahin”.


Premnath, the actor had one more brother, Narendranath who mostly played villainous in Hindi films.


They grew up in Jabalpur, where their father was an influential man. He opened up a cinema hall called “Empire Talkies” in Jabalpur which functioned as long as Premnath was alive. after that, Premnath’s son (Prem Kishan) did not bother to run it. The movie hall is now in disuse and Army have taken over it. apparently, this land was given by army to Premnath’s father in British times.

Raj Kapoor ,brother in law of Premnath tended to shoot many of his movies in Jabalpur. For example, the movie “Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai” was shot in Jabalpur, and the River Narmada that flows there was shown as River Ganga is this movie . 😀


derubala ji,

I am sorry again to disagree with you about Premnath.
Premnath Malhotra(21-11-1926 to 3-11-1992) the famous actor made his debut with film AJIT in 1948,opposite Monica Desai.That time he was just 22 year old.
Music Director Premnath was a different person altogether.He and Sardar Malik started their struggle simulteneously,but initially,Premnath went ahead first and gave independent music to Rangabhoomi in 1946,thencame Chandrahaas,Pehla Pyar,Dehati,Chand sitare till June 1948.
It is impossible that actor Premnath could have given music to these films.What’s more actor premnath’s Biography does not mention about his work on musical front,anywhere.
Music Director premnath also gave music toMaya Machhindra,Alakh Niranjan,main hun Jaadugar,Tarzan in Fairyland.He joined Sardar Malik in giving music to Gyaaniji(1977),in which Actor Premnath was also acting.
If you have any information otherwise,I will be glad to correct myself.

Atul ji,
MANOHARLAL KHANNA was a lyricist and Dialogue writer in many films
from 1947(Romeo & Juliet) till as late as 1983 for Sweekar kiya Maine.
Some of his films out of some 25 odd films,are
Alakh niranjan,Daku,Ghayal,Lotus of Kashmir,Vishwamitra,Bhishm Pratigya etc.


Derubala ji, Arun ji, Nahm Bhai,

I agree with Arun ji. I also did some checking independently, and it comes out that the actor Premnath and the music director Premnath are two entirely different presonalities.

Premnath, the actor, passed away in November 1992, at the age of 65. Based on some information received from Shri Harmandir ji (compiler of the Geet Kosh), Premnath, the music director had passed away in the 70s.



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