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Chanda ke desh mein rehti ek raani

Posted on: March 11, 2012

“Mera Ghar Mere Bachche” (1960) was a Minerva Movietone movie. It was directed by Sohrab Modi. The movie had Sohrab Modi, Subbiraj,Sulochana, Naaz, Balraj, Daisy Irani, Kavita, Nana Palsikar, Sudesh Kumar etc in it.

The movie as well a its songs have been forgotten with time. Here is a delightful song from this movie. it is sung nicely by Mukesh. The song is picturised heartwarmingly well. The picturisation shows a happy family where Subbiraj sings this song to his kid (Daisy Irani) where he tells her the tale of Chanda ka desh (the world of moon) where a queen lives. The picturisation also shows Sulochana (playing Subbiraj’s mother) and Naaz (playing the wife of Subbiraj) whom he gently teases in the song while singing the line “naaz o adaa se sanwarti hai woh…”.

The song is written by Hasrat Jaipuri and it is composed by his brother in law , viz Sardar Malik.

This song can be called a lullaby song as well as a fairytale song.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.



Song-Chanda ke desh mein rehti ek raani (Mera Ghar Mera Bachche) (1960) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Sardar Malik

Lyrics(Provided by Nitin Shah)

Chanda ke desh mein rehti ek raani
chanda ke desh mein rehti ek raani
aankhen hain uski chanchal sitaare,
bijli se ujli uski jawaani
chanda ke desh mein rehti ek raani
chanda ke desh mein rehti ek raani

chaandi sa jhilmil mahal woh haseen
jismein basi hai ek naazneen
hamne jo dekha to aaya yakeen,
duniya mein us jaisa koi nahin
uski adaayen sabse judaa hain,
uski jhalak per duniya deewaani
chanda ke desh mein rehti ek raani
chanda ke desh mein rehti ek raani

baadal ke rath per nikalti hai woh,
bijli ke doley main chalti hai woh
Inder dhanush uski angdayee hai,
chanda bhi uski hi parchhaayee hai
baaten kare to jhadte hain moti,
poocho na uski jaadoo bayaani
chanda ke desh mein rehti ek raani

naaz o adaa se sanwarti hai woh,
har phool mein rang bharti hai woh
dharti ke raaja pe marti hai woh,
bachchon se bhi pyaar karti hai woh
chanda mein dekho kaate hai charkha,
khatm huyee ab apni kahaani
chanda ke desh mein rehti ek raani
chanda ke desh mein rehti ek raani

3 Responses to "Chanda ke desh mein rehti ek raani"

The song is picturised on Sudesh Kumar not on Subbiraj


Dear Atulji,
Thanks. He is Sudesh Kumar not Subiraj’ though Subiraj and his wife (Baby) Naaz figure in the Picture.


Atul ji,
MERA GHAR MERE BACHHE-1960 was a Minerva movitone film,prod/Directed by Sohrab Mody himself.This was a time M.Mtone was on the waning side and modi had a tough tie managing his empire.None of the films were clicking and even this filmmdid not help Modi at the box-office.
In this film,Mody had tried to emphasize the need to understand and adapt to the thinking of new generation,lest the older gen would suffer for sure.
Inderjit aka Bade sahib,a successful businessman with a wife,2 sons and 1 daughter,is a strict person,autocratic in nature.He is a terror for his family and employees.He wants his 2nd son Kishore also to become an Engineer like his elder son Ashok,but kishore is interested in music.
One day when Inder has togo to Delhi,the family is very happy and the minute Inder leaves for the station celebrations start in the house.Inder misses the train and returns to house only to find that his family is enjoying life in his absence/due to his absence.he fires everybody and insults wife and children.Kishore goes out,gets drunk and returns to argue with father.Kishore also refuses to become Engr. and further announces his love for Lata,the orphan girl in their house.
Next day,Inder orders Kishore to work in his office and sends Lata to Nagpur.parvati,his wife knows that their daughter Meena also loves Narendra and wants to marry.Parvati coolly arranges both Kishore’s and Meena”s marriage.Enraged with this Inder throws everybody out.They all go awayand Inder stays alone in that big house.
After few years,Inder gets a heart attack and is unconcious.His wife and other family members nurse him back to health.Inder realises that he was wrong and all is well that ends well.
The music director was Sardar Malik and his assistant was Kishore Kumar(not the singer).


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