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Sanwaar de jo pyaar se

Posted on: August 14, 2011

I just realised that the full name of this movie is “Adventures of Robinhood and bandits” ! Phew ! That must make it the longest title ever in Hindi movies.

Unlike most Hindi movies the title of this movie is in English. in fact, the story itself is based on a non Indian tale. The movie makers felt obliged to mention this fact in their disclaimer. The disclaimer states – “The adventures of Robinhood and bandits is adopted from the foreign folklore . The characters, costumes and incidents of this picture has nothing to do with Indian culture.”.

This disclaimer, has got to be the second funnniest disclaimer of all times in Hindi movies (the funniest being the disclaimer of “Heeralal Pannalal”).

This movie in fact does not even have much to do with the foreign culture either as memsaab discovered.. This movie, which was a B grade movie on a shoestring budget was quite confused about the kind of foreign culture this movie was supposed to be from, and they ended up in a curious mix up of lots of foreign cultures of different place and even eras .

Lots of B grade actors were gathered for this movie, including some western females, apparently to lend “authenticity” to this foreign fairy tale. When it came to music, even the B grade music directors signed up for such movies would insist on creating A grade music and would get their way. The makers of this movie had signed G S Kohli and he was someone who could never be restrained from composing anything but A+ grade music.

Here is a song from “Adventures of Robinhood” (1965). It is sung by Rafi. Yogesh Gaud is the lyricist. Listening to this song is a divine experience. As for the picturisation, one is let speechless, mainly because of paucity of information. I have no idea about the identity of the actor lip syncing this song. He got to sing as many as two songs in this movie, so he must be an important enough actor in thismovie, still his identity is a mystery to me. I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify him.

The picturisation initially takes place in a garden, where our side hero (he has to be the side hero, because the hero is Prashant, playing Robinhood), sings this song, watched by his trusted assistant, the diminutive Bhagwan Dada. and Bhagwan’s typical swaying on slow motion kind of dance has nothing foregn about it. He gets down to a lower plane and enters a graden, and soon Robinhood too joins him in his white horse. The song continues, with a few ladies joining in. The ladies are dressed eclectically. Some are dressed in victorian era costume, some in 1950s era costume- in brief, all are dressed in costumes that belong to different eraa and regions than the era and region of Robinhood. 😀

All of them soon board boats and the song continues as a boat song. And that is how the song ends. The song containing the singer, Bhagwan and Robinhood begins to go father and farther into the horizon (not towards the sunset though, mainly because sunset has already taken place).

PS- Is this lyricist Yogesh Gaud the same as Yogesh ? I request our knowledgeable readers to help clarify this matter for us.

PS-Now it turns out that five out of six songs (including this song) is written by Anjaan. So the lyricist of this song is Anjaan, not Yogesh. I thank Sudhir for this information.

Audio – Part I (Happy)

Video – Part I (Happy)

Audio – Part II (Sad)

Video – Part II (Sad)

Song-Sanwaar de jo pyaar se (Adventures of Robinhood) (1965) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Anjaan, MD-G S Kohli


Sanwaar de jo pyaar se
bahaar ki bhi zindagi
o jaane jaan
o meharbaan
tumhi to ho
tumhi to ho
sanwaar de jo pyaar se
bahaar ki bhi zindagi
o jaane jaan
o meharbaan
tumhi to ho
tumhi to ho

tere qadam se phir(?) gayi
ye shokhiyaan fizaaon ki
teri nazar mein chhaaon hai
wo surmayi ghataaon ki
teri nazar mein chhaaon hai
shabnami ye phhoolon ki daali
jhilmilaati kirnon ki laali
jhilmilaati kirnon ki laali
haay ye rang khushnumaa
ye pyaar aur mastiyaan
tere hi dam se hai
suno meherbaan
sanwaar de jo pyaar se
bahaar ki bhi zindagi
o jaane jaa
o meharbaan
tumhi to ho
tumhi to ho

teri hansi mein dhal gayi
nai subah ki raushni
teri adaa se hans pade
bujhe dilon mein chaandni
teri adaa se hans pade
ye nasheela mausam ghulaabi
jhoomta ho jaise sharaabi
jhoomta ho jaise sharaabi
mere haseen dilrubaa
khilaa shabaab yoon tera
mehek uthhe hai ye zameen aasmaan
sanwaar de jo pyaar se
bahaar ki bhi zindagi
o jaane jaan
o meharbaan
tumhi to ho
tumhi to ho
sanwaar de jo pyaar se
bahaar ki bhi zindagi
o jaane jaan
o meharbaan
tumhi to ho
tumhi to ho
aa haa haa
ha ha ha ha
o ho ho ho

8 Responses to "Sanwaar de jo pyaar se"

I am listening this song for the first time. But I found it very melodious.
Thanks for the rare find.
While searching for the guy who lip syncs to this song, I found the sad version(video) of this song on YOUTUBE-(“RAFI-SANWAR DE(SAD)ADVENTURES OF ROBINHOOD).
Sad version of the song is also very good.

