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Haaye re naa maaro

Posted on: October 24, 2012

Today (24 october) is the birth anniversary of Jeevan, one of the major villains of Hindi movies from 1950s to 1970s.

Villains of Hindi movies typically concentrated on torturing the lead actors rather than lip syncing songs, and so there may not be too many songs that could be said to be picturised on them.

Here is a song from “Garam Masala” (1972) where Jeewan is seen torturing Hema Malini into singing and dancing. Now we know where Gabbar Singh got his idea from to make Hema Malini dance in “Sholay” (1975). 🙂

“Garam Masala” (1972) was a Balaji Kala mandir production movie. It was produced by C Mohan and directed by Aspi Irani. The movie had Mehmood, Aruna Irani, Jeevan, Anwar Hussain, Amithabh Bachchan,Hema Malini, Bindu, Yashraj,Maqsood, Raj Kishore,Lala Nazir, Mini Mahmood, Babbanlal Yadav, Polson, Sheikh, Tuntun, Jeetendra, Yusuf Khan, Ashok Kumar, Anjana Mumtaz etc in it.

The song is sung by Asha Bhonsle and it is picturised on Hema Malini and Jeewan, among others.

Majrooh Sultanpuri is the lyricist. Music is composed by R D Burman.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.

This song happens to be the 600th song of Majrooh Sultanpuri as a lyricist in this blog.



Song-Haaye re na maaro (Garam Masala)(1972) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Jeevan, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-R D Burman

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

Haaye re
na maaro
maaro na re
haa aaaaa
haaye re
naa maaro

haaye re
naa maaro
ho o
haaye re
naa maaro
bebas hoon main
bebas ki laaj se haaye khelnaa
achcha nahin zaalimaa
aaa aaa aaa
haaye re
naa maaro
maaro naa re
maaro naa re
haaye re
naa maaro

thaam rahaa hai
meri kalaayee
par ye mujhko bataa re
ae ae
haa aaaa
ha aaa
meri jagah
koyee behan hoti
kyaa teri paapi
yehi lagan hoti

haa haa haa haa haa haa haa

(sobbing sound)
haaye re
naa maaro
maaro naa re
maaaro naa re
haaye re
naa maaro

qaabu tere
aaoongi nahin
chaahe maar bhi daale ae ae
mere peechhe
andhaa kiss qadar hai tu
aadmi nahin re
jaanwar hai tu

haa haa haa haa haa haa haa haa
haa haa haa haa haaa

(sobbing sound)
haaye re
naa maaro
maaro naa re
maaro naa re
haaye re
na maaro
na na na na
na na na na

4 Responses to "Haaye re naa maaro"

Atul ji,
GARAM MASALA-1972 was a story set in some kingdom.The producer of this film was C.Mohan and the Director was Aspi Irani.
Aspi Irani was an important director from the early films.His full name was ASPANDIAR HORMUSJI IRANI.He was born in the Parsi colony Panch Gardens in Dadar,Bombay on 8-10-1911. He started work in the film industry after he completed his secondary schooling and as all parsis are,due to his hard work,he soon attained a top rank in the Industry.He started directing films from 1936,the early Talkie stage,when the influence of Parsi Theatre,fantasies and dramas on folklore was the staple of stunt films.All such films had a basic structure and with a little changes here and there new films hit the screens.
There was a fixed audience for such films,but as the time went by,slowly the taste of the audience changed.However Aspi irani continued with his style till the end.He did direct few social films also but the handling of social films had a clear stamp of Aspi’s direction.
He must have directed about 50-55 films till the early 80s.
On a fine morning on 3rd November 1986,Aspi left his home in the morning for work and never ever returned.No one knows what happened to him.Since then there was no trace of this man and officially he was declared ‘missing since 23-11-1986’. What an end to a legend !
The MD for this film was R.D.Burman with 3 assistants,Basu Manohari,Basu Chakraborty and maruti Rao.There were only 5 songs in the film.
A very interesting point about this film was that there were as many as 6 (Six) guest artists,who went Uncredited,but did small roles.One will be surprised to see these names-
Amitabh Bachchan( as Robert Taylor),Hema Malini( as Didi),Jeetendra as Jeetu,Anjana Mumtaj as Chameli,Ashok Kumar and Yunus khan as Motu.
There was also a long list of comedians-Mehmood as the hero,Tun Tun as his Mother Queen,Polson,Rajkishore,Babban Yadav as Bhootnikey.
Despite all this,the film flopped without a trace.The main reason was the taste of audience had changed and they could not digest Aspi’s “Raja-Rani-Vazir-Masked man” stuff at all.
Capt.Kishore Chandra(Jeevan) is an evil Army Commander who rules in absence of the ‘lost in jungle’ king,as the prince is also young( 25 years).He wants a certain Gypsy girl Didi(hema Malini).He brings her with her father and tortures them till she committs suicide.Her younger sister Jugnu(Aruna Irani) decides to take revenge and learns fighting from Robert Taylor(Big B ).
She dons a male attire and as a masked man troubles Capt.Kishore.She can not kill him,instead she is captured and exposed and imprisoned with her father.Another Masked Man comes and rescues her.He is actually the young handsome singing,dancing Prince Suraj kumar who loves Jugnu. Jugnu and Suraj kumar,with the help of their many (funny) friends,kill Capt.kishor,locate the King and establish a sort of Ram Rajya.
This type of film came in 1972 when the audience was lapping up films like Seeta aur Geeta,piya ka Ghar,Raja Jani,mere apne,Bombay to Goa, and many such films.No wonder that happened what it deserved !


Thanks a lot for these details.




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