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Thhokar mein hai meri saara zamaanaa

Posted on: July 20, 2012

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

“Babu Moshai, zindagi badi honi chaahiye lambi nahi”

The exuberant, prophetic words enunciated by a character – terminally ill, fully aware of his fate, and yet living the life to its brim. Anand (1971), the character that captured the imagination of multiple generations of viewers, has gone down in the film history as the ultimate optimist and a very endearing idealist. The wonder that this film is, simply never ceases for me. The extrovert, loud mouthed, always hungry for a conversation, and food – in his filmi demise, he taught a valuable lesson for the living.

Rajesh Khanna, the persona behind the character, is no more. Day before yesterday (18th July, 2012) he passed away after a brief illness. He was 69 years, and six months. Born Jatin Khanna, his uncle suggested him to change his name when he was poised to make a debut in the film industry. Coming through an industry talent search contest, Rajesh made his debut with Chetan Anand in the 1966 film ‘Aakhri Khat’. When the film was released, it got a sizeable critical acclaim, that was focused more on the child star and the director. The character of a young artist and sculptor, made some ripples, but nothing to predict that in 2 to 3 years time, this young man would see such a meteoric rise in the industry, that would redefine the concept of a star actor, and box office successes.

End of 1960s saw many a spectacular careers fading out. Most leading men were spent forces and were slowly transitioning into roles other than heroes. The sustaining forces were may be Dharmendra, Shashi Kapoor, and Manoj Kumar and the other rising stars coming on the horizon were Jeetendra, Rishi Kapoor, and Amitabh Bachchan. In this changing scenario stepped in Rajesh, and took the entire generation by storm, serenading Sharmila Tagore from an army jeep coursing its way next to the toy train (New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling) in which an amused Sharmila Tagore is sitting by the window, watching the funny antics of two musically inclined young men trying to catch her attention, one of them singing “Mere Sapnon Ki Rani Kab Aayegi Tu” . The next six years was a euphoric ride in the stratosphere for Rajesh. His popularity and his fan following reached such landmark records that a new epithet had to be invented for him – ‘Super Star’.

The subsequent years could not sustain the heady ascent, and he soon lost his no. 1 position, for a combination of reasons. The unexplained and unexpected transition from Anju Mahendru to Dimple Kapadia was a duplicity that apparently disillusioned many of his fans. He continued to be active in the industry. Maybe not at the pinnacle where he had been. But of course he had already made his point and also made his mark in the industry.

For me, Rajesh’s most defining character is Anand, and the most defining moment is at the end of movie, when he starts to speak in the playback from the tape recorder. Anand is no more, and a very distraught Bhaskar (Amitabh Bachchan), with his head on the chest of what used to be Anand, is entreating him to speak up and say something. And then, the voice of Anand floats in from the tape recorder, giving a shock no just to Bhaskar, but to every person sitting in the audience.

I saw this film for the first time as a very small child on the big screen, and what I came away with was a light hearted sense of comic interludes. I would watch this film again, in later years, at least five to six times, and always continue to marvel at the tenacity of the persona, and the guile of the director on how many wondrous psychological capers he built into the narration. Rajesh Khanna, will always be Anand for me – he was so natural in the entire spectrum of the role that he seems totally non-different from the character.

I had once read an article wherein it was stated that when Anand was being planned, the roles of Rajesh and Amitabh were in reverse. Amitabh was supposed to play the terminally ill Anand, and Rajesh was supposed to play the stoic and atheist doctor. Always wonder how that would have turned out.

What really prompted me to write this piece, you will wonder (especially since all the songs are already posted and I am using a song from another film here). There is a dialogue in this film that really and totally boggled my mind today. At one point in his contentious argument with Dr. Bhaskar, Anand says “Babu Moshai, kya farq hai 70 saal aur 6 mahine mein”. And I took a look at the life line of the protagonist, 69 years and a little over six months – exactly the difference between “70 saal” and “6 mahine”. That is the age at which he decided to move on. What would you call this? A prophecy foretold 41 years ago, a coincidence, or a providential oversight. I don’t know myself. But yes, a coincidence it is, of enigmatic proportions.

And to end, I quote Dr. Bhaskar again from the same film,

“Anand maraa nahin. Anand marte nahin”

The indelible marks on the silver screen left there by Rajesh, are memories forever.

Goodbye Rajesh, rest and be peaceful.

Coming to this song. The film ‘Shehzada’ (1972), is not much to write home about. A socio-comic romantic drama that is filmed in a rural setting, ‘Shehzada’ comes from the production house of Amar Chhaaya, Bombay, directed by K Shankar. The main star cast is Rajesh Khanna, Raakhee, Madan Puri, Veena, Karan Dewan, Pandari Bai, Jairaj, Sunder, Mohan Choti, Gulshan Baawra, Badri Prasad, Halam, Varalakshmi, Shreeram Shastri etc. The songs are penned by Rajinder Krishan, and the music is by RD Burman. The singing voice is that of Kishore Kumar.

