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Dil ke maalik sun mera dil toot gayaa hai

Posted on: November 6, 2011

Sajjad Hussain, described as the only original music director of Hindi movie had a chequered career and during his three decades long career he only worked in 17 movies and composed about 100 songs. I would dearly love to discuss all the songs that Sajjad Hussain composed. I have so far discussed as many as 66 of his compositions.

The remaining compositions are rare ones and one can discuss them as and when they are uploaded by the collectors who have got these compositions. I have noticed that a few more Sajjad Hussain compositions have become available in the recent past. That is good news for music lovers and I will discuss these songs in this blog.

Here is a song from “Rooplekha” (1949). Sajjad Hussain had composed three songs in this movie anod out of them one song namely Teer pe teer khaaye jaa has been discussed in the past.

“Rooplekha”(1949) is a movie produced by a production house called “Favourite Films”. Mohammad Hussain directed the movie. This B grade movie had Bhagwan, Shyama, Zaverbhai, Arvind Kumar, Elizer, Gulnar, Murad etc in it.

Here is this rare song from “Rooplekha” (1949). It is sung by Surinder Kaur, by now a legendary singer in Punjab. Khumar Barabankwi is the lyricist.

I obviously have no idea how and on whom this song is picturised. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw more light on this matter.


Song-Dil ke maalik sun mera dil toot gaya hai (Rooplekha)(1949) Singer-Surinder Kaur, Lyrics-Khumar Barabankwi, MD-Sajjad Hussain


dil ke maalik sun
mera dil toot gaya hai
mera dil toot gaya hai
ulfat ka gulshan
zamaanaa chhoot gaya hai
mera dil toot gaya hai

toot gaye wo sapne
wo din beet gaye
raat huyi ulfat ki
raat huyi ulfat ki
?? beet gaye
haathhon se daaman
kisi ka chhoot gaya hai
mera dil toot gaya hai

wo khushiyon ka aansoo
wo khushiyon ka aansoo
jo in aankhon mein aaya thhaa
wo sabse pyaara gham
wo sabse pyaara gham
jo dil ne dil se paayaa thha
kho baithhe sab kuchh
muqaddar roothh gaya hai
mera dil toot gaya hai

meri tarah ghut ghut ke
jag mein kaun jiya
jo na kabhi dekha thha
jo na kabhi dekha thha
wo bhi dekh liyaa
tadpa hai ye dil
?? phhoot gaya hai
mera dil toot gaya hai
dil ke maalik sun
mera dil toot gaya hai
mera dil toot gaya hai

6 Responses to "Dil ke maalik sun mera dil toot gayaa hai"

Atul ji,
ROOPLEKHA(1949) was a movie for which music was given by
There were 8 songs and only one song (Jab soney ki koshish kee hamne-sung by Nissar Bazmi himself with Lyrics by Aziz Siddiqi) was composed by Nissar.The rest 7 songs had music by Khan Masthana.
This is as per HFGK II vol pp 524


The information of HFGK is factually in-correct. Three song were composed by Sajjad Hussain.
1]Tum ho jao hamare. A duet by Surrinder Kaur and Rafi
2] Dil ke malik sun. Surrinder Kaur.
3Teer pay teer khae ja.Muhammad Rafi
Compare song No1 with Kahe mujh se jawani [Khel]
song no2 with Tera dard dil mein basa liya [ Rukhsana]
song no3 is atypical Sajjadian song
I will up-load the song of Khel soon.


Khwaja sultan Ahmed ji,
Thanks for your info.
Meanwhile I have also rechecked my notes on Sajjad saab and find that not only in Rooplekha,but also in few other films,Sajjad saab composed few songs and then left the film.More than any other composer,this happened more times in his case.
Films like,Gaali,rooplekha,Magroor,hulchul etc had 2 or 3 songs made by him and the other songs were completed by other MDs.
What I observed is only in case of Hulchul,the MDs are mentioned as Mohd. Shafi and Sajjad Hussain.In all other cases where he composed few songs,his name was never mentioned in the film credits
.I feel in all fairness and ethical professionalism,the MDs who carried on in the films after Sajjad saab left,they should have acknowledged his compositions.
In India,in absence of any recorded history of films or the music,we have to welcome information from people like you,who,in one way or the other,were connected with the person or times concerned.
It is a mesmerising experience to listen to Sajjad’s songs,but in absence of info,some of the songs are not honoured accordingly.
Thanks once again and look forward to your uploads of ‘new’ sajjad songs.
However,one point remains.When Sajjad saab left the film and the other composer completed the work and when his name features as Music Director,how justifiable is to mention the entire film on Sajjad’s name ?


Sir, I would like to make one small correction, actually there are 2 songs composed by Nissar Bazmi, the other song is ‘mai huu bholi si nar” by Surinder kaur.


Good evening
Thanks for this information.
But all the web sources support the information as given by Atulji.
Anyway this is just for information only.
Regards and thanks
Uma Maheswar Nakka


Uma Maheshwar ji,
A lot has been said and written about the credibility of the information available on the so called movie info sites.Of course there are some genuine sites too.
Anyway,if you kindly check the Filmography of Sajjad Hussain on any site,you will NOT find Rooplekha in that.Further,Harmandir Hamraaz has done extensive research work before compiling his Geet Kosh,which is used as a Reference point by most people all over the world and is unlikely to be wrong.
In this blog also many regulars have written several comments earlier too,but nowhere Rooplekha’s name featured,in connection with Sajjad’s music composition.
I hope some others too contribute in this discussion,because if,contrary to my info,some irrefutable proof comes in its favour,I will be too happy to get more of Sajjad’s songs.


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