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Ab mushqil hai phir se milna

Posted on: October 6, 2012

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Lesser known singers- Singer 1 (Ashima Bannerji)

In Mahabharat, there is a story that Ghatotkach-son of Bheem- created a Mayanagari, in which everything looked real, but it was all imaginary. In India too BOMBAY was a Mayanagari for those who thought that life was beautiful and enjoyable there and that every happiness is available here. Millions of people came to Bombay with dreams in their eyes, but not all were able to fulfil their Dreams. Very few- the lucky and fortunate ones- could achieve their goals in life here.

BOMBAY Film Industry was a Mayanagari. It lured one and all. Only a few could make it big in this ‘Make believe’ world of Cinema. Actors, Directors, Musicians, Technicians-all and sundry came here to try their luck.

1950 to 1970 was the Golden Era of Hindi Film Music. During this period, there was a deluge of Singers and Musicians from all over the country to the Bombay Film Industry to try their luck.

We are going to take a look at a few such singers, who attempted to establish themselves as singers here. They had limited success. May be they ran out of their luck, may be their efforts were not enough or may be they were just not fit for a ‘Long Race’. After singing a few songs in films, they just faded away and today are not remembered by many. Some of the songs came to their way were really good, but……….

I would like to acknowledge that I have collected information for this series from ,”Swaron ki Yatra”, ” Dhunon ki Yatra “, ” Voh Bhooli Dastan “, “Rahen na rahen hum “, “Listeners’ Bulletins, HFGK, and many articles from various periodicals. Thanks to all of them for the series.

The first in this series is ASHIMA BANERJEE.

Ashima was born in East Bengal (now Bangla Desh) in 1936, but like many middle class Bengali families , her family too shifted to Calcutta. Ashima got Postgraduate training in classical music from Gyanprakash Ghosh and others. She came to Bombay at the age of 18 years, where her Mama was working as a technician in Ranjit studio. She got her first break in Ranjit’s “BAHADUR” (1953). She sang 2 solos and a duet with Rafi. Surprisingly for a new comer, she got 4 more films in 1953 itself-Footpath, Khoj, Gul Sanobar and Naina. However her good fortune did not last long and here future assignments dried up. She got 2 films in 54, 1 each in 55 and 56 and few more till 1963.

She got married to Alok Mukherjee in 1960 and later in 1965 settled in Calcutta where she worked as a Musician in A.I.R.

Her selective Filmography is Bahadur, Gul Sanober, Khoj, Naina, Saaya, Sultana Daku, Dhobi Doctor, Haar jeet, jungle ka Jaadu, Flying Horse etc.

She sang with Rafi, Talat, Shankar Dasgupta, Geeta Dutt, Chandbala, Ira Mujumdar, Asha etc.

Here is a duet song sung by her with Talat from the film “Saaya” (1961). This movie was a BNT Films, Bombay presentation. It was directed by Sr Ram. The movie had Nasir Khan,Nigar Sultana, Madan Puri, Helen,Chitra etc. Ram Ganguly was the music director. The movie had three lyricists in it, namely Khawar Zamaan, S H Bihari and Verma Malik. Verma Malik is the lyricist for this particular song.

Song-Ab mushqil hai phir se milna (Saaya)(1961) Singers-Ashima Bannerji, Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-Verma Malik, MD-Ram Ganguly


ab mushqil hai phir se milna
tum bhool jaao to achcha hai
bhool jaao to achcha hai
o o o o
o o o o
o o o o
kisi bhoolne waale saathi ko
na yaad aao to achcha hai
na yaad aao to achcha hai

o o o o
o o o o
o o o o
hamne to jaan lada di lekin
apne bas ki baat na thhi
hamne to jaan lada di lekin
apne bas ki baat na thhi
taqdeer ke bas mein thha sab kuchh
taqdeer hamaare saath na thhi
in palkon mein aansoo ban ban ke gar na aao to achcha hai
na aao to achcha hai
o o o o o
o o o o o
mile bhi na thhe
bichchad gaye
ye afsaana thha khatm huaa
mile bhi na thhe
bichchad gaye
ye afsaana thha khatm huaa
jitni bhi thhandi aahen bharin
utna hi gehra zakhm huaa
ik dard bhare zakhmi dil ko
na tadpaao to achcha hai
na tadpaao to achcha hai

o o o o o
o o o o o

3 Responses to "Ab mushqil hai phir se milna"

It is a great idea about starting a series of articles on lesser known singers of Hindi film industry.
Looking forward to such articles in this blog.

Thanks for making us know about Ashima Bannerji.


Sounds like bit of Lata


audio :


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