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Jabse dekha hai tumhe

Posted on: July 20, 2012

“Dil Aakhir Dil Hai” (1982) came at a time when I was on the verge of irreversibly losing track of Hindi movies. In fact I was not even aware of this movie till I was sent the lyrics of this song by Prakashchandra.

This movie was a Bunty Enterprises/Nagdevta Films production. It was produced by M S Gulati and Esmayeel Shroff. The movie had Rakhee Gulzar, Parveen Babi, Naseeruddin Shah,Jalal Agha, Rehman, A.K.Hangal, Dina Pathak, Dinesh Hingoo, Krishan Dhawan, Shammi, Leela Mishra, Ramesh Tiwari, Asha Sharma, Lalita Kumari, Amarnath, Murad, Paintal etc in it.

Today (20 july) is the birthday of Naseeruddin Shah (DOB 20 july 1950). On this occasion here is a song from “Dil Aakhir Dil Hai” (1982). The song is sung by Lata and Suresh Wadkar. The song is picturised on Parveen Babi and Naseeruddin Shah. Looking at the picturisation, I initially thought that the duo make an odd looking couple, but then I thought that it is only the lady who is required to look pretty, why bother about the looks of the gentleman. Plain looking gentlemen also have feelings and they too have the right to covet pretty ladies.

Nida Fazli is the lyricist and music is composed by Khayyam.

Prakshchandra, who sent me the lyrics of this song informed me that the video of the song missed one stanza. The audio contained the full song but it was not available. Good news ! Here is the full audio version of the song too. This song is “new” for me and I loved listening to it. I am sure other music lovers will also enjoy listenin to this song.

Audio (Full)

Video (Partial)

Song-Jabse dekha hai tumhen (Dil Aakhir Dil Hai)(1982) Singers-Lata, Suresh Wadkar, Lyrics-Nida Fazli, MD-Khayyam

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

aa ha aa haa
aa haa laalaaa
ho o o
ho o o
ho o o

jabse dekha hai tumhein
aisa lagta hai mere
khwaab ki taabeer ho tum
mere dil mein jo chhupi thi
wohi tasveer ho tum

jabse dekha hai tumhein
aisa lagta hai mere
haath ki tehreer ho tum
mere dil mein jo chhupi thi
wohi tasveer ho tum

har ujaale mein
mehakti si
tumhaari khushboo
tum wohi ho
jo chamakti si
sitaaron ki tarah

main toh jiss raah se
guzri hoon
tumhein paayaa hai
tum mujhe
dekhte rehte the
nazaaron ki tarah
jabse dekha hai tumhein
aisa lagta hai mere
khwaab ki taabeer ho tum
mere dil mein jo chhuppi thi
wohi tasveer ho tum

champayee aankhon mein
khilthe huye
neendon ke kanwal
jism ke loch mein tanhaayee
ghazal gaati hai

tumne kuchch aisi
nigaahon se mujhe
dekhaa hai
saari duniyaa
mere qadmon mein
jhukee jaati hai
jabse dekha hai tumhein
aisa lagtaa hai mere
khwaab ki taabeer ho tum
mere dil mein jo chhupi thi
wohi tasveer ho tum

pyaar koshish se
nahin miltaa
zamaane mein kabhi
aap hi aap
koyee dil mein
utar aataa hai

jab bhi do khwaab
kissi mod pe
mil jaate hain
har andhere mein
ujaalaa saa
bikhar jaataa hai
jabse dekha hai tumhein
aisa lagtaa hai mere
khwaab ki taabeer ho tum
mere dil mein jo chhupi thi
wohi tasveer ho tum
jabse dekha hai tumhein
aisa lagtaa hai mere
khwaab ki taabeer ho tum
mere dil mein jo chhupi thi
wohi tasveer ho tum

4 Responses to "Jabse dekha hai tumhe"

for that matter the pairing of Rakhee with Naseeruddin Shah was looking odd in the movie. probably we were used to seeing him as a farmer or downtrodden or the “Aakrosh”ed vakil or whatever. but we cudn’t imagine seeing Naseer singingf that too with glamourous Parveen. no wonder the movie is seen only on ZEE-classic ka re runs!!!!


Oh my God


That`s a Blog Anniversary GIFT to me.
Thanks and many many thanks again.
Kabhie aapse personally milaa toh main aapko bataaoongaa ke aapko main kitnaa OWE karthaa hoon.

Your this gesture (of uploading of full audio version) touched my heart, REALLY, I mean it.

There is a certain pleasant stillness(Thehraav) in the voice of Suresh wadkar & lataji and in the slow flow of Khayyamji`s music,in this song.

Pehle main Iss film ka Title gaane(“Dil aakhir dil hai, kissko sunaayein haal-e-dil)(Jo Lataji and Bhupinder Singh ji ke voice mein seperate version mein hain)ka lyrics bhejnaa chaahtaa tha, par youtube mein Title gaane ka Lataji ka version ka video tak nahin tha, audio ki baat toh door.
Par Bhupinderji ka version ka, Recording studio singing video clip(uploaded by T.series people)tha, jo mujhe utnaa teek nahin lagaa. Youtube mein Bhupinderji ke title gaane ka audio link yaa video clip bhi nahin tha. Phir main socha kyon na iss gaane ki lyrics bhejoo ??, jo mera aur ek favourite duet gaanaa hai(main Suresh wadkar ka bahut bada fan hoon)

Eventhough the music of this song is very good, Picture nahin chalne ke kaaran, iss ke gaane bhi dab se gaye. Par sabhi gaane iss movie ke achche hain.

Iss movie mein Jo Raakhiji ke shaadi nahin hone ke wajah se(jisski umr dhalne ke kaaran, unnko suitable groom nahin milta hai)majboori mein Naseeruddin ko Raakhee ke saath byaah karna padtha hai. Par shaadi materialise nahin hota,reason-> Naseer Raakhee ji ko kabhi wife ki najariye se dekhthe hi nahin hain. Tab unnki dosti aur pyaar Parveen ke saath hoti hai… and the story goes on. Aakhir Parveen bhi Naseer ko chhod deti hai, Naseer phir se Raakhi ji ke paas aate hain. Teek tarhaa se story yaad aa nahin rahee.Sorry.

Regards and love you as always


I became aware of the song after you sent me the lyrics. So I should thank you for making me aware of this song.


video link


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