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Kaanton mein rehne waale kaanton se kyaa darenge

Posted on: September 20, 2012

“Matlabi Duniya”(1961) must be one of the more obscure movies of all time. Little information is available about this movie. It was a Chetna Production movie. It was directed by Radhakant M Thakore and the movie had Damuanna, Anant Kumar, Asha, Satish Vyas, Dhumal. I am not aware who are Asha and Damunna in the cast.

The songs of this movie are just as obscure. Here is a song from this movie. The song is sung by Mukesh. Lyrics by Ramesh Gupta are quite nice and express the feelings of a sufferer quite eloquently. I will suffer silently but will not betray my suffering to others, so that people will not have the opportunity to derive sadistic pleasure out of my suffering- that is the theme of this song.

The movie apparently had two music directors, viz Jayanti Joshi and Shashank Bannerji. Did they compose music of this movie as a duo or separately. Was Jayanti Joshi a female music director ? Questions, questions.

I request our knowledgeable readers to throw more light on this movie as well on the song and the music director of this song.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Khyati Bhatt.

Song-Kaanton mein rehne waale kaanton se kya darenge (Matlabi Duniya)(1961) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Ramesh Gupta, MD-Jayanti Joshi

LyricsProvided by Khyati Bhatt)

kaanton mein rehne waale
kaanton se kya darenge
kaanton mein rehne waale
kaanton se kya darenge
hans hans ke aafaton ka
hum saamna karenge
hans hans ke aafaton ka
hum saamna karenge
kaanton mein rehne waale

har haal mein khush hoon main
kuchh bi nahin kehna hai
jis haal mein rakhhe tu
us haal mein rehna hai
minnat nahi karenge
hum se na tu ye kehna
o aasmaan waale
gaflat mein tu na rehna
tere hi faisle ko
manzoor hum karenge
tere hi faisle ko
manzoor hum karenge
kaanton mein rehne waale

thhokaren kha kha ke ik din
in in in
khaak mein mil jaayenge
par tere zulm o sitam
hum na zubaan par laayenge
marna to ek din hai
darne se faaydaa kyaa
shikwaa gilaa kisi ka
karne se faayda kyaa
rakhha hai soch hamne
hanste huye marenge
rakhha hai soch hamne
hanste huye marenge
kaanton mein rehne waale
kaanton se kya darenge
hans hans ke aafaton ka
hum saamna karenge
hans hans ke aafaton ka
hum saamna karenge
kaanton mein rehne waale

7 Responses to "Kaanton mein rehne waale kaanton se kyaa darenge"

Mukesh in all his glory. Very Rich and Deep expression.


Nice song, tune is similar to ‘Parwar digaar aalam’ of ‘Hatimtai’.


‘Matlabi Duniya’ was flop film of its time; but some songs, sung by Mukesh are still remembered. The most famous song was ‘Matlab ki duniya sari, yahah koi kisi ka yaar Nahin, kisi ko sachcha pyar nahin..’.
Actor Damua Anna Malavankar was a popular Marathi actor. I’d not seen the movie, so I am not sure, which Ashah acted in it, but I think this Asha must be another famous Marathi actress, who had also acted as Vandana in some Hindi films (including ‘Navrang’) during that period.
Composer Jayanti Joshi (Male) was a famous Gujarati composer. He had given music to some famous Gujarati folk songs too.
Kavi Ramesh Gupta had a long time in Hindi/ Gujarati films. He had written the songs of old ‘Ram Rajya’ (1943) too! ‘Bharat ki Sannari ki hum katha sunate hain..’ of Ram Rajya is still famous. The pair of Ramesh Gupta- Jayanti Joshi had also given a famous Gujarati non filmi song ‘Jai Gujarat’ in 1960.


Thanks a lot for these details.


Atul ji,
Jayanti bhai Joshi was from Gujarat.he was called to Bombay to give music to film CHETANA,but the film did not get released.He was one of the 4 composers in MATLABI DUNIYA-1961.The other 3 were-sushant Bannerji,Bharat Mehta and Verma.The above song,however is composed by Jayanti bhai only.
There is a very comic and interesing song on Mukesh-the singer in this film sung by Sulochana chavan and chorus”-Hamko India bahot pasand,yahan hamara favourite singer Handsome singer Mukesh Chandra……” This song was composed by Sushant banerjee.
I think this song needs to be on this Blog.


Thanks for these details.




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