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Bahut din huye taaron ke desh mein

Posted on: November 8, 2012

“Anuradha” (1960) was an L B Films production. It was directed by Hrishikesh Mukherji. The movie had Balraj Sahni, Leela Naidu, Abhi Bhattacharya, Ranu, Nazir Hussain, Mukri, Asit Sen, Manav Chitnis, Bhudo Advani, Rashid Khan, Hari Shivdasani, Asim Kumar etc in it.

There were seven songs in “Anuradha” (1960). as many as six of these songs have already been discussed.

Here is the seventh and final song from this movie. The song is in two parts and so I wonder why they should not be treated as two version of the song and as such be treated as two separate songs, like what we have seen in case of other such songs.

The first part is sung by Mahendra Kapoor and Manna Dey. The second part is sung by Lata and Mahendra Kapoor.

Only the audio of this song is available and therefore it is difficult to tell how it is picturised and whether it is one full song. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw more light on this matter,

This “story” song is written by Shailendra. Music is composed by Pt Ravishankar.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.

With this song, all songs of “Anuradha” (1960) now appear in the blog.

Part I (Mahendra Kapoor- Manna Dey)

Audio – Part II (Lata-Mahendra Kapoor)

Video – Part II (Lata-Mahendra Kapoor)

Song-Bahut din huye taaron ke desh mein(Anuradha)(1960) Singer- Mahendra Kapoor, Manna Dey/Lata, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Ravishankar
Manna Dey + Chorus

Lyrics(Provided by Nitin Shah)

Part I
bahut din huye ae ae ae
taaron ke desh mein ae ae ae
chanda ki nagariya mein rehte thhe ek raja
aji rehte thhe ek raja
baj raha thhaa dur dur unki jai ka baajaa
aji unki jai ka baajaa
baithe thhe partaapi raja waise unki rani
haan waise unki rani
jaisaa roop rang paayaa waisi gyaani dhyaani
haan waisi gyaani dhyaani
dono ki dulaari ek bitiyaa thi pyaari
ik bitiyaa pyaari pyaari
phool jaisi naazuk thhi woh naam thhaa phool kumaari
ho naam thaa phool kumari

andhi taqdeer ne adher kiya bhaari
chheeni uske honthon se hansi woh pyaari pyaari
phool kumari bhool gayi hansna muskuraana
arre hansna muskuraana
loot liyaa bhaag ne
khushi ka woh khazaana
khushi ka woh khazaana
magar yeh kaun,
yeh kaisi aawaaz

leke dil ka saaz ham
geet gaane aa gaye

hey leke dil ka saaz ham
geet gaane aa gaye

hey hey hey hey hey hey
khil ke kaliyon ne kahaa
din suhaane aa gaye

khil ke kaliyo ne kahaa din suhaane aa gaye

gham ke baadal hatt gaye
khul gaya neela gagan

aaa aa aaa aaa
har kali ko pyaar se chhoo gayi suraj kiran
muskura lo jhoom lo o woh zamaane aa gaye
hey hey hey hey
leke dil ka saaz ham geet gaane aa gaye
khil ke kaliyon ne kahaa
din suhaane aa gaye

Part II

aa aa aaa
dar na
aa aaa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa

samaa albela din hain milan ke
preet leke aaye dekho meet mere mann ke
samaa albela din hain milan ke
preet leke aaye dekho meet mere mann ke
sama albela

piya-piya gaaye jiya naache mann moraa
piya-piya gaaye jiya naache mann moraa
meri unki jodi jaise chaand aur chakoraa
nainon mein chhupaaye phiroon sapne sajan ke
samaa albela
din hain milan ke
preet leke aaye dekho meet mere mann ke
sama albela

jinhe maine dil diya woh bhi rahe mere
jinhe maine dil diya woh bhi rahe mere
mann mein manaaun main saanjh aur savere
jeete ji na tootengi yeh bandhan jeevan ke
ho samaa albela
din hain milan ke
preet leke aaye dekho meet mere mann ke
sama albela

jaise unke achhe din phir se laut aaye
haan phir se laut aaye
malik aise sabki sune sabke din lautaaye
haan malik aise sabki sunle sabke din lautaaye
aha sabke din lautaaye
aha sabke din lautaaye
sabke din lautaaye

