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O dukhiya ham to love karke pachhtaaya

Posted on: May 4, 2012

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Recently,I came across an audio clip of a film FOR LADIES ONLY (1951). This film was also known by the name ‘TITLI’. I had never heard of this film. A search in the Indian Film Trade website revealed that the film was produced under the banner of Jaimini Dewan Productions ( Jaimini was the brother of Karan Dewan) and directed by Vedi. The cast included Satish, Roopa Verman, Kuldeep Kaur, Sadhana Bose, Ramnath. As per the same website, there were three lyricists for the film – Sahrai, Kaif and Sahir Ludhianvi. Another website gives the names of six lyricist – Sharma, Vashisht,Prakash, Kaif, Sahrai and Sohanlal Sahir ( and not Sahir Ludhianvi). Vinod (Eric Robert) was the music director for the film.

The song is a ‘Hinglish’ one – ‘hum to love karke pachhtaayaa’ written by Sohanlal Sahir and sung by Meenal Wagh whose names I have heard for the first time. Normally, I would have ignored this type of a song without even listening to it. But when I saw names of Sahir and Vinod in the caption of the audio clip, I got interested in it. Reading the first line of the song, I thought this song could be a fun song like ‘aana meri jaan meri jaan sunday kesunday’ – ‘Shehnaai’ (1947) or a light romantic song like ‘pyaaraa pyaaraa hai sama my dear come to me’ – ‘Kamal’ (1949). But after listening to this song in full, I realised that this was a different ‘Hinglish’ song which, prima facie appeared to be a fun song but behind the facade of ‘Hinglish’ lyrics was the sadness of the female character who sings the song on the screen. Only the audio clip is available of this song. Taking ‘Hinglish’ lyrics into account, I guess, the song was picturised on an actor playing the role of a westernised girl.

I liked the voice of the singer Meenal Wagh. Her voice is silky and appears to be a blend of the voices of Geeta Dutt and Meena Kapoor. Unfortunately, there are not many songs to her credit except some songs in films ‘Ek Do Teen’ (1953),‘Maalik’ (1954) and ‘Amar Shaheed’ (1959) as far as I could find out.

It is an interesting song to listen to with a new voice for a change and Vinod’s nice music composition.

Song-O dukhiya ham to love karke pachhtaaya (For Ladies Only)(1951) Singers-Meenal Wagh, Lyrics-Sohanlal Sahir, MD-Vinod


hum to love karke pachhtaayaa
o dukhiyaa
o dukhiyaa
hum to love karke pachhtaayaa
o dukhiyaa
o dukhiyaa

uptodate ek babu aayaa
uptodate ek babu aayaa
hamko pass bulaayaa
pass bulaakar haath milaakar
silver moon dikhaaya
o dukhiyaa aa
o dukhiyaa
hum to love karke pachhtaayaa
o dukhiyaa aa
o dukhiyaa

tum ho moon hamraa bolaa
tum ho moon hamraa bolaa
hum thodaa sharmaaya
usne fouran haath badhaa kar
apne paas bithaayaa
love karnaa siklaayaa
o dukhiyaa aa
o dukhiyaa
hum to love kar ke pachhtaayaa
o dukhiyaa
o dukhiyaa

ped naariyal ke lehraaye
ped naariyal ke lehraaye
chaand khushi se muskaayaa
kitne hi din bit gaye hai
o saalaa nahin aayaa
har dam uskaa yaad sataaye
usne hamen rulaayaa
o dukhiyaa aa
o dukhiyaa
hum to love karke pachhtaayaa
o dukhiyaa aa
o dukhiyaa


2 Responses to "O dukhiya ham to love karke pachhtaaya"

Kamath ji,
Meenal Wagh was exclusively promoted by Composer Vinod in the 50s.She mainly sang in his films,with exceptions.She sang in films like,Anmol Ratan,Maalik,Titlee(For Ladies Only),1-2-3,Amar shaheed and also in Vinod’s Punjabi film Bhaiyyaji-1950.Vinod brought her to Bombay when Roop K Shorey shifted his business to Bombay from Lahore along with all his co workers like Vinod etc.Originally Meenal Nigam,She had married Dr.Anil Wagh,who too shifted with her to Bombay and set up his practice.After Vinod’s decline and death,Meenal Wagh gave up singing and settled in her family happily.
Sohanlal Saahir was a poet ot Urdu in Lahore and wrote songs only in one film,Titlee(For ladies only).
There were indeed six lyricists in this film.Though this film has only 8 songs,there was one more song’ khushi dil ki barbaadiyan” sung by Asha and Talat separately,which was recorded but cancelled afterwards.

Thanks for additional information on the film and on Meenal Wagh.
I had a gut feeling that Sohanlal Sahir was a one film lyricist.

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