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Jab tum thhey hamaare aur ham thhey tumhaare

Posted on: August 10, 2011

Though 1950 was “only” six decades ago, it looks like that was an entirely different world altogether from what it is today. For one, things were much simpler and un complicated and moreover, people seemed to have all the time in the world at their disposal. Imagine riding on a slow moving bullock cart and taking entire day to cover a distance of may be 15 miles, that one can now cover in a few minutes. Yes, one used to measure distances in miles those days.

Bullock carts were a very important means of travel for many people those days, and it fact that is the case even today in several villages, though people who can afford it now have tractors with them and they use tractors as bullockcarts in the sense that one now finds tractor owners using them to carry family members and friends on the tractor to go to the nearest town, place of nearest political rally etc.

Hindi movies of the old days have made good use of bullock carts as far as picturisation of songs areconcerned. who can forget the picturisation of bullock cart songs sung by Mukesh. The song Gaaye jaa geet milan ke was picturised on Dilip Kumar in Mela and the song Chhoti si ye zindgaani re from “Aah” (1953) was picturised on the singer Mukesh himself as the bullock cart driver and Raj Kapoor as the passenger in the rear. “Teesri Kasam” (1966) had not one, but two wonderful bullock cart songs, viz. Sajan re jhooth mat bolo khuda ke paas jaana hai and Sajanwa bairi ho gaye hamaar. And how can one forget the immortal bullock cart sonf from “Anokhi Raat” (1967), viz. Oh re taal mile nadi ke jal se .

When it comes to bullock cart songs, Ashok Kumar is second to none. He figured in a bullock cart song in “Aasheeerwaad” (1968) in the song Jeewan se lambe hain bandhu. But that was towards the later half of his long career. He had figured in several bullock cart songs during his earlier decades as a hero.

Here is a bullock cart song picturised on Ashok Kumar from “Mashaal” (1950). Here Ashok Kumar is the passenger seated in the rear and he sings this song while the bearded bullock cart driver concentrates on the road, not that there is any traffic on the dirt road.

Though Ashok Kumar has sung several songs for himself in his career, he also has an interesting distinction of having at least two of his relatives singing playback for him. One of the playback singers to sing for him was his brother Kishore Kumar. Another person to sing for him was Arun Kumar Mukherji, who was his cousin. This song has been sung by Arun Kumar Mukherji.

The song is written by Pradeep. Music is composed by S D Burman.

Here is this delightful bullock cart song from “Mashal”(1950).

Song-Jab tum thhey hamaare aur ham thhey tumhaare (Mashaal) (1950) Singer-Arun Kumar Mukherji, Lyrics-Pradeep, MD-S D Burman


jab tum thhey hamaare aur ham thhey tumhaare
jab tum thhey hamaare aur ham thhey tumhaare
wo thode se din thhey kitne pyaare
jo hamne tumhaare sang mein guzaare wo thode se din
wo thode se din the kitne pyaare

jaayaa karte thhey nadi ke kinaare
baithhe rahte thhey galbahiyaan daare
saari duniyaa ki sudh budh bisaare
ginaa karte thhey raat ko ham taare
aankhon aankhon mein hote thhey ishaare
wo thode se din thhey kitne pyaare

wo peepal ki chhaanv mein
wo peepal ki chaanv mein meethi meethi baaten hamen yaad hai
wo sabki nazar se chhupi mulaaqaaten hamen yaad hai
wo shaarat, wo chutki,
wo pyaar bhari ghaaten hamen yaad hai
hamen yaad hai wo saare nazaare
wo thode se din thhey kitne pyaare

tum tod ke bandhan saare
jaate ho paraaye dwaare
ham baithe yahaan man maare
saare jeewan ki baazi haare
aaj paagal manwaa pukaare
wo thode se din thhey kitne pyaare
jab tum thhey hamaare aur ham thhey tumhaare
wo thode se din thhey kitne pyaare

4 Responses to "Jab tum thhey hamaare aur ham thhey tumhaare"

Atul ji,
It is one of my most favourite songs.The tune, soft music and the special voice of Arunkumar together spell a magic on the mind.
Such nostalgic songs stir emotions and one wonders why today’s generation does not like these songs.Perhaps,the slow pace of the song may be a deterrant,may be the serenity the song creates does not affect them or worse,the simple lyrics may not be appealing.
It is a matter of research,indeed,to fathom the reasons for change of taste.only the other day,I had read a comment here from one of the readers appealing to one and all to tell why the quality of music these days has gone down.
But then,this is what WE think !
Once ,during a travel,I asked a studious looking young man about his views on old music and today’s music.To my surprise,his opinion was simple.
What he said was”the Music has not changed,the mind set of People has changed,their outlook has changed.Old music suited old times,old socioeconomic setups.People had lot of time to spend on self,there was no need for cutthroat competetions.he further asked me,’why do you ask only about Music ? Tell me even 3 things which have remained same in last 50 years.It is just not possible.” He further asked me,”Sir,tell me honstly,when you were young,was not the then older generation complaining about you and everything in general ? I think it is Natures way of bringing new order in place of the older one.”
May be,he was right,may be we have to accept that nothing remains static.
So,enjoy what you like and let others do it their way !


Indeed, one should enjoy what one likes and let others enjoy what they like, as long as they can do it in peace without disturbing others. In fact, I too recall that many songs of 1970s that we now regard as classics were not regarded all that highly then. I personally found a few of them not upto the mark, but later on they began to be regarded as classics.


Another 30 odd K L Saigal songs (in Hindi/Urdu) remain to be discussed and hopefully we will have all K L Saigal songs in this language available in this blog in another month or so.


Atul ji,
I think you wanted to post the above note (about KLS) in reply to Sadanandkamath-45(kya teri zulfein hai….).
Anyway,I too am happy about this information.


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