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Intezaar ka aalam

Posted on: May 20, 2012

“Shera Daaku” (1966) was a B grade movie. It was produced by Laxmichitra Productions and directed by Radhakant. The movie had Randhawa, Sheikh Mukhtar, Nishi, Amar, Rajen Kapoor, Sunder etc in it.

The B grade movie had A grade music by Ganesh (younger brother of Pyarelal ) who was making his debut as a music director with this movie, after serving as an assistant of Laxmikant Pyarelal for a couple of years from 1963 to 1965.

Here is a song from this movie. this song is sung by Lata and it is picturised on Nishi.
This movie had two lyricists in it, namely Noor Dewasi and Asad Bhopali. I am not sure about the lyricist of this song. I request our knowledgeable readers to tell us about the lyricist of this song.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.



Song-Intezaar ka aalam (Shera Daaku)(1966) Singer-Lata, MD-Ganesh

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

aaaa..aaaaaaa…….aaa aaa

intezaar kaa aalam
tanhaayee aur hum
hone lagaa
dard jawaan
hum hain yahaan
tu hai kahaan
aaa aaa jaaa…
aaa jaaa
intezaar kaa aalam
tanhaayee aur hum
hone lagaa
dard jawaan
hum hain yahaan….
tu hai kahaan
aaa aaa jaaa…aaaaa
intezaar ka aalam

nazar patthar se takraayee
palatke har sadaa aayee
aaaaa..aaaa aaaaaa
aaaaaa aaaaaa
mujhe deewanaa kar degi
ye khaamoshi
ye tanhayee ee ee
miltaa nahin teraa nishaan
hum hain yaahaan
tu hai kahaan
aaaaa aa….jaa
intezaar ka aalam

tujhe dil ne pukaaraa hai
ke tu dil ka sahaaraa hai
aaaaaa aaaa aaaa aaaaa
tere kadmon mein mar jaanaa
mujhe jeene se pyaaraa ha ae ae ae
aane lagaa
gham ka samaa
hum hain yaahaan
tu hai kahaan
aaaaa jaa
aaa jaaa
intezaar ka aalam

7 Responses to "Intezaar ka aalam"

Superb. If you study the body of his work; all his songs were hit. Shame that such talented brother of Pyarelal could not get more opportunities. How come Pyarelal did not help him though the duo LP had no time to breathe; they could have offloaded some of their work to Ganesh. Was there any rivalry?


Atul ji,
SHERA DAKU-1966 was a typical Sh.Mu. film,which had either a suffix or a prefix of Daku,Dada or Ustad.His personality was such that he fitted easily into these roles very convincingly.
The film was directed by Radhakant and the music was by Ganesh-about whom I have written on 7-4-2012,on this blog already.Suffice to say that this excellent violinist and an expert of rhythm,who had 15 films on hand before any film release with his music,as a composer did not get his dues as much as he should have got.
Sher Singh(Sh.Mu.) is a peace loving family man living happily with his wife(kanchanmala) and a sweet daughter.One day the town kotwal
Nihal singh(Amar),in his absence,tries to rape his wife and to save from this she commits suicide.Sher singh is so enraged that he kills Nihalsingh and runs away,with his daughter,as a Baaghi,becoming a dreaded dacoit Shera Daku.
The village Chief selects a strong young man Ajit(Randhawa) to capture Shera daku.In his persuit,Ajit meets Meena(Nishi) and they fall in love.After few songs,dances and meetings,Meena takes him to her father.Now Ajit learns that her father is Daku Shera,and Shera learns that Ajit is Nihal singh’s son.after this revealation,Meena refuses to marry a man who has come to capture her father.
Ajit returns and collects proof that Shera had killed Nihalsingh in a rage.He urges Shera Daku to surrender to police,for the sake of redemption of his sins and for the happiness of his daughter,Meena.Shera finally surrenders and is sentenced to 3 years’ jail.After he comes out,Ajit and Meena get married happily with his blessings.


Thanks Arunji. Who would be the lyricist for this song?


Sorry,no info is available.


It is Asad Bhopali as per this site :


Kamath ji,
It is difficult to agree,as many mistakes have been found in this site run by Shri.Ajay Deshpande,Nagpur.
There is another reason also. I have checked the 450 songs written by Asad Bhopali,but find only 1 song of Shera Daku-‘Ek ajanabi teri bahon mein rahen’ credited to him.Even the HFGK also is silent about Lyricist of this song.
It may be true also,who knows !




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