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Chanda taley muskuraaye jawaaniyaan

Posted on: June 13, 2012

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Recently,I came across a duet song ‘chanda tale muskuraaye jawaaniyaan’ from the film ‘CHANDI RANI’ (1953) sung by Talat Mehmood and P Bhanumathi. I had never heard of the film or the song. From the Indian Film Trade and other websites, I could gather that the film was produced under the banner of Bharani Pictures jointly owned by P S Ramakrishna Rao and P Bhanumathi and directed by herself. The film was made in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi and released simultaneously. This was her debut film as a director. She was also the lead actor ( double roles) with N T Rama Rao. I could not get synopsis of this film but I guess from the title of the film that it was a film based on some fairy tale. It is said that with this film, she became the first woman in the history of Indian film industry to produce, direct, act and sing in a film.

I had heard the name of P Bhanumathi as an actor-singer but never knew that she directed films as well. To know more about her, I started scouting on the various websites. The very fact that there was tonnes of information available on her indicates that she must have been a very important film personality of the south Indian film industry. And I was not wrong. What a multitalented personality she was! An actor, singer, story and script writer, music director, producer, director and perhaps many more as far as the film industry was concerned. She acted in more than 100 films made in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi, the films in Hindi being Nishaan (1949), Rani (1952) and Chandi Rani (1953). She was also a talented singer in both Carnatic and Hindustani music which she learnt from her father. In addition, she was a prolific writer. Her collection of short stories about mother-in-law ‘Attagari Kathalu’ (Telugu) won her Sahitya Academy award in 1966. The book was translated in English titled ‘Musings’. Her autobiography in Telugu ‘NaloNanu’ won her National award for the best book on cinema in 1994. She was awarded Padma Shri in 1966 and Padma Bhushan in 2003. After reading so much about her, I feel I am not doing full justice to this multi-talented and charismatic personality by writing about her in just one paragraph.

The song under discussion was written by Vishwamitra Adil and set to music by C R Subbaraman. It is said that the tune of the song was set by Subbaraman but soon he died without recording the song. His assistant Viswanathan (later with Ramamurthy became the famous Viswanathan-Ramamurthy music director duo) took over the music directorship of the film to complete the song recordings and background music. So I feel, the credi tshould go to both of them – Subbaraman-Viswanathan as the music director. The video clip of this song is available but I find that the uploader has used clippings either from Telugu or Tamil version of the song in which lip synchronisation with the actors is horrendous. So I have given the best of the audio clips available on the YT of the Hindi version along with the video link of the Telugu version of the song just to give some idea about the picturisation of the song. The song is picturised on a handsome N T Rama Rao and beautiful P Bhanumathi. The same tune was used in all the three versions of the song but in Telugu and Tamil versions, Ghantasala Venkateshwar Rao (popularly known as Ghantasala) and Bhanumati sang for NTR and herself.

Video – (Hindi version)

Video – (Telugu version)

Song-Chanda taley muskuraaye jawaaniyaan (Chandi Rani)(1953) Singers-Talat Mehmood, P Bhanumathi, Lyrics-Vishwamitra Adil, MD-Subbaraman-Vishwanathan
Talat Mehmood + P Bhanumathi


chanda taley o o
chanda taley o o
chanda taley
muskuraayen jawaaniyaan aan
chanda taley muskuraayen jawaaniyaan
chanda taley muskuraayen jawaaniyaan
honthon pe aa gayin dil ki kahaaniyaan
honthon pe aa gayin dil ki kahaaniyaan
chanda taley o o
chanda taley muskuraayen jawaaniyaan

dil ka fasaanaa kahaa bhi naa jaaye
kahe binaa hamse raha bhi naa jaaye
wo aa gayin teri naadaaniyan
ho o
chanda taley muskuraaye jawaaniyaan

honthon pe aa gayin dil ki kahaaniyaan
chanda taley o o
chanda taley muskuraayen jawaaniyaan

pehli wafaayen pehli bahaar hai
koi bataa de kaisa ye pyaar hai
taaron ke jaise paawaaniyaan ho o

chanda taley muskuraayen jawaaniyaan
honton pe aa gayin dil ki kahaaniyaan
chanda taley o o
chanda taley muskuraayen jawaaniyaan

8 Responses to "Chanda taley muskuraaye jawaaniyaan"

Bhanumati was a gorgeous beauty indeed! Her voice had that distinct ‘chhappa’. She acted in some all time hits in Tamil. In ‘Ali Babavum 40 thirudargal’, ‘Malay Kallan’ and ‘Madurai Veeran’ she starred opposite a young MGR. ‘Mallai Kallan’ was remade as ‘Azaad’ in Hindi starring Dilip Kumar and Meena Kumari. Her duet with A M Raja from ‘Alibabavum…’ ” Maasila…” is still a very popular song. Incidentally, ‘Bharani’ is her son’s name.


I have heard all these ladies (in mid 1950’s) P. Shusheela, Jikki, S. Janaki, P. Bhanumathi, M. S. Subbulakshmi etc…during radio days wih their carnatic music program from AIR..

Like has a seies of articles on her
She quit films once and was persuaded to come back by B.N. Reddy. The comeback film ‘Swargaseema’ has a famous song

which is popular to this day. For Telugu people, probably her most popular film is ‘Malliswari’, I do not thin that it was remade in Hindi. Several of the songs from ‘Chandirani’ are still very popular.
There is a song in ‘Apurva Sahodarulu’ (also in Tamil)which she sang in five languages

The Hindi version in Nishan was sung mostly (?)by Shamshad Begum


Sorry; I did not realize that the videos would be displayed.


Gaddeswarup ji,
If I am not mistaken,there is also a song by Janaki from film Manchi Mansulu which starts from” oho oho paurama”.
This song was later copied ditto by Madan mohan(on the insistence of the producer,ofcourse) as Lata’s “Miyanw2 meri sakhi,achi achhi meri sakhi,bol mere balma ki surat hai kaisi”.


Arunkumar ji,
Yes, it is a 1962 film. It was sung by S. Janaki and the actress was Shavukar Janaki. It was on YouTube awhile ago
” Oho Oho pavurama vayyari pavurama”
It may still be on YouTube but I could not find it immediately. I think there are a quite a few pavuram (pigeon) and chiluka (parrot) songs.


Kamath ji,
You have aptly said that the entire life of great artist like Bhanumathi can not be capsulated in just 1 paragraph.
Bhanumathi had established the BHARANI STUDIOS in 1947 and it produced 10 films,starting with Ratnamala in 1947 and ending with Vivaha Bandhanam in 1964.
The original composer C.R.Subburaman actually died after recording one song-incidentally the above song- and the rest of the 8 songs were managed by the team of M.S.Viswanatham and Ramamurthy who were the assistants then and later,as you said ,played a havoc in southern music industry.
Hindi version was the last of the three,so to the Telugu and Tamil versions the composer was Subburaman only.


Video clip from the Hindi movie is available at and Telgu version (from Sandi Rani) is at


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