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Meri duniya ko bahaaron se sajaaya tum ne

Posted on: June 12, 2012

“Saanjh Ki Bela” (1980) is a movie which is a recent one by the standards of this blog. Still I was totally oblivious of this movie till recently. It is only when I got down to discuss this song that I became aware of this movie.

The movie was produced by Jagdish Kumar and it was directed by Madhusudan. The movie had Joy Mukherjee, Nutan, Rehman, Bindu, Laxmi Chhaya. I. S. Johar, Iftikhar etc in it.

Here is a nice piano song from this movie. The song is sung by Mukesh and it is picturised on Joy Mukherji and Nutan. Prem Dhawan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Ravi.

Looking at the names involved in the creation of this song as well as this movie, one finds that most artists were towards the fag ends of their careers. Mukesh in fact was already gone by that time. That way, the title of the movie which means “the time of evening” is quite appropriate for the artists involved in it.

Lyrics of this extremely melodious song were sent to me by Atif M.



Song-Meri duniya ko bahaaron se sajaaya tum ne (Saanjh Ki Bela)(1980) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Prem Dhawan, MD-Ravi

Lyrics(Provided by Atif M)

meri duniya ko
bahaaron se sajaaya tum ne
jaane tum kaun ho
jaane tum kaun ho
jaane tum kaun ho
dil ke veeraane ko
gulzaar banaaya tum ne
jaane tum kaun ho
jaane tum kaun ho
jaane tum kaun ho

chal raha thha main akela
koyi damsaaz na tha
baat kehta kise dil ki
koyi hamraaz na tha
ban ke hamraaz bhi
yeh raaz chhupaaya tum ne
ban ke hamraaz bhi
yeh raaz chhupaaya tum ne
jaane tum kaun ho
jaane tum kaun ho
jaane tum kaun ho

koyi sapna to nahin ho
jise apna samjha
jaan-e-jaan samjha
jise jaan-e-tamanna samjha
saamne aa ke bhi
parda na hataaya tum ne
saamne aa ke bhi
parda na hataaya tum ne
jaane tum kaun ho
jaane tum kaun ho
jaane tum kaun ho

kho na baithoon tumhen pa ke
yeh khayal aata hai
jab bhi sochoon
mere dil mein
yeh sawaal aata hai
kyun qareeb aa ke bhi
nazron ko churaaya tum ne
kyun qareeb aa ke bhi
nazron ko churaaya tum ne
jaane tum kaun ho
jaane tum kaun ho
jaane tum kaun ho
jaane tum kaun ho
jaane tum kaun ho

7 Responses to "Meri duniya ko bahaaron se sajaaya tum ne"

Atul ji,
You have rightly pointed out that most people connected with this film were aready in their twilight zone.
Nutan who was already 44 year old in 1980(sanjh ki Bela was a 1980 film),was the only actress who commanded lead roles even in her 40s.A record winner of 5 Filmfare awards,she was on the waning by this time. Her pairing with a 3 years younger Joy Mukherjee was very pathetic,as JM had already reached his end of career.
Nutan continued till her last film kanoon apna apna in 1989.She died in 1991 and her 2 films Naseebwala-92 and Insaniyat-94 were released after her death.


It seems like this movie was delayed by a few years. Seems consistent with early 70s era where Nutan worked with actors who started their careers much later than her:

Yaadgaar, 1970, Manoj Kumar
Maharaja, 1970, Sanjay Khan
Devi, 1970, Sanjeev Kumar
Lagan, 1971, Prem Chopra
Saudagar, 1973, Amitabh Bachchan

It seems like a trend of those times, older actresses with younger heroes (at least in terms of career): Asha Parekh with Vijay Arora, Mala Sinha with Sanjeev Kumar/Amitabh Bachchan, Tanuja with Amitabh, Sharmila Tagore with Anil Dhawan, Nanda with Rajesh Khanna; to name a few.


In the 40s,50s and 60s the trend was,Heroes were long lasting and new heroines were cropping up all the time.Hence the older Heroes like Raj kapoor,Dilip kumar,Ashok kumar,Dev Anand,Shammi Kapoor,Bharat bhushan Rajendra Kumar etc continued being Heroes but their Heroines were very young and with a hugh age gap between them.
However in the 70 and 80s the situation was changing fast with the old war Horses disappearing one after the other(with exceptions) and many many new Heros were coming up this case the Heroines of earlier decades had become seniors and continued their heroine roles,while new Heroes wer younger than them.during this period entries of new Heroines was much less or those who came in did not get much chance.
This explains why the difference between the Hero-Heroine ages


This definitely seems one of those shelved-up projects, released much later than intended. Mukesh passed away in summer of ’76. And a look at the cast and music crew gives the indication of early 70’s as a probable time-period we can pin on this.



working video link:


another working video


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