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O ameeron ke parmeshwar

Posted on: August 3, 2011

Though I have discussed as manay as five songs from “Paighaam” (1959), I was not aware of this song from the movie.

It is a bhajan/prayer, in which a lady (I reqest our knowledgeable readers to help identify her) is singing this prayer to the God. Later, she is joined by another lady, and I can pat mysellf on the back since I am able to identify her as Vyjyanti Mala.

PS-The lady is Vasundhara Devi, who plays Vyjyanti Mala’s mother in this movie. I thank Prakashchandra and others for taking troubles to help identify her.

The lyrics by Pradeed are as candid and straight from the heart as we know his lyrics to be. “O God of the rich, please take some care of us poors too”- this is basically the content of this song. And the lyrics are indeed interesting to listen to. Asha Bhonsle is the singer and music is composed by C Ramchandra.

It is interesting to note that three major music directors of that time, viz C Ramchandra, S D Burman and O P Nayyar were not working with Lata those days. S D Burman would later make up with Lata and work with he again, but in case of C Ramchandra, the break up was final.

The beneficiary of all these acrimonius partings was Asha Bhonsle and she got many assignments of S D Burman and C Ramchandra that would normally go to Lata otherwise. And she did a nice job on these songs too, including the song under discussion here.

According to HFGK, this song has two versions, both sung by Asha Bhonsle. Part II is lip synced by Vyjyanti Mala.

Audio – Part I

Video – Part I

Audio – Part II

Video – Part II

Song-O ameeron ke parmeshwar (Paighaam)(1959) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Pradeep, MD-C Ramchandra


O ameeron ke parmeshwar
ham ghareebon ki bhi le khabar
dekh ham lut rahe hain tere raaj mein
kuchh hamaara bhi insaaf kar
O ameeron ke parmeshwar

ek patthar
dil pe rakh kar
tere jag mein hain ham jee rahe
chupke chupke
sabse chhupke
zindagi ka zahar pee rahe
kaun jaane ki kis raat hogaa khatam
kaun jaane ki kis raat hoga khatam
aansuon se bhara ye safar
O ameeron ke parmeshwar
ham ghareebon ki bhi le khabar
dekh ham lut rahe hain tere raaj mein
kuchh hamaara bhi insaaf kar
O ameeron ke parmeshwar

man ke andar
dukh chhipaa kar
haay barson se ham ro rahe
kyaa bataayen
kyaa sunaayen
ham pe kyaa kyaa sitam ho rahe
ham to jeete hain daataa
tere desh mein
ham to jeete hain daataa
tere desh mein
aaj kal ?? par
O ameeron ke parmeshwar
ham ghareebon ki bhi le khabar
dekho ham lut rahe hain tere raaj mein
kuchh hamaara bhi insaaf kar
O ameeron ke parmeshwar

Part II
aisa lagta
gareebon ka jag mein
aaj rakhwaala koi nahin
aisa lagta hai ke dukhiyon ke aansoo
ponchhne waala koi nahin

o ameeron ke parmeshwar
hum gareebon ki bhi le khabar
dekh hum lut rahe hain tere raaj mein
kuchh hamaara bhi insaaf kar
o ameeron ke parmeshwar
aa aa aa aaa aa
aa aa aa aa a aa

kis adalat me hum nyaay mange
aaj to band sab dwaar hain
aaj tu bhi huaa haay unka
jo yahaan par gunehgar hai
bol duniya ke bhagwaan hum kya karen
bol duniya ke bhagwaan hum kya karen
is andhere mein jaayen kidhar
o ameeron ke parmeshwar
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa

saari kudrat hi roothhi hai humse
aaj hum kyun na aahen bharen
jab hai naaraaz bagiya ka maali
phool fariyaad kis se kare
aaj dikhti hai humko dhadhakti huyi
aaj dikhti hai humko dhadhakti huyi
apni maa ki chita door par
o ameeron ke parmeshwar (aa aa aa aa aa)
hum gareebon ki bhi le khabar (aa aa aa aa aa)
dekho hum lut rahe hain tere raaj mein (aa aa aa aa aa)
kuchh hamaara bhi insaaf kar (aa aa aa aa aa)
o ameeron ke parmeshwar(aa aa aa aa aa)

15 Responses to "O ameeron ke parmeshwar"

Atul ji,
The lady singing in white saree seems to be PANDHARI BAI,who used to act in Hindi films made in south.


Arunji with due respect to you,

Pandhari bai plays the role of Raaj kumar`s wife in this film, the name of the lady must be PUSHPAMALA,but I am not sure about that.

