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Kaise bataaun unse is dil ko pyaar kyun hai

Posted on: October 3, 2011

“Anjuman” (1948) is a Nargis Arts Production. It was directed by Akhtar Hussain. The star cast of this movie included Jairaj, Nargis, Anwar Hussain, Neelam Kothari, Durga Khote, Chandabai etc.

Here is a duet from this movie. It is sung by Mukesh and Shamshad Begam. Majrooh Sultanpuri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Bulo C Rani.

From the star cast, it can be guessed that the song was picturised on Jairaj and Nargis.

Song-Kaise bataaun unse is dil ko pyaar kyun hai (Anjuman) (1948) Singers-Mukesh, Shamshad Begam, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Bulo C Rani


kaise bataaun unse
is dil ko pyaar kyun hai
dil beqaraar kyun hai
unko bhulaa ke unkaa
ab intazaar kyun hai
dil beqaraar kyun hai

maaloom kyaa thaa aansoo
parde mein hain hansi ke

kisko khabar thhi yoon din
badlenge zindagi ke
ik bewafaa ki khaatir
be-ikhtiyaar kyun hai
dil beqaraar kyun hai
unko bhulaa ke unkaa
ab intazaar kyun hai

batlaao ae bahaaron
bolo arre nazaaron
batlaao ae bahaaron
bolo arre nazaaron

main tumse poochhtaa hoon
chup kyun ho ae sitaaron
kaali hai chaandni kyun
ujdi bahaar kyun hai

dil beqaraar kyun hai
unko bhulaa ke unkaa
ab intazaar kyun hai
kyun hai

10 Responses to "Kaise bataaun unse is dil ko pyaar kyun hai"

Atul ji,
ANJUMAN(1948) was a family film of Nargis.The story and dialogues were written by Jaddan Bai-her mother,and produced and Directed by Akhtar Hussain-Jaddan Bai’s brother,under the banner of home production-Nargis Art concerns.
NEELAM who acted in this film was NOT Neelam Kothari.She was an actress from the silent era and a good friend of Jaddan Bai.This Neelam had acted in Chintamani and Harishchandra in 1931,Bhakta Pralhad in 1932,Laldupatta and Anjuman in 1948,Ghulami in 1945,Mahal in 1949,Mukaddar and Mashaal in 1950 and last film Khandaan in 1955.
She expired in 1956.
NEELAM KOTHARI was born on 3-3-1968 and worked in films till1999 in Kasam(released in 2001).She opened a jewellary shop in Mumbai in 2004.She got married with actor Samir Soni 0n 24-1-2011.

Like mentions this actress as Neelam Kothari in several movies and I thought that this site actually knew better. It is clear that most sites cannot be trusted for authentic information.


Atul ji,
It is a pity that the so called prestigious and trustworthy sites are actually not so.This is a clearcut case.When the actress was not even born,how can they mention her name in the cast ? It is rather too much to expect them to verify data before providing it.
As such,unlike the western countries,Indian film industry never attempted to chronicle its history.Whatever reliable info is available,is thanks to the untiring efforts of old film and music lovers,but such people are few.
A simple thing like the complete credits list of ANY film is also not available,making it difficult to identify old timers in the film.
It is wise to check the info on internet before believing it, but it is not possible practically.


Atul ji, Arun ji,

If one goes by the number of ads some of these so called “specialist” web sites on Hindi films and its music, one can easily understand where these sites are headed. We have all had experience with practically every web site containing a lot of good information, but also containing a lot of bad, unverified information. And with the copy-paste phemomena, some of the errors are perpetuated beyond repair.

I am glad that the contributors on this web site are both diligent and vigilant, as in most cases, we try to ensure research and verification from more than one source before committing the information, and we also cross check each other’s posts and comments to ensure correctness.

The other aspect is what Arun ji mentioned, about the lack of original documentation. The body of knowledge now is so immense, that it would now take a major dedicated project to pull together everything that is authentic and complete. I am very sure there are sources of information still available that have not been tapped, simply due to lack of proper planning and lack of available resources. Alas, but as the years pass by, the window of opportunity for such a project is shrinking.



