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Pyaar karte ho yaar

Posted on: September 6, 2011

I am aware of the movie called ” Taxi Driver” (1954) which had Dev Anand, Kalpana Kartik, Shiela Ramani, Johny Walker etc in it.

When I received the lyrics of a song of “tax Driver” from Prakashchandra, I assumed it from the 1954 movie. But it turned out to be a song from a movie of the same name released in 1973 !

This movie, which was produced and directed by Mohammed Hussain had actors like Ashok Kumar, Nirupa Roy, Helen, Vishal Anand (aka Bhisham Kohli), Anupama,Jayshree T, Shabnam, Asit Sen, Mohan Choti, Jankidass, Bhagwan, Paro, Tuntun, Randhir, Ratanmala, Uma dutt, Munshi Munaqqa etc in it.

Here is a cabarat song from this movie. This song is picturised on Faryal, who was quite well known for such Helenesque roles those days.

O P Nayyar is the music director. He was towards the fag end of his career and he had few friends left in the movie industry. Asha Bhonsle, his long time associate had got estranged from him for good, and O P Nayyar was forced to use other female singers to replace his iconic female singer. O P Nayyar’s songs sung by femnale singers were cut out to be sung by Asha Bhonsle and he tried to make his female singers sing in Asha Bhonsle’s style. Here we find Krishna Kalle trying gamely to sing like Asha Bhonsle. In another movie, viz “Heera Moti” (1978), O P Nayyar got Dilraj Kaur to sing in Asha Bhonsle style.

The song is nice to listen to after listening to it a few times. The music is archtypically O P Nayyarish. The prominent male actor seen in this picturisation is Upendra Trivedi. His indirect claim to fame is that he is a brother of Arvind Trivedi ( who played Ravan in the TV serial Ramayana one decade later). Jagdeep and Habib are also visible in the picturisation.

Here is this forgotten song from a forgotten movie. Its lyrics are written by Farooque Kaiser.



Song-Pyaar karte ho yaar (Taxi Driver) (1973) Singer-Krishna Kalle, Lyrics-Farooque Kaiser, MD-O P Naiyyar

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

Pyaar karte ho yaar
karke darte ho yaar
pyaar karte ho yaar
karke darte ho yaar
yaar tum bhi kamaal karte ho
pyaar karte ho yaar
karke darte ho yaar
yaar tum bhi kamaal karte ho
pyaar karte ho yaar

tu jo palatke
aankh milaaye
meri jawaani khil khil jaaye
is dil pe hai
raaj tumhaaraa
aaj jo maango
wo mil jaaye
raat baaki hai,
humsa saathi hai
tauba kaise sawaal karte ho
pyaar karte ho yaar
karke darte ho yaar
yaar tum bhi kamaal karte ho
pyaar karte ho yaar

jaagee jaagee,
soyee soyee
aaj phiroon main
khoyee khoyee
yoon to mohabbat
sab karte hain
pyaar ko samjhe
koi koi
halka halka-sa dard hota hai
haaye kya dil ka haal karte ho
pyaar karte ho yaar
karke darte ho yaar
yaar tum bhi
kamaal karte ho
pyaar karte ho yaar
karke darte ho yaar
yaar tum bhi
kamaal karte ho
pyaar karte ho yaar

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