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Toone muskuraa ke dekhaa meri chhutti ho gayi

Posted on: September 6, 2011

“Shankar Khan” (1966) is a B grade movie about which very little information is available. What I know is that it was a Dara Singh movie produced by Dara Singh himself. This movie had actors like Prithviraj Kapoor, Dara Singh, Randhawa, Jagirdar, Kammo, Pratima Devi, Mohan Choti, Jagdeep, Rajan Kapoor, Savita etc in it.

Here is a stage song from this movie. This song is sung by Krishna Kalle and Rafi. The song is performed on stage by a leading lady and a leading gentleman as well as other dancers. I am unable to identify these actors and I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify them.

The song is written by B D Mishra and music is composed by S N Tripathi.

Dara Singh, the hero of the movie, who is not a singing and dancing type hero, is seated among the audience and he is seen catching a chain snatcher red handed as the song comes to an end.



Song-Toone muskuraa ke dekha meri chhutti ho gayi (Shankar Khan) (1966) Singers-Krishna Kalle, Rafi, Lyrics-B D Mishra, MD-S N Tripathi


gore gore mukhde pe
matwaari ankhiyaan hain
ankhiyon mein kajre ki dhaar
hoy hoy
ghunghtaa jo kholoon main
to chubh chubh jaaye sabke
jiyara mein jaise kataar
chhutti ho gayi

toone muskuraa ke dekha
meri chhutti ho gayi
toone muskuraa ke dekha
meri chhutti ho gayi
meri chhutti ho gayi
ke meri chhutti ho gayi
jaane kis adaa se
jaane kis adaa se dekhaa
meri chhutti ho gayi

main bichaaraa bholaa bhaalaa
toone dil pe daakaa daalaa
kab ka badla ye nikaalaa

toone khud hi ki dhhithhaayi
pakad kar meri kalaayi
mujhse ankhiyaan kyun milaayaayi
maine jab nazar ladaayi
meri chhutti ho gayi
maine jab nazar ladaayi
meri chhutti ho gayi
toone muskuraa ke dekha
meri chhutti ho gayi

arri o kaali zulfon waali
teri har ada niraali
teri ankhiyaan mad ki pyaali

main to jab lajaake hansti
??? almast
mere nainon se chhalak
aisi aankhon se pilaayi
meri chhutti ho gayi
aisi aankhon se pilaayi
meri chhutti ho gayi

ho toone muskuraa ke dekha
meri chhutti ho gayi

baat ban gayi hamaari
main to ho gayi tumhaari
ab jalegi duniyaa saari
jab hain miyaan beevi raazi
to phir kyaa karegaa kaazi
hamne jeet li hai baazi

apni ho gayi sagaayi
sabki chhutti ho gayi
apni ho gayi sagaayi
sabki chhutti ho gayi
jaane kis adaa se dekhaa
sabki chhutti ho gayi

2 Responses to "Toone muskuraa ke dekhaa meri chhutti ho gayi"

Atul ji,
SHANKAR KHAN(1966),a Fine Art Picture film,directed by Nanabhai Bhatt.MD was SNTripathi and lyrics by BDMishra and Bashar Nawaz.Story-S.I.Hasan,SP-K.B.Pathak and Dia-Zafar Rahi.
The story is-Safdar Khan(P.Kapoor) stays with friend Giridharilal(Jahagirdar)in Bombay and is waiting for his chela Sher-e-Hind Birju(Randhawa),to win and come back from London World championship.He becomes furious to learn that Birju has lost,by taking money ,has come to Bombay but is enjoying with a society girl Nita.
Safdar starts searching for another chela.Finds Shankar (Dara Singh),who not only wins Sher-e-Hind title from Birju but also wins London Championship and in spare time has a love affair with Giridharilal’s daughter Asha(Savita).
Enraged,Birju,shoots at Shankar in the stadium…….etc etc. till all is well in the end.
Lot of KUSHTI scenes were there in the film and hence drew large crowds of lower strata.


Male actor is Dilip dutt and the female is either Gauri or Shamli or Laxmi or Sunanda as per credit sequences of the movie


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