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O maati ke putley itna na kar tu gumaan

Posted on: January 3, 2012

“Sheroo” (1957) is an S P Productions movie. It was directed by Shakti Samanta. The movie had Ashok Kumar, Nalini Jaiwant, Anoop Kumar, Rashid Khan etc in it.

I have discussed one song from this movie in the past. Here is another song from the movie. This song is a nice bhajan. It is sung by Rafi. Kaif Irfani is the lyricist. Music is composed by Madan Mohan.

The lyrics of this philosophical song were sent to me by Khyati Bhatt.

PS-The song was picturised on Krishnakant. This information is based on the source mentioned by Sudhir jee ( in his comment.

Song-O maati ke putley itna na kar tu gumaan(Sheroo)(1957) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Kaif Irfani, MD-Madan Mohan

Lyrics(Provided by Khyati Bhatt)

o maati ke putley
itna na kar tu gumaan
pal bhar ka tu mehmaan
maati ke putley

toone prabhu ko dhan mein dhoondha
kabhi na apne man mein dhoondha
bhool gaya maaya ke bande
tujh mein basey bhagwaan
o maati ke putley
itna na kar tu gumaan
pal bhar ka tu mehmaan
maati ke putley

maalik se kuchh chhupa nahin hai
kaun hai jag mein kaisa
maalik to hai pyaar ka bhookha
log chadhhaye paisa
dhan ke lobhee yeh na jaane
kyaa maange bhagwaan
o maati ke putley
itna na kar tu gumaan
pal bhar ka tu mehmaan
maati ke putley

jab hai wohi banaanewala
tu hai kaun mitaanewaala
chhod de uspe saari baatein
oh moorakh insaan
o maati ke putley
itna na kar tu gumaan
pal bhar ka tu mehmaan
maati ke putley

7 Responses to "O maati ke putley itna na kar tu gumaan"

Atul ji,
SHEROO-1957 was S.P>Pictures’ film,produced by Sant singh Pachhi and Directed by Shakti Samanta.The story,s/play and dialogues were by Sarashar Sailani.
This film was made in an era when,after 10 years of Independence,the Rich were becoming richer and the poor the poorer.In the Rationing days,many antisocial elements had amassed illegal wealth and were trying to control the masses by manipulative methods.
Sheroo(Ashok kumar) was a victorious,decorated world war II hero,who wanted to lead a peaceful life in his hometown,after returning.He finds that fighting Red-tapism,Bribery and favouritism are bigger evils that to fight the war enemies.he encounters obstacles after obstacles and has to fight the Law and the Society to reestablish himself in civil life.
Due to carelessness in the Govt.Hospital,he loses his mother.He is trying to come out of this shock,when his beloved Mala(Nalini Jayawant) is snatched away from him.
When his enemies try to suppress him,he takes up weapons again to fight the civil ills.But,soon he finds that violence breeds violence and only love and compassion can help in changing the situations and have greater powers to remedy the social ills.
This was a preaching films,though there were scenes of comedy,fighting,dance and songs,but still the final message was not very convincing to the average movie-goer.


Thanks for the details. The society still is the same as rich are becoming more richer and poor more poorer. Don’t know when this line of discrimination will vanish. I used to listen this bhajan early morning on radio vividhbharati while getting ready for school. At that age, could not understand what maati ke putale means. But as I was and am very fond of our hindi cinema, eventhough so many of thses kind of bhajans/spiritual songs I could not understand, I would remember the tune and the words. After learning hindi, could get the depth of thses songs. Ek badhiyaa kavi hi aisi bhavana ko samaj sakta hai.
“bhool gaya maaya ke bande
tujh mein base bhagawan”

-Khyati Bhatt


Atul ji,

On screen, this song is performed by character actor Krishnakant. However, no video is available (as yet).

(This update is based on an article on actor-director Krishnakant posted on the blog –



If you do find the video, can you please post it on our blog?
I have heard this bhajan since my childhood, but haven’t seen the video of it.
I have seen few of Krishnakantji’s Gujarati films and more of his Hindi Films mostly as a father, deewanji or munimji. Always admire his character roles.

-Khyati Bhatt


Thanks for uploading – one of my favourites, I think ‘dhan’ in the first stanza should be ‘bun’ (forest) and ‘chuppa’ in the third stanza is ‘chippa’, subtleties of languages but the same meaning. R. Arshi


On listening again, Perhaps ‘dhan’ is right although ‘bun’ (forest) would be equally suited in the context of the bhajan. However, ‘chuppa’ is definitely ‘chippa’


audio link


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