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Aaj dil pe koi zor chalta nahin

Posted on: October 25, 2012

This musical bandwagon continues to roll on unabated (touchwood !) and we continue to pass milestones at regular intervals.

Century of songs is the most basic and common kind of milestone for this song. In the earlier days of the blog, we just counted the number of songs posted in the day and every 100th song was a cause for celebration.

With time, some features were added in the blog based on suggestion by the regulars of this blog. One such addition was the “stats page”. One spinoff of this starts page was that we began to notice artists (singers/ lyricists/ music directors) too reaching their centuries of songs in the blog. We began to celebrate these centuries by the artists too.

With the passage of some more time, another feature got added to the blog. Regulars began to participate actively by sending me lyrics of songs as well as writeups. As the number of such contributions grew, soo these contributors too began to notch their own centuries in the blog.

To summarise things, this blog so far had 68 centuries, whereas 54 artists have scored 55 centuries (one artist scoring centuries in two categories). As for contributors, we had a few contributions even in the earlier days, but it became a regular feature only from 2011 onwards. During less than two years since contributors joined in, we already have as many as seven centurion contributors ! All the contributors have together contributed well over two thousand two hundred songs underling the fact that this blog has now become a realtime online collaboration.

The artists as well as the cotributors do not stop at the 100 songs mark but many of them go on to notch multiple centuries as well ! We have as many as 27 artists and six contributors who are multiple centurions in the blog !

This song celebrates two centuries. This song is the 6900th song in the blog. This song is also the 400th lyrics contribution by Prakashchandra, who is easily the most prolific lyrics contributor to this blog. I take this opportunity to thank Prakashchandra on my behalf as well as on behalf of everyone. 400 quality songs, with lyrics as well as invaluable information about the songs. Prakashchandra would even tell us the difference in lyrics between the audio version and the video version. Prakashchandra would very seriously get worried if a version of the song had a few lines missing in it and he would point it out while sending me the lyrics.

I am sure that Prakashchandra will continue to entrall us with his lyrics contributions as well as other informations. In fact I already have a huge backlog of Prakashchandra’s lyrics lyying with me which I try to clear, though not with much success. 🙂

The song under discussion is one that is quite a special song indeed. This song was sent to me long back and I liked this song so much that I kept holding it back for some special occasion. This song is just as apecial as they come and it is just the right moment for me to discuss this song.

This song is from “Milan” (1967). As many as five songs from this movie have been discussed and that include such memorable songs as Bol gori bol tera kaun piyaa, Ham tum yug yug se ye geet milan ke, Mubaarak ho sabko samaan ye suhaanaa , Saawan ka maheena pawan kare sor) and Tohe saanwariyaa naahi khabariyaa (Milan) .

The song under discussion is one that does not even figure in the movie. Yes,neither I nor Prakashchandra recalls having seen the picturisation of this song. So this leads one to believe that this song was excluded from the movie. If that is indeed the case then this song joins the ranks of those awesome songs that were excluded from the movie for one reason or the other.

What a fantastic song it is ! It could well have been one of the more popular songs of this movie had it been retained in the movie. But then that is how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

This song is sung by Lata. Anand Bakshi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal.

This century took me 19 days, which was slower than the usual pace of 15-16 days for a blog century. But let us at least be thankful that the blog is going on and on, even if the pace sometimes slackens for some important and unavoidable reasons. Spending some time with family during the festival season was the resaon why this century took a bit longer.

With 6900 songs behind us, 7000 is within touching distance. Hopefully we will reach there soon enough and will continue to reach newer milestones.

I take this opportunity to thank one and all for their continued support and encouragement. I, as well as several other regulars realise that our online collaboration may one day amount to something really worthwhile and important with passage of time. Let us hope that our journey together will continue to be enjoyable, informative and extremely rewarding for all of us.