11 Responses to "Bahut din huye taaron ke desh mein"

Atul ji,
There are only 7 songs in ANURADHA,including these 2 versions.
I checked songs posted,with HFGK and I find that the song ” Dil se dil ka saaz” posted on 10-8-2010 does not feature in HFGK at all.I checked the Addenda,but there is no mention of this song having been removed from the film.
Then I checked the song on You Tube itself.It was hosted by Rajashri and they have not mentioned any details of singer,films etc.Only one viewer has commented that this song is from Anuradha.
There is no other evidence that this song belongs to Anuradha.If you see the song situation,King,Queen,court dancing etc, it does not fit into the story line of Anuradha.Further there is no song of Lata and Manna Dey in Anuradha.
All this leads me to think that this song may be from some other film.I checked the HFGK song list also.This song does not feature in the
1951-1960 period.
More probe is necessary to find out about “Dil se dil ka saaz” song.


Thanks for these details. If “Dil se dil ka saaz” does not belong to Anuradha and the two versions of “Bahut din huye” are treated as two songs then it adds up to 7 songs. But you have mentioned that Manna Dey and Lata have not sung songs in “Anuradha” (1960). But this song has the voiced of both of them in the song “Bahut din huye” which is very much a song of “Anuradha” (1960).


Atul ji,
This song also contains the voice of Mahendra Kapoor.I had meant only Manna and Lata.


Atul ji,

If you read the above song’s lyrics(posted today) you will find the same lyrics of the song posted as ‘Dil se dil ka saaz’ on 10-8-2010.
This means that both the songs are ONE only.
The VDO of the song posted on 10-8-2010 may be morphed with some other visuals.These things do happen on You Tube.


Thanks for this information.


Yes Arunji. I just checked my Anuradha CD. There are seven songs with above two songs counted separately. And as you have said, lyrics of songs ‘dil se dil ka saaz….’ is already there in the real song, posted today.


My two cents.

I do not think that the video of the song ‘dil se dil ka saaz’ (actually, it is ‘le ke dil ka saaz’) is morphed one. The lip syncs are perfect and the musical interludes matches with the musical instruments used during the picturisation of the song. The choreography of the song is a typical Sachin Shanker style if I go by his troupe’s dances seen on the TV in my younger days. He was the choreographer for the film.

Further, one can see Balraj Sahani in the audience. As far as I know, Balraj Sahani teamed with Leela Naidu only in ‘Anuradha’.



Le Ke Dil Ka (Dil Se Dil Ka), thats how the song starts in Manna Day’s voice, around 2:45, lata mangeshkar starts with Sama Albela….

So, the manna dey part in the beginning of the song wasnt credited it seems, making it look like a separate song.


Actually these two songs are from ‘Anuraadha ‘. It is some sort of Nrutynatya [ballet] performed by Anuradha [ Leela Naydu .] .Anuradha is a well known singer and dancer , and she invites Balraj Sahani to see her dance . Hence there is Balraj in the audience . This nrutynaty depicts the story of a king and his beautiful daughter [ played by Leela Naydu ]. It is very much in the style of Sachin Shankar troupe as mentioned by Mr. Kamath.


Here’s the entire ‘nritya natika’ from Anuradha.At the beginning of the ballet,you can see actor David announcing which confirms it is from the same movie.


Yes, it’s true. The song and dance drama starts with ‘bahut din hue taaro ke desh me’ by Mahendra Kapoor ,
followed by ‘leke dil kaa saaz ham git gaane aa gaye’ sung by Manna Dey
and then ‘samaa alabelaa din hai milan ke’ by Lata Mangeshkar.
So in all it is one song punctuated by dialogues and sung by different singers shown as a dance ballad.


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