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Tujhe aawaaz deti hai tadap kar zindagi meri

Posted on: March 30, 2012

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

The past two three weeks have been somehow overtly busy and a run around for me, and I must apologize that I have not been very regular in writing and posting. Just too many things seem to be happening on the domestic and professional front, and time is at a premium. Being connected to email most of the time, I do follow the posts on email, all the day, but have been delinquent in responding regularly.

One of the things that I try is to keep a watch on the comments, including the comments on ‘Reader’s Farmaishes’. The latter, because I know that when someone posts a farmaish, it is a song that is his or her favorite, and a song that one is looking for, to hear once again. And in most cases, my expectations are not belied, because the songs that are listed in the farmaish comments almost always turn out to be wonderful gems.

As is the case with this song. I must thank Suryakant ji Vora for drawing attention to this song. I am hearing it for the first time, but oh, what a wonderfully soft and sentimental melody this is. When I listened to it after locating it on the YouTube, I was simply bowled over. The film is ‘Haar Jeet’ from 1954. Produced under the banner of Film Craft, Bombay, the film is produced by GA Thakur and is directed by Jaggi Rampal. There are seven songs in this film, and I sampled a couple of more available online, and all are simply superb. The music composition is by SD Batish, a name that one associates more with a singing voice, rather than with a music director’s baton. The lyrics are written by four poets, namely Saraswati Kumar ‘Deepak’, Shewan Rizvi, Aziz Kashmiri and Kaif Irfani. This particular song is written by Kaif Irfani. The singing voice is that of Lata Mangeshkar.

The melody is simply sublime. A song of longing and waiting, a song that talks of a broken heart and tears, a song that implores for a life at His feet, for the life that is, is not worth the pain and loneliness. And yet, the rendering is subdued, almost calm – no complaints, no insistence, just a gentle supplication. But oh, what a melodiously gentle supplication. A song that remains in the memory. A must listen.

tujhe awaaz deti hai tadap kar zindagi meri
zaraa tu dekh jaa ek baar aa kar be-rukhi meri

In anguish, this life of mine
It calls out to you
For once, just come
And witness my aloofness
My indifference (to life)

bahaaye aankh ne aansoo wo manzar yaad to hogaa
udhar wo saamne thhe aur idhar thee bebasi meri

The scene would still be fresh (in your mind)
That you saw my streaming tears
You were, just close to me
And I was restrained by my helplessness

nahin kuchh duniya ka jo duniya ne sitam dhaaye
udaani thhee muqaddar ne mohabbat mein hansi meri

No, no blame for this world
For the excesses foisted upon me
It was just the destiny
Jeering me
Having a play with me
In the name of love

bichhad kar khud se jeena maut hai to zindagi waale
tere kadmon mein jo guzre wohi hai zindagi meri

For if death is to part with oneself
O, the Provider of this life
Then the only life meaningful
Is the one spent at Your feet

Song-Tujhe aawaaz deti hai tadap kar zindagi meri (Haar Jeet)(1954) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Kaif Irfani, MD-S D Batish


tujhe awaaz deti hai
tujhe awaaz deti hai
tadap kar zindagi meri
zaraa tu dekh jaa
ek baar aa kar
be-rukhi meri
tujhe awaaz deti hai

bahaaye aankh ne aansoo
wo manzar yaad to aaya
udhar wo saamne thhe aur
idhar thee bebasi meri
tujhe awaaz deti hai

nahin kuchh dosh duniya ka
jo duniya ne sitam dhaaye
sitam dhaaye
nahin kuchh dosh duniya ka
jo duniya ne sitam dhaaye
udaani thhee muqaddar ne
mohabbat mein hansi meri
tujhe awaaz deti hai

bichhad kar
khud se jeena maut hai
to zindagi waale
tere kadmon mein jo guzre
wohi hai zindagi meri
tujhe awaaz deti hai

6 Responses to "Tujhe aawaaz deti hai tadap kar zindagi meri"

Sudhir ji

Thank you for the song, I found Lataji`s voice in some places like Suman Kalyanpur`s voice .



What a haunting melody. Thanks to Suryakantbhai. Avij farmiash mokalta rahejo. Thanks


Sudhir ji,
HAAR JEET-1954 was a very interesting film.I remember having seen and enjoying it too.
This film was directed by Jaggi Rampal,who was basically a story,dialogue and s/play writer.this was the only film he directed.he was associated with films like,Gora aur kala,Jaani Dushman,Khoon ki keemat,Do yaar etc.
S.D.Batish,no doubt,was more famous as a singer,but he gave music to not less than 15 films,independently and also as an asstt. MD in many other films.From 1948 to 1960,there are 15 films on his name as MD.he left film industry in 1970 and went to USA to live with his son Ashwin.In USA,he wrote many books on classical music and Raagaas.He was running an academy of classical music there.
Nalini(shyama) was the d/o Raja Bahadur,a retired Jahagirdar in Poona.Her uncle,Cr.Bihari,a psyciatrist and a hypnotist also lived with them.The uncle was a wicked person who wanted all their wealth.He brings Balraj,a small time criminal as Prince Balraj to marry Nalini,so that they can take all her riches.Not liking this idea,Nalini escapes to Bombay,befriends a working girl mona and stays with her.She meets Rajan,an unemployed graduate and falls in his love.her uncle traces her to Bombay,hypnotises her and brings her to Poona to marry Prince balraj.her father is also very ill.Rajan and his Friend Balam(Sunder) come to Poona to help her.Now the game of Haar – Jeet starts between Bihari-Balraj and Rajan-Balam.Finally,Rajan outwits the doctor and exposes him.he goes to jail and Rajan and Nalini reunite.


Arun ji,
I am one of your so many fans. You are the richest resource person so far as Indian films are concerned and your knowledge is amazing. I would feel grateful to you if you will throw some light on the life of Kaif Irfani, an eminent lyricist of the 50s. He was rubbing shoulders with the leading lights of the day during the golden period of Hindi songs. But, it seems to me, that he disappeared suddenly in the mid-sixties. There is a photograph on the net where he is shown sharing a mushaira stage with the eminent Urdu poet Ahmed Faraz, which shows he had some standing as a literary Urdu poet. But I could not find any thing else about him on the internet. Kindly provide me some link, if possible and oblige.


Not a word regarding the lyricist? Many must be eager to know about Kaif Irfani who wrote such awesome melodies and a number of them.


This is the best of the best of Lata, in my list…A tear jerker………………


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