But she is not PANDHARI BAI


yes I found it out, she is VASUNDHARA DEVI(sorry she is not pushpamala)


Prakash ji

Thanks for the information.

In the movie, this lady plays the role of Vijyantimala’s mother, and the long separated wife of Motilal. By quirk of fate, the mother and daughter come to live in the same town where Motilal now owns a factory, and Vijayntimala starts working as an ordinary employee in her own father’s factory, although she is not aware of it yet.



There is nothing to thank me, its just my duty to provide information, I feel very happy to provide information like that.

Anyways,You are welcome!!!



Prakashchandra ji,
Thanks for placing Pandharibai correctly.Anyway,I was not very sure about her role.
Now that I have found out (hopefully) the correct information,there will have to be a correction of correction of correction.
In this film,there are 3 families,namely
1)The mill owner Sevakram (Motilal)
His daughter Malti(Sarojadevi)
2)A widow Mrs. Lal (Pratimadevi)
Her elder son Ratanlal(Rajkumar)
His wife Parvati(Pandharibai)
Her younger son Ramlal(Dilipkumar)
her daughter Sheela(Seetalaxmi) and the third family is
3)Manju (Vyjayantimala)
Her mother Kamala played by PUSHPAMALA (who is in the video).

The Heroin’s actual father is Motilal
Ram and Ratan work in Motilal’s mill
Manju and Malati are friends
Ram and Manju love each other.
Ratanlal starts a Hartal in the Mill,and Ram tries to break it
After all the misunderstandings are cleared and order is established
Motilal accepts Kamala and Manju,Ram and Manju get married.There are small subplots also,which get resolved before the customary
Group Photo.
This is my information,open for any further ammendment.


Thank you again for providing such detailed information,

I mislead you saying that the name of actress as pushpamala, I am also wrong at my first try.

Actually it is VASUNDHARA DEVI, I have written her name again, I think you have NOT noticed the correction sent by me.

Further Pandhari bai is no more, she acted in hindi movies like
2)Apna desh(she is there in the video of song-“Rona kabhi nahin rona, chaahe toot jaayein koi khilona)
3)Lok parlok(1979)(jeetendra)
4)Shehzada(1972)-with rajesh khanna)
5)Bhabhi(1957)(with Balraj sahni,Nanda)
6)Jyoti bane jwala(1980)(with jeetendra)
7)Swarg narak(1978)(Jeetendra,sanjeev kumar)
She is a specialist in motherly roles and also female roles with GHARELU touch.



Prakashchandra ji,
I had read your earlier comment about Vasundhara Devi,thats why I had said ‘correction of correction of correction’.
Anyway,I do not know on what basis you are saying that it is Vasundharadevi,as her name does not appear in the credits of the film.
I only hope that you are not getting confused with Vyjayantimala’s real mother VASUNDHARA DEVI who had married M.D.Raman and was herself a Tamil actress.She never worked in any Hindi movie.The only movie she acted with Vyjayantimala was in IRUMBU THIRAI (a Tamil movie) during which, mother and daughter were not on talking terms as Vasundhara devi had already divorced Vyjayanti’s father M.D.Raman,by then.
Vyjayantimala was looked after by her father and Grandmother Yadugiri Devi,after Vasundhara Devi and M.D.Raman’s divorce.


Arun ji,

Now this is a case of correction to correction. . . .

I just played the movie, and checked out the credits. The credits in this movie have a rare feature that the name of the actor is displayed along with the name of the character played by him/her. Manju’s (i.e. Vijayantimala’s) mother’s role is indeed played by the actress Vasundhara Devi, very much listed in the credits.

The name is also present the Geet Kosh listings.

Coming from the credits of the film itself, I think this leaves no room for doubt.



Sudhir ji,
This chapter is closed.I stand corrected.


It is cent percent the the above lady is the great Tamil actor Vasundhara Devi, who played the heroine of Mangamma Shap(b)atham in Tamil movie of 1943. The credit of making Vyjayanthimala dance before the Pope in Europe goes to this lady.
With due respects to both greatest stars (of Bharathanatyam) of yonder.


Wow! What adherence to accuracy! Hat’s off to all the participants.

Pandari Bai acted in many a Telugu movie, in mother roles, by the time I started watching movies. Probably she was a heroine in the 40’s movies. Not sure if she was Telugu or Tamil. many actors/acresses of the time acted with equal facility in both. And Telugu movies were made in Madras at the time, studio facilities developed in Hyderabad in the 60’s.


Part-I (audio)

Part-II (audio)


Part-I (missing words at ?? and correction to be done);
tere desh mein,
aaj kal ?? par

“aaj talwaar ki dhaar par”


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