In this film, Rajesh Khanna plays the role of a headstrong, Punjabi jaat truck driver, with an overplayed characterization. When this film reached the cinema halls, he already had about 15 hits under his belt from the previous three years. And the same year, 10 more of his films were to hit the silver screen, including another truck driver saga – ‘Dushman’. Given the likes of ‘Amar Prem’, ‘Baawarchi’, ‘Mere Jeevan Saathi’, ‘Joru Ka Ghulam’ and ‘Dushman’, the film ‘Shehzaada’ kind of got lost under the more prominent hits for Rajesh that year.

This song is special in a way. The song represents the persona of Rajesh at that point in time, when he was at the height of his ‘Superstardom’. The actions and gestures are highly emphasized, the mannerism oozes with self-importance, and of course, the words are used to accentuate his proclamation of himself as a ‘Shehzaada’. Quiet a close representation of the state of mind of Rajesh Khanna, of that particular period. It is both a pleasure and an education to watch Rajesh perform this song.

thhokar mein hai meri saara zamaana
bahaaron se pochho meri kahaani
nazzaaron se poochho mera fasaana

The world is a pebble
At the toes of my shoes
Ask from the spring,
Ask from these vistas
The saga (of my life)

hum ne duniya mein aa ke bas do hi to kaam kiye
yaar se to yaari nibhaayee,
badle dushman se khoob liye
seekhaa hai hum ne jal ke jalaana
thhokar mein hai meri saara zamaana

In this world,
After coming here
There is just two principles I followed
Been a true friend, to the true friends
But always exacted my revenge from the enemies
(And yes)
The world is a pebble, at the toes of my shoes

sab ki sun li lekin kiyaa wohi jo mann mein aaya
phoolon se bach kar nikle
aur kaanton ko galey lagaaya
isi liye duniyaa ne shezaada maana
thhokar mein hai meri saara zamaana

(The good thing is)
Listen to everyone, all suggestions
But then choose your path
As your heart guides you
(I would)
Avoid the fragrant flowers
And embrace the thorns (whom everyone shuns)
So now you know why
This world acknowledges me
As a true prince
(But still)
I keep this world
To be a pebble, at the toes of my shoes



Song-Thhokar mein hai meri saara zamaana (Shehzaada)(1972) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-R D Burman


thhokar mein hai meri saara zamaana
bahaaron se poochho meri kahaani
nazzaaron se poochho mera fasaana
nazzaaron se poochho mera fasaana
thhokar mein hai meri saara zamaana
bahaaron se poochho meri kahaani
nazzaaron se poochho mera fasaana
thhokar mein hai meri saara zamaana

hum ne
duniya mein aa ke
bas do hi to kaam kiye
hum ne
duniya mein aa ke
bas do hi to kaam kiye
yaar se to
yaari nibhaayee
badle dushman se
khoob liye
seekhaa hai hum ne jal ke jalaana
seekhaa hai hum ne jal ke jalaana
thhokar mein hai meri saara zamaana
bahaaron se poochho meri kahaani
nazzaaron se poochho mera fasaana
nazzaaron se poochho mera fasaana
thhokar mein hai meri saara zamaana
thhokar mein hai meri saara zamaana

la la lalla lalla lallaa
la lall laa
sab ki
sun li lekin
kiyaa wohi jo
mann mein aaya
sab ki
sun li lekin
kiyaa wohi jo
mann mein aaya
phoolon se
bach kar nikle
aur kaanton ko
galey lagaaya
isi liye duniyaa ne shezaada maana
isi liye duniyaa ne shezaada maana
oyi oyi oyi
thhokar mein hai meri saara zamaana
bahaaron se pochho meri kahaani
nazzaaron se poochho mera fasaana
nazzaaron se poochho mera fasaana
thhokar mein hai meri saara zamaana
thhokar mein hai meri saara zamaana

12 Responses to "Thhokar mein hai meri saara zamaanaa"

Thank you, Sudhirji – I was thinking of writing a post for Rajesh Khanna myself but could not bring myself to do one. My heart is still coping with the news of his death – you know I’ve written a few posts of his songs here, he was a big part of my early years. Have been listening to a lot of his songs in the last couple of days.

Last night I wanted to release some of my pent-up emotions (not good to keep feelings bottled up!), so I wrote a post on my blog about him. In case you are interested in reading it, and have the time…

One of these days, I will write-up a song for him here. Maybe just use this blogpost as the basis. It after all has my thoughts and memories from my childhood about him.


