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Ital ke ghal mein teetal

Posted on: November 14, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

People who love music, never grow up – that is my theory. The logic goes like this. A true music lover will never lose the capacity to be thrilled at hearing a new song, a new melody that is fun or poignant, and touches the heart. If a person does not have this characteristic, then it is difficult for that person to appreciate music. Now, being thrilled at something new is a hallmark characteristic of a child. Hence, people who have this capacity and love music, always have a child’s heart and mind within, and hence they never grow up. QED. 🙂

Very convenient, you may say :), but I assure you, it really works for me. And I am sure every true music lover worth his salt, will agree with me.

And so, on Children’s Day today, here is a song for all hearts that love music, and love being thrilled. The song was identified as a request by Peevesie’s Mom, in a comments exchange on this blog, a few days ago.

The film is ‘Bahuraani’ (1963). Produced under the banner of Meena Pictures, Madras, it is directed by T Prakash Rao. The regulars would have guessed by now that this film is a typical social tearjerker. The star case includes Guru Dutt, Mala Sinha, Feroze Khan, Shyama, Lalita Pawar, Agha, Radheysham, Nazir Hussain, Mukri, Pratima Devi, Shivraj, Badri Prasad, Manorama, Randhir etc. The lyrics are by Sahir Ludhianvi, and the music compositions are by C Ramchandra. The storyline goes like this. Nazir Hussain is a rich landlord in a village. He has lost his first wife, and has one son from her. This son in Guru Dutt. He marries again, and the second wife is played by Lalita Pawar. She also has a son, roled played by Feroze Khan. In a fit of spite, Lalita Pawar establishes the practice of feeding Guru Dutt a small portion of opium every day. The result of this diet is that although Guru Dutt grows up into a young man, his mental age doesn’t go beyond a child of four or five. Feroze Khan, his step brother, on the other hand, has grown up to be a normal young man, both physically and mentally. Lalita Pawar plays this trick just to ensure that at the time of inheritance, everything may be given to her son, and nothing for her step son. This is the starting point of the film. The family tricks Mala Sinha, who is from a poor family, into marrying Guru Dutt. After the wedding, she discovers that her husband is a mental retard. The rest of the film is about how Mala Sinha takes up this situation as a challenge, takes Guru Dutt of the opium diet, and over a period of time, nurses her to a normal grown up person, who is well read, has high morals and ethics, and becomes the savior of all in the family including his step mother and step brother.

This song appears near the beginning of the film. Guru Dutt is playing the role of a mentally retarded person, and sings a fun song, as a small child would, playing with his toys. The song has been rendered by Hemant Kumar. One can also see Mukri in clip. Mukri plays the role of a household attendant. At the end of the clip, Feroze Khan appears menacingly with a hunter in his hand, clearly indicating the kind of relationship the two step brothers have.

Note on translation: The song is a child’s song, and number of phrases in it are some things that are reflections of a child’s imagination. So not appropriate to try to make coherent sense of the verses, but just enjoy the fun play with words 🙂 .

eetal ke ghal mein teelal, baahal achhaa ke bheetal
jaa poochh ke aa o cheetal, kya boley daai maa
(eetar ke ghar mein teetar, baahar achhaa ke bheetar)
(jaa pooch ke aa o cheetal, kyaa boley daai maa)

A partridge bird (teetar) is in someone else’s house
Is it better inside the house or outside?
O cheetal, go find out
What does nanny (dai maa) say
(NOTE: Hindi word ‘eetar’ means = another, else; ‘cheetal’ = another Hindi word for deer (hiran), Guru Dutt is holding a toy deer in his hand when he sings this phrase)

bhookha ho jab bhaaloo, gud khaaye yaa aaloo
chuhiyaa ho jab chhoti, haluaa den yaa loti
gaaye jo maange chaalaa, aadhaa den yaa saala
mulgi de jo andaa, mein khaaun ya panda
aaye na samajh ke andal, ye plashn hai badaa patandal
jaa poochh ke aa o bandal kya boley daai maa
(bhookha ho jab bhaaloo, gud khaaye yaa aaloo)
(chuhiyaa ho jab chhoti, halwaa den yaa roti)
(gaaye jo maange chaaraa, aadhaa den yaa saara)
(murgi de jo andaa, mein khaaun ya panda)
(aaye na samajh ke andar, ye prashn hai badaa patandar)
(jaa poochh ke aa o bandar kya boley daai maa)

What to feed a bear when he is hungry?
Will he eat jaggery or will he eat potatoes?
And what about a (she) mouse, when it is still a tiny child?
Will she have halwaa, or will she have bread (roti)?
If the cow is hungry and calling for some hay
Will half (a bundle) suffice, or should we give a whole (bundle)?
And if the hen lays and egg, who shall eat it
Me or the pundit?
It just is not clear to my intelligence
This question is very perplexing
Let’s send the monkey to find out
What does nanny (dai maa) say
(NOTE: ‘jaggery’ is a lumpy form of brown sugar made from sugarcane juice; ‘halwaa’ is an Indian sweet dish made with fluor, sugar and water).