Song-Aaj dil pe koi zor chalta nahin (Milan) (1967) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


Aaj dil pe koi zor chalta nahin
muskuraane lage thhey,
magar ro pade
aaj dil pe koi zor chalta nahin
muskuraane lage thhey,
magar ro pade
roz hi ki tarah,
aaj bhi dard ko,
hum chupaane lage thhey
magar ro pade
magar ro pade

aur ab kya kahen,
kya hua hai hamen
tum to ho bekhabar
hum bhi anjaan hain
bus ye hi jaan lo,
to bahut ho gaya
hum bhi rakhte hain dil,
hum bhi insaan hain
mukhuraate huye,
hum bahaana koi,
phir banaane lage thhey
magar ro pade
aaj dil pe koi zor chalta nahin
muskuraane lage thhey
magar ro pade
magar ro pade

hain sitaare kahaan,
itne aakaash par
har kisi ko
agar ek sitaara mile
kasthiyon ke liye
ye bhanwar bhi to hai
kyaa zaroori hai sabko kinaaraa mile
bas yehi sochke
hum bahe chain se,
doob jaane lage thhey
magar ro pade
aaj dil pe koi zor chalta nahin
muskuraane lage thhey
magar ro pade,
magar ro pade

umr bhar kaash hum ,
yoon hi rote rahe
aaj kyunke hamen ye huyee hai khabar
muskuraahat ki to koi keemat nahin
aansuon se huyee hai, hamaari kadar
baadalon ki tarah,
hum to barse bina
laut jaane lage thhey
magar ro pade
aaj dil pe koi zor chalta nahin
muskuraane lage thhey
magar ro pade,
magar ro pade

23 Responses to "Aaj dil pe koi zor chalta nahin"

Atul ji,
Congratulations for 69th Century of songs/Lyrics on the Blog.
I can say confidently,that this must be easily the biggest
‘Storehouse ‘ of quality songs,on the Internet.
Now,waiting anxiously for the mega Century -7000 !


Prakashchandra ji,

Thanks and congratulations on achieving 4 th century of Lyrics.
Indeed,you have been the continuous source of lovely songs
on this Blog lately.
I appreciate your committment and perseverence.



Hearty congrats for the incredible siddhi. Further you have been superb in identifying nameless characters with uncanny precision. We know you will be there for us and you have never failed us. Bravo.
Congrats. Looking forward to bigger milestone awaiting all of us. Thanks



Hearty congratulations for achieving 400 filled with unique songs.
For me, some of your choices of songs brought me out of the temporary amnesia 🙂

Congratulations for yet another century, The next one is an important milestone.


Great! 6900 now…congrats, Atul! And congrats to Prakashchandraji also for reaching the 400 milestone.
Now 7000 is indeed very close.

This is a lovely song from a movie which is full of lovely songs.


Prakash ji

What a remarkable milestone – 400 lyrics contributions and going strong.

Congratulations and thanks for all the songs you are adding to this blog.

Arun ji,
Wonderful and consistent – the progress of the blog is moving on its rhythm incessantly. Your effort is unparalleled and unmatchable. I am proud to be associated with this effort.

Thanks again to both of you, and also the entire contributing team.



Sudhir ji,
You really meant Atul ji, isn’t it ?


Thanks for the correction Arunji. Yes, I meant to write Atul ji. 🙂

Aap dono ke naam itne close sounding hain, ke jaldi mein kabhi sochta ek naam hoon aur likh doosra deta hoon. Aur sahi bhi hai . . . 🙂



Atul-ji, badhaai ho! May this blog go on and on and on and on!
I was in the first year of college when ‘Milan’ released. It was a much awaited movie as ‘Sawan ka mahina….’ had alreasy become a hit even before the release of the movie. My friends and I went for the so called ‘first day-first show’ of ‘Milan’. And we had the unique honour of watching Jamuna singing this beautiful soulful number. For some mysterious reason, it vanished from the next day onward! Jamuna walked away with the Best Supporting Actress award that year at the Filmfare Awards function……


Congratulations on another milestone.

Prakashji, 400 lyric contributions, no mean feat, congratulations!!

Atul Ji, another 2 weeks and we will be celebrating the BIG 7 milestone :).


