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Ye samaa ye khushi kuchh bolo jee bolo jee

Posted on: January 19, 2012

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Before the advent of television and internet, Radio Ceylon (later Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation) and Vividh Bharati were the main sources of listening to Hindi film songs. In respect of old Hindi film songs, it was observed that while Radio Ceylon specialised in broadcasting film songs of 40s and 50s, Vividh Bharati’s broadcast was more pronounced towards the songs of late 50s and 60s. Accordingly, during those days of radio, I had categorised songs into ‘Radio Ceylon’ songs and ‘Vividh Bharati’ songs depending upon where these songs were heard the most. 😀

One of the ‘Vivid Bharati’ songs I used to occasionally listen until few years back was “ye sama ye khushi kuchch bolo ji bolo ji” from the film GHAR GHAR KI BAAT(1959) – a duet sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh. The song was written by Gulshan Bawra and set to music by Kalyanji Virji Shah ( Kalyanji of Kalyanji-Anandji duo). The song is picturised on Azraa and the newcomer Mahendra Kumar. I guess, he worked only in this film. The other cast included Suresh, Minoo Mumtaz,Durga Khote, Jamal etc. The tune is melodious and the locale for picturisationis perfect. Azraa’s expression is in keeping with the soft romantic mood of the song. Mahendra Kumar’s performance in this song reminds me of Dharmendra in his initial films. One song from the film has already been discussed in this blog.

This is one of those songs which can turn a cold-hearted person into a romantic mood after watching the video clip. 😀



Song-Ye samaa ye khushi kuchh bolo jee bolo jee (Ghar Ghar Ki Baat)(1959) Singers-Lata, Mukesh, Lyrics-Gulshan Bawra, MD-Kalyanji Anandji
Lata + Mukesh=Fuchsia


ye samaa ye khushi
ee ,
kuchch bolo ji bolo ji
ye samaa ye khushi
kuchch bolo ji bolo ji
mujhe tum jo miley saari duniyaa mili
meri preet aaj hansi

chhodo ji chhodo ji
ye samaa ye khushi,
kuchch bolo ji bolo ji

saamne ho tum to aankhen
hain nashe mein choor

de ke baahon ka saharaa
le chalo kahin door
aaj har ek cheez mein hai
aaj har ek cheez mein hai
rang aur dilkhashi

chhodo ji chhodo ji
ye samaa ye khushi,
kuchch bolo ji bolo ji

aa aa aa
keh rahi hain hamse lahrein
thaam lo patwaar
saath ho jo tum hamaare
ja lagenge paar

pyaar mein jo tum miley ho
pyaar mein jo tum miley mujhe
mil gayee zindagi
bolo ji bolo ji
ye samaa ye khushi
kuchch bolo ji bolo ji

chhed di maujon ne meri
zindagi ki dhun

hans ke tum bolo balam jo
jhoomta hain man
teri muskaanon se mere
teri muskaanon se mere
geet ki dhun saji

chhodo ji chhodo ji
ye samaa ye khushi,
kuchch bolo ji bolo ji

mujhe tum jo miley
saari duniyaa mili
meri preet aaj hansi
kuchch bolo ji bolo ji
ye samaa ye khushi
ee, kuchch bolo ji bolo ji

4 Responses to "Ye samaa ye khushi kuchh bolo jee bolo jee"

Kamath ji,
Mahendra Kumar,seems to be a multi faceted artist.After this film,he acted in Gupt Shastra(1975) with Heena Kausar.This was a sex education film.Then he also acted in Raja Rani love in Jungle-95 and Adivasi Queen-96.He had given music to Gupta shastra also.He then sang a song each in Kalyug aur Ramayan-87 and Maa Beti-87.I strongly believe he must have acted in many C grade films,for which details are not available.

GHAR GHAR KI BAAT-1959 was a Shah Pictures film,produced by Ramnik Shah and Directed by Ravindra Dave.Composer was Kalyanji Bhai,ably assisted by Anand ji and Laxmikant(of L-P duo later).The lyrics were by gulshan Bawra(real name Gulshan kumar Mehta),Mushtar haider and Upendra.
East is East and West is West.Their cultures are different .This is the theme of this film.
Bimala and Kamla are westernised,but Kamala turns to Indian culture.Their mother fixes marriage of Bimla(Azrz) with Kishore(Suresh),but she elopes with Sharad(Mahendra Kumar) whomm she loves and they do civil marriage.To save ‘kjandaan ki izzat’,Kamla is ready to stand as a bride.The marriage takes place,but from the first day bad omens start.Her mother in law(Durga Khote) breaks her leg and next their paper mill catches fire.Kamala(Minu Mumtaz) is branded anauspicious and a Panauti.She is treated worse than a servant.meanwhile the western couple-Bimla and sharad are on the verge of taking divorce.Kamala visits their house frequently and brings about a compromise and they realise their folly.Due to her frequent visits out of the house,mather in law calls her immoral,to which Kishore objects.There is a fight in son and mother.Kishore leaves the house.
To stop him,his sister runs after him.A ruffian’s car dashes her.The ruffian kidnaps Kishore.Now Kamla and Bimla jointly,trace the criminal with police help,rescue Kishor and arrest the criminal.
Mother in law realises her mistake and embraces the indian culture Bahu !


Thanks for the information about Mahendra Kumar.

There may be many such film artists about whom most of us do not know much about them simply because there was no proper system of documentation of the films released.


…the number should be 241.




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