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Dekhta chala gayaa main zindagi ki raah mein

Posted on: September 19, 2011

“Gateway of India” (1957) was produced by Light & Shade Productions. It was directed by J Omprakash Omprakash, who was also the producer. The movie had Madhubala, Bharat Bhushan, Pradeep Kumar, Bhagwan, Johny Walker,Raj Mehra, Anita Guha etc.

Thios movie is a suspense thriller though unfortunately the movie did not do well at the box office.

This movie has some nice songs in it. Here is a duet from this movie. This song is picturised on Johny Walker and Madhubala. Johny Walker, who plays a drunk in this picturisation also utters a few line in this song but that does not alter the basic fact that this song is a Rafi-Lata duet.

Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Madan Mohan. Lyrics of this somg were sent to me by nahm.



Song-Dekhta chala gayaa main zindagi ki raah mein(Gateway of India) (1957) Singers-Rafi, Lata, ,Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Madan Mohan

Lyrics(Provided by nahm)

Dekhta chala gayaa
main zindagi ki raah mein
har koyi qadam qadam pe
mast hai gunaahon mein
tu bhi ek gunaah kar
ae dil kisi ki chaah kar
dekhta chala gayaa
main zindagi ki raah mein

koyi kahegaa kya
koyi sunegaa kya

kisi ke bhi kahe sune se
teraa waasta hai kya
khayaal zulf-e-yaar kar
ye lo
khayaal zulf-e-yaar kar
nazar ko beqaraar kar

nahin hoti

idhar udhar pade qadam
tu kar na gham
na soch zindagi mein
teraa raastaa hai kya

dekhta chala gayaa
main zindagi ki raah mein

ye chaand ki haseen shamma
aaj tere haath hai

kya baat hai
badaa haseen saath hai
haseen hoon main
jawaan hai tu
magar bataa kahaan hai tu

jahaan hoon main
wahaan to zindagi
nashe mein choor hai
saroor hi saroor hai
teri nazar ka noor hai
zara qareeb aa mere
arre apna bhi majboor hai
aur tu bahot hi door hai
dekhta chala gayaa
main zindagi ki raah mein
har koyi qadam qadam pe
mast hai gunaahon mein
tu bhi ek gunaah kar
zindagi tabaah kar

dekhta chala gayaa main zindagi ki raah mein

suraahi jhoomne lage
pyaali muskuraa pade
suraahi jhoomne lage
pyaali muskuraa pade
pahunch gayee hoon aasmaan pe
kis tareh khade khade

chal jhhoothi
yeh khwaab ya khayaal hai
nahin nai
yeh jaam ka kamaal hai
yeh jaam ka kamaal hai
ye cheez be-misaal hai

bahot achche
dekhta chala gayaa main zindagi ki raah mein
har koyi qadam qadam pe mast hai gunaahon mein
tu bhi ek gunaah kar
ae dil kisi ki chaah kar
dekhta chala gayaa main zindagi ki raah mein
la lalalla la la la lalla la
la lalalla la la la lalla lala

12 Responses to "Dekhta chala gayaa main zindagi ki raah mein"

atul ji,
GATEWAY OF INDIA(1957) was a film of Light and Shade Productions,which was owned by actor OMPRAKASH.
Omprakash was very fond of producing films. He,together with his fast friend C.RAMCHANDRA-the music director,first produced 3 films,namely
DUNIYA GOL HAI,JHANJHAR and LAKEEREN. All the 3 films failed at the box office.In case of Duniya Gol Hai,the trailer of this picture was more popular than the film.
In the trailer,Raj Kapoor,Dilip Kumar,and Ashok kumar come on the screen one after another and declare “Please see this movie,I have Directed it”. After these people, Omprakash comes on the screen and says,”Yeh sab pagal hai.Picture to maine direct kee hai”.
After these films flopped,Omprakash produced 4 more films independently-without any partner.They were Gateway of India,Chacha Zindabad,Sanjog and Jahan Ara.
When Jahan Ara also flopped,Omprakash said Good Bye to Production and converted his office in Rooptara Studio into a place to play cards with his friends in spare time !

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The director of this movie is J Omprakash. I think that he is different from the actor OmPrakash.


Atul ji,
The director is J.Omprakash,but the film was produced by actor Omprakash under the banner of Light and shade production.Actor omprakash did a role also in this film.


Yes, Om Prakash is different from J OmPrakash. And it creates confusion when Om Prakash is the producer and J Om Prakash is the director. Many people who do not take the trouble of going deep into the matter lazily assume that the same person was the producer as well as the director.


This movie was produced and directed by Om Prakash, the comedian. J Om Prakash is also a producer and director ( with his films starting with ‘A’, for example, AAP KI KASAM.

By the way, Hrithik Roshan is J Om Prakash’s grandson.


Well, in that case there are sites that have created confusion by mentioning J Omprakash as the director of this movie.


I want a confirmation from you about the following mentioned fact:

Whether ,the director of this movie is the same J.Omprakash(Further he happens to be father in law of RaakeshRoshan) who produced and directed films like
Aaya sawan jhoomke, aaye din bahaarke,aan milo sajna,
Aankhon aankhon mein, aandhi,Aapki kasam, aasha, arpan,aaspaas,aadmi khilona hai, Aakraman,Aapke saath,
Aakhir Kyon,Agnee,apna banaa lo, Aashiq Hoon bahaaron ka,
Aap Mujhe achche lagne lage,Aayee milan ki bela, aas ka panchhi etc.



Atul ji,Prakash ji,
I checked the details.This confusion occured because I took J.Omprakash as a director of this movie.
J.Omprakash was born on 24-1-1927 and till he was 30 yr.old he did apprenticeship only. His first foray in films was in 1961 as a producer of Aas ka Panchhi(Rajendra Kumar).His first Directorial movie was Aayee milan ki bela in 1964.
He is the same as Father in law of Rakesh Roshan(Pinky’s husband).
He has NOT directed Gateway of India.
Gateway of India was produced and Directed by actor Omprakash.


The site mentions J Omprakash as the director. It shows that one cannot blindly trust the information contained in sites.


I have a VCD of this movie and in the titles, it is clearly mentioned as ‘Produced and Directed by Om Prakash’.


This movie is famous for the lata – Rafi duet, ” do ghadi wo jo paas aa baithe “. I have seen this movie on T. V. . Johhny walker played a negative character in the film.


J.Omprakash started his career in 1961 with Aas ka Panchhi. All his films had “A” first letter thereafter. He made a career for Rakesh Roshan , (son-in-law) n GrandFather of Ritik. This film was made much earlier, I think 1957. made by Comedian, actor Om Prakash. (Pachhi’s brother)


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