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Muhabbat ho gayee jinse

Posted on: January 16, 2012

The movie CID (1956) inspired quite a few copycat movies in the years to come. “Kahin Din Kahin Raat” (1968) was one such movie with a storyline similar to CID (1956).

Interestingly, both “CID” (1956) as well as “Kahin Din Kahin Raat” (1968) had the same music director and the same singers, though the star cast was different. “Kahin Din Kahin Raat”(1968) was a Shri Krishna Films production. It was produced and directed by Darshan. The star cast included names like Vishwajeet, Sapna, Pran, Helen, Nadira, Johnny Walker, Bipin Gupta, Manmohan, Asit Sen, Mohan Choti, Habib, Rajan Haksar, Mallika etc.

Today (16th January) is the birthday of O P Nayyar. On this occasion, here is an O P Nayyar composition from “Kahin Din Kahin Raat” (1968). This song is a “Helen” song as well in the sense that it is picturised on Helen. Pran and Vishwajeet are also visible in the picturisation.

Asha Bhonsle is the singer. S H Bihari is the lyricist.

Lyrics of this song and other details were sent to me by Prakashchandra.



Song-Muhabbat ho gayee jinse (Kahin Din Kahin Raat)(1968) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-S H Bihari, MD-O P Nayyar

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

muhabbat ho gayee jinse
shikaayat unse kyaa hogi
muhabbat ho gayee jinse
shikaayat unse kya hogi
zabaan tak baat jo aayee
yakeenan woh duaa hogi
muhabbat ho gayee jinse
ae ae

gilaa kaise karoon unsey
main unki bewaffayee ka
gila kaise karoon unsey
main unki bewaffaayee ka
kiya karte hain jo daawaa
muhabbat mein khudaayee ka
agar woh mujhse roothe hain
tho meri hi khata hogi
zabaan tak baat jo aayee
yakeenan woh duaa hogi
muhabbat ho gayee jinse
ae ae

muhabbat mein jise ae dil
sazaa-e-maut mil jaaye
muhabbat mein jise ae dil
sazaa-e-maut mil jaaye
woh marke bhi zamaane mein
kabhi marne nahin paaye
kahaan aisi adaalat hai
kahaan aisi sazaa hogi
muhabbat ho gayee jinse
shikaayat unse kya hogi
zabaan tak baat jo aayee
yakeenan woh duaa hogi
muhabbat ho gayee jinse

9 Responses to "Muhabbat ho gayee jinse"

Helen had a good role in this movie. She outshone Sapna a new face who was the heroine. Sapna faded away after this movie. By the way it’s Biswajeet and nit Vishwajeet!


Menon ji,
Sapna did not fade out after this film.She was Joy Mukherjee’s Heroine in Puraskar in 1970.She also acted in Hukumat-87,Bus ek baar-93,gunda-98.She continued to act in C grade films till late 90s.


The One SAPNA you have mentioned acted in 1987 Hukumat is actually a diiferent actress, who is known as SWAPNA or Swapna(Madras), who is active in the early 80`s.

Sapna of Purskaar may be the same Sapna

but Swapna of Hukumat(Dharmendra,RatiAgnihotri-dir:Anil Sharma,shammikakpoorm,jugal hansraj,joginder) also acted in
1)Ek din bahu ka:
(Lalita Pawaar,suresh oberoi,vijay arora,saeed jaffry)(1983)
(in a sister`s role to dharmendra,rajnikant,vinodkhanna,sridevi,jayaprada-SatteShourie-anil sharma)
3)Izzatdaar(Dilipkumar,bharthi,govinda,madhuri -dixit,Raghuvaran-Swapna acted as dilipji`s daughter)(1990)
4)Sachche ka bholbhala(dev anand,meenakshi sheshadri,jackie shroff)(1989)
5)Teri Meharbaniya(1985-rajkiran,jackie shroff,poonam dhillon)
6)Aage Ki Soch(with Dada Kondke-1988)
I think this SWAPNA acted in Kannada movies also
(like Karmika kallanalla,Swapna,Bharjari Bete,Shankar sunder)


prakash ji,
Thanks for the correction.


Something about Orissa, West Bengal, Nepal and Bihar, the local people pronounce V as Bh (भ). e.g. The English word “visa” is pronouced and written as वीज़ा (viza/wiza) in Hindi, but Oriya,Bengali, Bhojpuri and Nepali people pronounce it as Bhija..
Just wondering 🙂


Vishwajeet in Hindi would be pronounced as Biswajeet in Bangla just as Atul would be pronounced as Otul in Bangla. Interestingly, the written Bangla would spell the name the same way as in written Hindi. During his time in Hindi movies, Hindi posters described him as Vishwajeet and rightly so.


Atul ji,
KAHIN DIN KAHIN RAAT-1968 was an ordinary chor-police story,further degraded by the ‘acting’ by Biswajit and Sapna.
Suraj(Biswajit) becomes a Police officer and soon is transformed into a professional criminal,as he has vowed to break the international gang of Gold smugglers and capture its chief.
he makes an entry in that gang and soon becomes famous for his bravery.The den dancer Helen starts loving him and he too pretends loving her in order to reach the boss thru Helen.
Once when Suraj escapes from Plice custody,he meets Poonam(Sapna) his beloved.They spend time together.She is sad because he became a criminal.Suraj can not explain to her and goes away.
the boss of the gang tells Suraj that a Plane carrying Gold has to be looted.Suraj informa police and in the fierce shooting ensued after suraj crashes his explosive laden truck into the plane,the Boss of the gang is captured.It is one Mrs.Indrani.
But Poonam explains that Mrs.Indrani is her estranged step mother and there is some other real boss who operated thru her.Suraj contacts Pran(Pran),the Govt.Lawyer for advise.Actually Pran is the real Boss.He murders Mrs.Indrani to silence her and builds a false proof against Suraj,who is arrested.Suraj escapes and with help from Poonam,collects enough proof against Pran and arrests him finally.




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