Sudhir ji,
I agree with you cent percent on this issue.
The present people or organisations,who have collected real trustworthy info thru genuine sources are fast disappearing.Therefore it is necessary to document every single bit of info at the every single opportunity one gets,for posterity.
I have a hugh collection of film related data and books etc which is 100 % reliable as it comes from the persons concerned or persons involved.
I therefore try to dessiminate this info as and when there is an opportunity,whether it is acknowledged or not,not only on this blog,but also elsewhere.I have prompted CINEPLOT.COM also to make corrections/additions in their presentations,
many times.But I find it very difficult to correct IMDB,as they do not heed to what you say.



First of all is not a webite, it is a blog which is managed by only 1 person and that is me, therefore it is not wise to compared it with a website like imdb which is a full fledge website managed by multiple people. 2nd, I have mentioned in cineplot’s encyclopedia ABOUT section which you can access here that

“Possibility of errors can’t be ruled out even with first hand sources i.e. interviews, self-portraits, autobiographies etc because of the fading memories of artistes or perhaps deliberate(?) distortion of facts. I have noticed in some interviews, autobiographies, and articles that the information given is not correct. Therefore, I will add my own comments after the original article, if I think something is not correct. If you find any errors or want to provide further information please free to do so.”

From 1931-2010, more than 9000 Hindi films were produced. And to verify the cast and credits of each and every film is a herculean task (especially for 1 person) and in many cases it has become impossible because the prints of the films doesn’t exist anymore.

That is why I encourage readers to submit corrections and whenever they do I update them in less than week on my blog and in many cases the same day, depending on the amount of available time as you know most people have work and personal lives too.

And unlike Arunkumar Deshmukh (even Arun made a mistake when he emailed me a pic of Nimmi in old age thinking that it was forgotten playback singer Madhubala Zaveri), I won’t say that the material presented on my blog is 100% reliable, but I try very hard to provide information as reliable as possible (That is especially true for cineplot’s encyclopedia section). And I don’t think ANY person can claim that they know everything about Hindi Cinema. Just look at Memsaab’s artiste identification project and see how many artistes still remain unidentified. However, people like me, Surjit Singh, Memsaab and few others are trying their best and contribute what little they can by collecting info, biographies and filmographies of many forgotten, little known artistes of Hindi Cinema and post it on their respective blogs.

Hope it clarifies the misunderstanding.


So cineplot is managed by only one person ? I was not aware. indeed kudos to you for providing such comprehensive information at one place. You are right that no one can claim to be a know all. All of us make mistakes in our identifications, and we acknowledge it too. Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh, a respected regular of this blog too has made errors in identifications but he has graciously acknowledged them too. Indeed you, Mr Surjit singh, Memsaab and few others are trying their best and contribute valuable information about often forgotten artist, movies etc.

If you go thorough the contents of this blog, you may find that we in this blog are doing something similar vis a vis old and forgotten songs. Some of the forgotten songs, that were presumed extinct have been brought to the notice of internet users for the first time in this blog, when regulars of this blog uploaded these songs from their own collections. In addition, we also try to add difficult to find background information about songs, movies , personalities etc.


Atul ji,
Cineplot has also written to me/Emailed this same matter to me.The mistake of identifying Madhubala Jhaveri was that of,not mine.My mistake was that I believed them,but once it was clarified,I immediately informed everybody to whom I had mailed it.
I too did not know that Cineplot was a Blog, I thought it was a site.Considering it is a Blog,his work is definately appreciable and creditable.In that light, it is a special blog,I would say.
I have already replied to Cineplot by EMail.


Arun Sir,
I gave the example of Madhubala Zaveri not to put you down, but to show that human errors are possible. Of course from some of the comments you have left on cineplot, it is obvious that you are very knowledgeable.

Cineplot is a wordpress blog (actually 4 wordpress blogs), the only difference is that I am hosting it on my own server and domain on CMS template. That is why it looks like a website.


Cineplot ji,
Though I can guess,I still do not know ur name,hence the odd
Cineplot ji.
No offence at all for pointing out that mistakes are possible with anybody,I somehow felt the blame should also equally go to along with me(for just believing them).
After I came to know that Yours is a Blog and NOT a website,my respect for Cineplot has increased manifolds.Truely,you are doing a fabulous job,a gigantic one at that !
For one single man,the kind of variety of information to provide in such a systematic manner/ way is highly admirable.I have been enriching my own knowledge at your blog for some time now.I sometime wonder how you must be collecting all this info singlehandedly.
If I can be of any use to you,in future for some obscure info,you are free to contact me on my E-Mail ID.


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