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Choor karo choor karo abhimaan ko mere choor karo

Posted on: October 14, 2011

“Swami Vivekanand” (1955), by now an obscure movie on the life of Swami Vivekanand, was produced and directed by Amar Mallick. This movie had Ajit Prakash, Suprabha Mukerji, Bharati Devi, Manoranjan Bhattacharji, Anuva Gupta etc in it. This movie obviously was not meant to entertain and as a rsult the movie did not do well at the box office.

This movie had songs as well, and as can be expected, this songs may not be of the usual nature.

I just stumbled upon a song from this movie. And I must say that the lyrics of this song bowled me over. In this song, the devotee requests the Almightly to show the devotee his place by crushing his ego. Indeed there are many people who in their delusions of grandeur may begin to believe that they control their destiny, but nothing can be farther from the truth. Even the so called influential people inhabiting the earth are mere mortals. The sooner one realises this fact, the better it is for that person. One needs to be humble, rather than arrogant.

This superb song is sung by Talat Mehmood. Shankar Sen is the lyricist and he has come up with awesome lyrics written in chaste Hindi using words that I had not come across after leaving school more than three decades ago. Wonderful penmanship !

Music of this song is composed by R C Boral.

From now onwards, this song will be a regular must listen song for me.


Song-Choor karo choor karo abhimaan ko mere choor karo (Swami Vivekanand) (1955) Singer-Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-Shankar Sen, MD- R C Boral


abhimaan ko mere choor karo
choor karo

choor karo
choor karo
abhimaan ko mere choor karo
choor karo
choor karo
abhimaan ko mere choor karo

man ke mailepan ko
mere nainan jal se aaj haro
man ke mailepan ko
mere nainan jal se aaj haro
choor karo
choor karo
abhimaan ko mere choor karo

ahankaar mein bhoola hoon ab tak
apne ko hi sabkuchh samajhkar
aaj prabhu kuch tandra se tum
aake mujhe mukt karo
choor karo
choor karo
abhimaan ko mere choor karo

main jo kuchh bhi hoon
teri khushi hai
meri har harkat mein teri hansi hai
dekar kripa prasaad prabhu
mujhko tum dhanya karo
choor karo
choor karo
abhimaan ko mere choor karo
man ke mailepan ko
mere nainan jal se aaj haro
choor karo
choor karo
abhimaan ko mere choor karo

3 Responses to "Choor karo choor karo abhimaan ko mere choor karo"

Atul ji,
SWAMI VIVEKANAND(1955),a Amar Malik Production film ,it was produced by Bharati Devi and Phani Malik and directed by Amar Malik.
This film was made in Hindi and Bengali at the same time and for Hindi version the Dialogues were by Pandit Bhushan.The entire film was in pure Hindi and partly this was a minus point for the film.Even in Bengali,people complained that,very old and pure Bengali language was used.
I had seen this movie,as I was and am an admirer of this great soul.
The main role of S.Vivekanand was done by Ajit Prakash and his mother’s role was done by Bharati Devi.She hald played a major role in Narendra’s life before he became Vivekanand.Ramkrishna Paramhans’s role was played by Manoranjan Bhattacharya.
In the film,major events of Vivekanand’s life were covered,like,his early years,meeting with Ramkrishna,his turn around to Bhakti marg,going to America,with help from Maharaja of Khetri,his famous speech at the Parliament of Religions,Chicago in 1893,visit to London,Bhagini Nivedita’s induction,few speeches and his Maha Nirvan on 4-7-1902.
There were 2 lyricists,Shankar Sen and Tandon Jodhpuri.
I feel it was not a movie for entertainment but for bringing Vivekanand’s life to common people to inspire them.


Thanks a lot for this detailed information about this movie.


why listening more time the song” man chalo nij niketan..” i just was amazed to read the title line of this song. since 2011 i have started singing Talat songs on public performances.and wanted to sing chalo man..” and i listened this song “choor karo choor karo..” lyrics, composotion and rendering by talat mehmood is of spiritual class.superbly moving.


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