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Jaaoon main kahaan daata jaaoon main kahaan

Posted on: November 3, 2011

The comically titled “Pilpili Saahab”(1954) is a rare and obscure movie with equally rare and obscure songs in it. The movie was a Kwatra Films production and it was directed by H S Kwatra. The movie had actors like Sunder, Pran, Mehmood, Agha, Shyama, Lalita, Mumtaz, Rajan Kapoor etc in it.

I have discussed one rare song from this movie in the past. Recently one farmaish was given for a song of this movie, in which a new visitor called Kumar wondered where he could get the song “daata jaaoon main kahaan”. You need not go anywhere else. Here is this obscure song from “Pilpili Saahab” (1954) which was not available on YT till now.

This song is sung by Lata. Hasrat Jaipuri is the lyricist. Music isa composed by Sardul Kwatra, who was a brother of the producer and director of this movie.

I have no idea about the picturisation of this song and I request our knowledgeable readers to throw more light on this matter.


Song-Jaaoon main kahaan daataa jaaoon main kahaan (Pilpili Saaheb)(1954) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Sardul Kwatra

jaaoon main kahaan daataa
jaaoon main kahaan
teraa dekh liyaa ye jahaan
jaaoon main kahaan haay
jaaoon main kahaan

gham ke andhere hain
dukhdon kaa saath hai
chandaa banaane waale
din meraa raat hai
kisko sunaaoon jaa ke
kisko sunaaoon jaa ke
dil kaa bayaan
jaaoon main kahaan
teraa dekh liyaa ye jahaan
jaaoon main kahaan haay
jaaoon main kahaan

maanaa buri hoon
par hoon to tumhaari
kehti hai tumse ab to
duniyaa hamaari
duniyaa hamaari
bigdi banaa do meri
bigdi banaa do meri
aa ke yahaan
jaaoon main kahaan haay
jaaoon main kahaan

tere jahaan mein maalik
kaantey hi kaantey hain
aansoo diye hain mujhko
phool toone baantey hain
phool toone baantey hain
dil ki sadaayen sun le
dil ki sadaayen sun le
main hoon bezubaan
jaaoon main kahaan
tera dekh liyaa ye jahaan
jaaoon main kahaan
daata jaaoon main kahaan

5 Responses to "Jaaoon main kahaan daata jaaoon main kahaan"

Atul ji,
PILPILI SAHEB(1954) was a Kwatra films production,produced by Malika and N.S.Kwatra,Directed by H.S.Kwatra and Music by Sardul Kwatra.Thus it was an all family affair.
The film cast was full of funsters like Agha,Sunder,Mehmood and couple of beauties like Shyama,Kuldip kaur,Lalita kumari,Helen,Mumtaz(old),but still it failed at the Box office.
The story and Dialogues were by SPBakshi and SKPrabhakar and s/play by Ravi Kapoor.
In this film Agha is PILPILI SAHEB.In his villege,he loves Rani(Shyama) for whom he wants to build a Taj Mahal,but first he must win her love marry her and she should die before him !
To get her he tries everything,leaves the villege,rides a Donkey,cleans utensils,becomes a photographer,acts on stage-a clown,a villain,a Hero etc etc.
There is a twist in the tale.Thru a stage artist,it is revealed that Rani is already a married woman and her husband is Pran.
Even his friend Sunder who loves Kuldip Kaur,marries and lives happily.

Indian cine goers have fixed ideas about the end results of a film-like Good wins over Bad,Lovers either unite or die,The Poor wins in the end etc.The end either has to be a Tragedy or a happy ending.
Pilpili Saheb had an utterly strange ending which was seen as a cheating by the viewers,instead of getting amused.Therefore,although the film had good music,comedy scenes etc,still it failed miserably at the Box office.


Thanks a lot for this detailed desciption of this movie. Indeed producing a “different” movie was a recipe for disaster in India, because the Indian movie audience were not mature enough to appreciate off beat movies.


Thanks a million Atulji for uploading this song.And thanks to Mr.Deshmukh also for mentioning that the music was good. I personally found this song had a haunting quality, when my friend Arun Puranik played it for me for the first time about thirty years ago.You are really doing amazing job and have been bringing happiness in the lives of many a music lover like me.A lot of movies failed at the box office but the music remains loved till date, e..g.”Tum kya jano tomhari yad mein hum kitna roye…” from “Shishinaki Boobla Boo.” Alas this song had the misfortune of drowning into obscurity along with the movie. Thank you once again for all the efforts.


These are few more words in the Booklet.
“Jo Apanaa Kaam Hain Vah Kie Ja Rahi Hun Main
Ab Tere Dar Ki Khaaq Lie Ja Rahi Hun Main”

Any chance to get these audio to support the lyrics?




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