Raja ji
Thanks for the link to the excellent post.

Aapne meri aankhein nam kar dee.

I especially liked Rajesh Khanna ji`s excellent performance in
Aapki Kasam, One can not imagine other than Rajesh Khanna ji in sucha a difficult and complicated role. Only Rajesh khanna can do such a role.
Kal saara din, Rajeshjiji`s aapki kasam *scenes, kept on coming to me,I don`t know why??(*sitting near window of the moving train with his hands on lips(from aapki kasam song -Zindagi ke safar mein guzar jaate hain jo muqaam…woh phir nahin aate) The sad feeling continues till today…..eventhough I don`t know him.

I again loved him in Amrit, Palkon ki chhaaon mein, Bawarchi,
Red Rose,Dushman(1971-He is very good in it),Roti, Dhanwan(1981)AmarDeep(1979)Naukri(1978)
Tyaag(1977)PremKahaani(my favourite movie),
Namak Haraam,Khamoshi(1969)



Raja ji,

What lovely reminiscence, loved to read your post. Thanks.

Here is a link to an ages old documentary-cum-interview from BBC. The time when Namakharaam and Aap Ki Kasam were on studio floors. A rare treat, and a must watch.



And this is going to get ugly……..

It is a known fact that the Bollywood’s first superstar, who has left behind a rich legacy, enjoyed a huge female following.

Anita Adwani has been his close companion for many years. They had known each other since childhood and rekindled their friendship around eight years back. Both were often spotted together at his mansion Aashirwad. Anita had confessed about their relationship to the media even before, stating that they shared a strong bond even if they weren’t married.

The legendary actor married actress Dimple Kapadia in 1973 and separated in 1984. They did not complete divorce proceedings.

The latest news is that Anita has sent the Khanna clan a legal notice in order to safeguard against her possible eviction from Aashirwad.

The 69-year-old actor breathed his last at his Aashirwad home in Bandra, Mumbai, on Wednesday following a prolonged illness. The Late superstar’s bungalow will reportedly be converted into a museum as per his daughters’ wish.

“Yes, there are plans to convert Aashirwad into a museum, but nothing has been finalised yet. The family members will take the decision after Rajesh Khanna’s ‘chautha’. It’s his daughters Twinkle and Rinke’s wish to do so,” a source close to Rajesh Khanna’s family told IANS on condition of anonymity. “It will be called Rajesh Khanna Museum and his precious things will be kept in the museum,” added the source.

Advani claimed that the Khanna clan is isolating her. According to sources, Anita tried to climb into the vehicle carrying Kaka’s body, but Akshay Kumar didn’t let her in. With Anita Adwani demanding a share of the Late actor’s property, we can expect more mudslingings in the future.


It’s really ugly. Ab dekhna- sachha tamasha ab chaloo hoga. Fight for the wealth between near and dear ones. God knows who was suppose to be near to him and who was dear to him. “Chautha” karte hain ki marne waalon ki aatman ko shaanti mile lekin soch itni simit hai ki bhul jaate hain ke Chautha hone ke baad bhi usko dukh hota hai. Kya fark padta hai ab, jab zinda tha tab dukh denewale ab kya/kyun sochenge. Sorry, just got emotional. Humko yahan itni updated news nahin milti TV channel pe, lekin after looking at his last few months pictures, you feel so sad. Ek zamaane mein jisne ladkiyon ko paagal kiya tha, uski ye dasha?


Sorry Sudhirji, Aapka sukriya karna bhul gayi. Got very emotional writing previous comment to dimaag se nikal gaya. So truely said, Anand mara nahin, anand marte nahin. Meena Kumari had said, Cancerwaalon ke dard ke ahsaas se bhi behtar ada ki hai usne. Thanks again.


Khyatiji, thats what i was writing in another post also, by putting his video clips. Just a few years ago he was looking completely healthy when he got lifetime achievement award. And no family was around! And now they are all back! Even though RK didnt make a hit movie in past 25 yrs or so, he still made tons of money and had invested very smartly in real estate, etc from what I heard. So couple of years ago in 2009 or 2010 when he decided to sell some of this property, he ended up paying more taxes than Shahrukh/Salman/Aamir/Saif combined! And thats what some people say, is the reason Dimple never divorced him, while she was openly romancing (in US/Canada/Europe) Sunny Deol. Amitabh wrote a moving tribute, but he confessed last time he saw RK was when he presented him that award. I know Khanna alienated a lot of folks back in his days, the stories of him taking his entire group of chamchas on his honeymoon and so on, still I feel he deserved a better end. Family is not even allowing doctors to release the medical reports on the real cause of death. Just hope it doesnt get too worse now that he is not even around anymore.


Some more thoughts on Rajesh Khanna, not so much as a filmstar as a person.



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