nannhi mynaah pehne, kitne bhaali gehne
kitni halki nathni, daale motti hathni
kutta munh ko chaate, ya taangon mein kaate
baklaa baandhe saari, ya badhne de daari
ye soch na peechhaa chhode, kab tak koi maathaa phode
jaa poochh kea aa o ghode, kya boley daai maa
(nannhi mynaah pehne, kitne bhaari gehne)
(kitni halki nathni, daale motti hathni)
(kutta munh ko chaate, ya taangon mein kaate)
(bakraa baandhe saari, ya badhne de daadhi
(ye soch na peechhaa chhode, kab tak koi maathaa phode)
(jaa poochh kea aa o ghode, kya boley daai maa)

Look, the tiny mynaah (a passerine bird)
She is wearing such heavy jewels
But the huge and fat (she) elephant
She is wearing such a tiny nose ring (nathni)
The dog, well, it may lick your face
Or it may bite you in the legs
And what shall the sheep do?
Would a saree look good on it?
Or better should it grow a beard (ddadhi)?
This contemplation is just not going away
Gosh, till when should I rack my brains on it
Oy horse, why don’t you go and find out
What does nanny (dai maa) say



Song-Ital ke ghal mein teetal (Bahuraani)(1963) Singer-Hemant Kumar, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-C Ramchandra


ital ke ghal mein teelal
baahal achhaa ke bheetal
jaa poochh ke a o cheetal
kya boley daai maa
kya boley daai maa

ital ke ghal mein teelal
baahal achhaa ke bheetal
jaa poochh ke aao cheetal
kya boley daai maa
kya boley daai maa

bhookha ho jab bhaaloo
bhookha ho jab bhaaloo
gud khaaye yaa aaloo
chuhiyaa ho jab chhoti
haluaa den yaa loti

gaaye jo maange chaalaa
gaaye jo maange chaalaa
aadhaa den yaa saala
mulgi de jo andaa
main khaaun ya panda

aaye na samajh ke andal
ye plashn hai badaa patandal
jaa poochh ke aao bandal
kya boley daai maa
kya boley daai maa
ital ke ghal mein teelal
baahal achhaa ke bheetal
jaa poochh ke aao cheetal
kya boley daai maa
kya boley daai maa

nannhi mynaah pehne
nannhi mynaah pehne
kitne bhaali gehne
kitni halki nathhni
daale motti hathhni

kutta munh ko chaate
kutta munh ko chaate
ya taangon mein kaate
baklaa baandhe saari
ya badhne de daadhri
ye soch na peechhaa chhode
kab tak koi maathaa phode
jaa poochh ke aao ghode
kya boley daai maa
kya boley daai maa
ital ke ghal mein teelal
baahal achhaa ke bheetal
jaa poochh ke aao cheetal
kya boley daai maa
kya boley daai maa

10 Responses to "Ital ke ghal mein teetal"

hullo Sudhirji
Thank you for this song. i see u r in a benevolent mood. i noticed that u ve also posted Lalithaji’s request. so i am getting greedy and want the song from the Jeetendra- Hema malini starrer “Jyoti”, “Chidiya Choo Karti Hain” also. I believe Prakashchandraji has already put a request for this a long time back. and requesting Atul for this means he has a long list of pending requests to complete. hence i am requesting u. though eventually it will come up whenever Atul can post it. or is it already there in our atul world?
god i ve let myself loose here now. so i stop herewith
thank you in advance and thank you Atulji too!!!!!!


Peevesie’s Mom ji

This post is on its way, and in Atul ji’s mailbox already. 🙂
The song you request is in exactly the same situation, same storyline as this one.



i know the situation for both the songs r same thats y i requested for it


Sudhir ji,
you’ve done an excellent translation with super quality.
Would you please make translation of the duet “Zeehal-e -Muskin” from Ghulami (1985)?


Derubala ji,

Thanks for your note of appreciation.
OK, I will attempt to translate the song you have indicated; and try to do it soon. 🙂



Sudhir bhai

Main bhi intezaar kar raha hoon, “Gulaami” ke gaane ke liye,
Especially I want the translation of lines of that favourite song of mine,
“Woh aake pehloo mein aise baitte ke shaam rangeen ho gayee hai,zara zaraa si khili tabiyath zara si gamgeen ho rahi hai”

Derubala ji shukriya aapne phir se yaadon ko taazaa kar diya


Thanks for the great gesture of your moral support. I hope Sudhir ji dissect some of the words of that song.
Lata’s pronunciations of the urdu words are par excellence.
She supports the voice so well that her triumphant rise to the climax in that song. As we know she had the advantage of years to cultivate her talent/voice…


Sudhir Sir,

I absolutely second derubala ji’s comments. You are the right person who can do justice to the song “Zeehaal-e-masti maqum ba-ranjish”. I can believe that even this song is more than 25 years old now. It still has a fresh feel to it. As a line in the song goes “koyi shak” !

The movie itself was a hard hitting landmark movie, by J. P. Dutta. With impressive performances from all the cast. I have seen it recently on some T. V. channel.


In fact Atulji se mera request hai,
iss movie ka aur ek gaanaa jo
Reena roy ke oopar picturise kiya gaya hai, Usko bhi blog mein shaamil kar le

“Mere pee ko pawan kiss gali le chali, koi roko meri zindagi le chali…”(lata-laxmikant pyarelal)
(ye gana throughout the movie repeat hota hai -ek ek stanza karke-It has been picturised beautifully in the dessert, railway station etc.)


Derubala ji, Prakash ji, Nahm ji,

This vote of confidence is really overwhelming. 🙂

I will attempt it, and I hope I am able to really do justice to it.



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