1)Further, I found in the title card of the film observed 4 names:
a)Vishwa mehra(he is a Raj kapoor camp favourite)
b)Hari shukla
c)Vishwas kunte
The guy must be one of the above 4 persons.
By observing the features of vishwa mehra (he is there in Ram teri ganga maili and Satyam shivam sundaram)in other movies, I think He may be Vishwa mehra, but I am not sure.

2)I think I have seen Yogesh`s name as YOGESH GAUD, somewhere in the net. I don`t remember.

3)Further, whether this is the same PRASHANTH(must be a Marathi movie actor), who acted in V.Shantharam`s SEHRA alongwith Sandhya and got many melodious songs picturised on him ?????.

Arunji may help us in this regard.


Atul ji, Prakash ji,

A delightful find – and this picture has many more wonderful songs still to go. The sad version that Prakash ji refers to, is available on YouTube at

The lyricist for this song is Anjaan, and not Yogesh. This film has 6 songs. 5 songs are penned by Anjaan, including this one. Only one song of this film (not this one) is written by Yogesh.

To your query, yes, Yogesh that we are familiar with, as the writer of the iconing songs of Rajnigandha, is the same person as Yogesh Gaud. And unless there is another more recent person by the same name, Yogesh is still active and writing. Incidentally, the scenario and the screenplay for Adventures of Robin Hood, is also written by Yogesh.

To the query regarding Prashant – yes, this is the same actor that appears in Sehra (1963) opposite to Sandhya.

The on screen performer for this song is Sham Kumar. This actor has been in the films as a supporting actor since the 1940s. He is in the 1949 film Dillagi, along with Suraiyyaa, Shyam, Sharda etc. and also in the film Dulari (again 1949) with Madhubala, Suresh, Geeta Bali.. There is some confusion in the information available online, between Shyam and Sham Kumar. Shyam, the hero of Dillagi, expired in a tragic horseriding accident in 1951 shooting for the film Shabistaan. Sham Kumar continued to work through from 50s to 80s as a supporting actor. In later years, he became typecast into villian and gangster roles. Recall the gangster friend of Premnath who appears in the climax scene wearing a black trenchcoat and a black felt hat in Johnny Mera Naam (1970) or the henchman of Prem Chopra in the film Apradh (1972). This is the same actor who is singing this song. Memsaab’s blog carries a write up on this actor at As we scan through the photos of Sham Kumar in memsaab’s post, you can recognize the person singing this song. Actually one of the photos (with the logo PRIYA) is of this movie itself. Although not specifically captioned in the write up, as you will move the mouse over the photo, the picture title ‘Shyam-Kumar-Robinhood’ appears briefly.



Thanks for this detailed information about this movie and its songs. Earthmusic, a site that many music lovers rely upon mentions Yogesh Gaud as the lyrics of all the songs of “Adventures of Robinhood”. So it shows just how much wrong such heavily relied upon sources could be.


Atul ji,

I have been in communications with Anand Natrajan who manages the Earthmusic web site. Actually the site is a kind of a pseud-wiki site that allows users to add or modify data. Anand ji mentions that since he is the only person maintaining the site, checking and curating every change request individually is a huge task. He is aware that there are many errors in the data, and he is not sure when he can get around to correcting them all.

I do refer to Earthmusic very often, as the first starting point, since it is online, and then once I have the result, I will cross check with Geet Kosh.




With due respect to your search work,
I beg to differ that he is not SHAAM KUMAR, I don`t know who is he, But my gut feeling says that he is some other person.
SHAAM KUMAR is also there in the film, but in another role(must be as a character artiste-villain) I think.

I can only offer the below mentioned proof for my words:

On Youtube, if you type”Adv.of Robinhood- Chik Chaari”, one song sung by asha bhonsle from the same film, video will be available, Please watch that video, you will find the above mentioned SHAAM KUMAR is shown captivated by thick ropes,with other few captivated men and the GUY in the question strumms his musical instrument and dances with Bhagwaan dada ,along with female dancers(one of them must JEEVANKALA).And at the end of the song both prashanth and the guy in question march towards the SHAAM KUMAR and his gang.

Again I request you to don`t mind my words. I may be wrong. But “dil hai ke maantha nahi”.



with regards


Prakash ji,

I apologize for somewhat delayed response to your post. Now that I have seen the song ‘Chik Chaari’ online, I am in agreement with you, and I stand corrected. I think I was carried away by some similarity between one or two photographs on Memsaab’s write up, and the person singing the ‘Sanwaar de. . .’ song.

In the ‘Chik Chaari’ song, both the actors, Sham Kumar and the actor singing ‘Sanwaar de . . .’ are appearing. So Sham Kumar is not the one singing this song.

Thanks to you for keeping an alert lookout. The wrong identification which I made would have become information, as more people read these posts.

Back to some more research work. 🙂



video of happy version

sad version video


Sawarde jo pyarse…. Song lipsycaed veteran Actor Gulhamid Khan see his biography…

== Gul Hamid (Hamid) also known as Gul Hamid Khan is a Bollywood actor born in the year 1905, Pirpiai (Pakistan). He got married to Patience Cooper, an actress. Hamid is known for his performance in movies like Safdar Jung (1930), Khooni Katar (1931) and Heer Ranjha (1932).


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