I have waited for the 6900 number to happen,until evening 4 or 5`o clock, and thought Atulji will post that 6900th song tomorrow early morning and didn`t visited the blog after that in the evening.
And now when I came, here is the 6900th song.

Atulji congratulations for 6900th song.

God bless our blog.

Atul ji,Arun ji,Sudhir ji,Sadanand ji,Raja ji Mani ji, Nitin ji,,Pradeep ji, Thank you for your encouraging words, unconditional love and support.
From night 11`o clock and to 12`o clock,Now It is a compulsive habit to sit and writing the lyrics .

School ki homework bhi main itni maze lekar aur itne devotion ke saath nahin kartaa thaa 🙂

1 month ago, when I lost Internet connectivity to the blog for 5 days, I felt ,How much I am attached to you guys. I missed you guys and the blog terribly. I love you all guys.

I have silently,learnt many things from all of you guys through your writings, thoughts.I owe many a things to this blog and you people.Really I mean it.

Meri likhaawat yaa kissee aur cheez se unconsciously, koyee bhool, chhook ho toh mujhe sabhi maaf kar do, Please..

Par itnaa pyaar hameshaa aap sab logon se miltaa rahe, yehi bhagwaan se main maangtaa hoon.

I will stop here itself otherwise I will go on and go on.



Hullo PCji
ab humare blog ki tarah aap bhi Tendulkar ho gaye. Congratulations. atulji ko toh alag se 7000 pe wish kar lenge bas do char din mein hi wahan pohunch jayenge..
it is indeed an achievement & it would ve been appropriate if atul had managed to put up that song from “Imaan Dharam” which you had requested ( isaw itt in the farmishes page)
congrtas PCji once again


Thank you Peevesie`s Mom ji
Aap sab logon ka saath milaa wohi mere liye badi baat hai, Iss se badhkar kuchch bhi nahin.



Sorry for the belated wish. I just saw the post. Congratulations on this milestone and thanks for all your hard work for all music lovers. Agla milestone bahut hi khaas hoga.
Congratulations! What a wonderful inning of 400 songs! Asha rakhti hoon ki aap aise hi apne sangeet ke gyaan roopi prakash se hum sab ko ujaala de te rehenge. Hope to see your quintuple century by the end of this year. 🙂


Thanks Khyati ji


Atulji aur PCji, congratulations!!


Thanks Aparna ji



@Shri.Prakash ji – Congratualtions Sir !!! lekin yeh dil abhi bhara nahin… isliye aap likhte rahiye .. bas likhte rahiye ga … ye hi iltija hai hamari.. aur dekhiye… ab main jyada emotional ho jaaoonga !!! waise bhi aap logon ke saanidhya mein aakar in ‘suron ke saagar’ mein main kho gaya hoon !!! feel myself fortunate to have blessed with peoples like you through this blog !!!
@ Shri.Atul ji – Congratulations again !! raat ko jaldi jaldi mein mail par hi aapko post ke saath hi ‘congrats’ kiya tha. lekin blog par comment karna rah gaya tha !!
@ To all our well wishers, contributors and readers of this blog ! Thank you all for your support and congratulations too !!! Please be there, many surprises still to come …


Thank you Avinash ji for the words full of affection and love.

Regards & Lot`s of love


PC, what a great contribution of 400 quality songs. A truly marvellous feat.
Sorry I’m late in congratulating you (as always).

Also, felicitations to the all the users of this blog on having reached the 6900 milestone.

Atul’s dedication can not be admired enough!


Thank you Atif ji
aap toh apne hain, deree kaisee ??




As per radio programme “Raag Anuraag” broadcasted by Vividh Bharthi radio station today,
this “Milan”->Lata Solo:”Aaj dil pe koyee, zor chalta nahin” is based on Classical raga :”CHAARUKESHI”, .

Hope I listened the name of raga correctly, because the broadcast was not very clear, If at all I am wrong, please knowledgeble people about classical raga, please correct me.


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