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Takra gaya tum se dil hi to hai

Posted on: July 20, 2012

This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

“Aan” was a film which I made a point of watching in the theatre when it was running in matinee show. I pestered my mother till she took me to see this film. And all this because of one song in the film i.e Maan mera ehsaan arre naadaan ke maine tujhse kiya hai pyaar

When all kids my age would get bored watching old movies, I wanted to see old movies on re-runs, like Aan, Woh kaun thhi, Neet Kamal, Trishul, etc. I wanted to see ‘Abhimaan” , Guide too for the songs, but I never got to. My mother said it was long movie with endless songs and that I would get bored. I said I wanted to see this for songs and even if I got bored bored I can spare the time to watch the songs. If it had been my father in stead of my mother he would have managed to change my mind, like he did at the opportune moment in my life. He didnt even have to try very hard, I just agreed to whatwver he said, and changed the perspective of myself which I had held in my lifetime (till than). Since than I have trusted my father’s judgement of people and also his advice for important decisions in other matters. I have never regretted doing so except the first career changing decision. Now even that has ceased to matter, more than 25 years down the line.

Coming back to “Aan”, I came out after watching the movie loving more than one song that are not firm favorites, but fondly remember them every now and than. Songs like “muhobbat choome jin ke haathh” and “aag lagi tan man mein dil ko pada thhaamna” were not well known but are recognizable as songs of this film.

This song “takra gayaa tum se dil hi to hai” is a Mohammed Rafi solo, picturized on a smiling Dilip Kumar. Dilip Kumar has been beaten and tied up for his troubles in wooing Nadira. And he is singing this song to make Nadira feel guilty that because of her he is beaten by her guards/soldiers. Nadira’s palace and attire is in different hues of blue, as is the background of the frames where Dilip Kumar is singing with his hands tied up.

The song is written and composed by the time tested team of Shakeel Badayuni and Naushad. I found the song too low pitched so I had to raise the volume to hear the words properly.



Song-Takra gayaa tum se dil hi to hai (Aan)(1952) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Naushad


Dil ko huaa tum se pyaaar
ab hai tumhein ikhtiyaar
chaahe banaa do
chaahe mitaa do

takra gayaa tum se dil hi to hai
roye na yeh kyun ghaayal hi to hai
takra gayaa tum se dil hi to hai
roye na yeh kyun ghaayal hi to hai
ghaayal hi to hai

woh pyaar se nafrat karte hain
ham hain ke unhin par marte hain
woh pyaar se nafrat karte hain
ham hain ke unhin par marte hain
ab kaise nibhe mushkil hi to hai
ab kaise nibhe mushkil hi to hai
takra gayaa tum se dil hi to hai
roye na yeh kyun ghaayal hi to hai
ghaayal hi to hai

be-dard ko aye dil yaad na kar
tadpe jaa yoon hi fariyaad na kar
be- dard ko aye dil yaad na kar
tadpe jaa yoon hi fariyaad na kar
kyun reham kare qaatil hi to hain
kyun reham kare qaatil hi to hain
takra gayaa tum se dil hi to hai
roye na yeh kyun ghaayal hi to hai
ghaayal hi to hai

8 Responses to "Takra gaya tum se dil hi to hai"

Like you, Nahm~ji, I too watched ‘Aan’ when it released. But, unlike you, I was dragged for it by my mother and father! I remember being fascinated by Nadira, the ‘bad girl’. Nimmi paled in comparison.
One song that I think is from ‘Aan’ and I still love to this day is the Shamshad Begum and chorus..’Dhadke mera dil mujhko jawani Ram kasam na bhaye…’


Aap kitne naseebwaale the ki maa ayr pitaji aap ko khinch ke le jaate the. Jab ki mujhe to dharmik chitr ke liye bhi gidgidana padta tha. It wasn’t like that they were totally against watching movies in theater, girls were not allowed to watch movies in theater alone. 😦 Kabhi sochti hoon ki Jhansi ki Raani ko bhi shayad 70s-80’s mein theater mein movie dekhne ke liye akeli nahin jane dete. 😆 Fear of society!


When i was small, my parents had to actually drag me to the theater to see “Rani aur lal pari”. They wanted me to come for “Muqaddar ka sikandar” too, as everybody else was going. I managed to stay at home alone.

My interest started later on. When Dimple’s ‘Lekin” was running, i wanted to see it badly. I forced a friend to come with me. The movie hall was empty with only 2-3 people, we didnt know as we reached very late. 1/2 an hour later it was interval and there was no one in the hall that we could see. My friend managed to convince me that we should also go, as it is not safe in empty theater.


So Nahm, you are also that lucky one. In my case, my parents, specially my Father, growing up watching KLSaigal, Pankaj Muliick, Chandramohan, Sohrab Modi, Ashok Kumar movies was not interested in watching movies of 60s and on wards. So, like I have mentioned in one of my comment, I had to full fill my desire of watching Hindi movies mainly on Doordarshan.


A coincidence – I watched Aan less than a week ago. For the first time. I’d been meaning to watch it for years! It’s a much-talked about fim, what with it being one of the earlier color films, as far as I know.

The songs are lovely – I’ve known “dil mein chhupaake” from my childhood and it is my favorite song from this film. But like you say, there are songs in the movie that are not that well-known but still quite likeable – I came across some too.

It was so good to see a young swashbuckling Dilip Kumar. I believe he came in for criticism for this role as it was seen as too “flippant” – not suiting his “sober” image. 🙂

Thanks for this write-up, nahm.


If u saw it last week, than the memory must be fresh. Did it look like a new movie ? I thought it looked a fresh movie, as if it was brand new. And all the songs seem to flow from one to another.

I have missed all the tragic roles of Dilip Kumar. ‘Aan” Raam aur shyaam ‘ ‘Ganga Jamuna” , Mughal-e-Azam” and ‘ Gopi ‘ are the only films i remember, where he was more mischievous, than ‘sober’.


Nahm, you haven’t seen his Devdas? If not, watch it. I had seen his Devdas b4 SRK’s. Lucky I am! Still I haven’t seen Saigalji’s Devdas. Hope I will find those vintage DVDs during my next visit to India. I may not be even in my teens when I watched his Shikast (Nalini Jaywant) on DD. Kuchh yaad nahin hai except Talat & Lata’s duet Jab Jab Phool Khile……. I have seen more of his sober movies like Deedar, Shaheed, Mela, Jogan, Daag, Tarana, Amar, Udan Khatola, Madhumati, Paigham, Dil Diya Dard Liya, Sanghursh, Aadmi, Dastaan, Kranti, Mashaal, Shakti, Saudagar…list goes on. Azaad can also be included in your mischievous category.


Hemant Kumar version song :


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