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Pyaar ka saagar dekha hai kisi ke chanchal nainon mein

Posted on: November 9, 2012

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

One more century we celebrate today. This post is the 300th song composed by music director Ravi, to adorn the pages of this blog.

Is there any wedding that is ever complete without the band playing “Aaj Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai” (‘Aadmi Sadk Ka’, 1977), and “Mera Yaar Banaa Hai Dulha” (‘Chaudhvin Ka Chaand’, 1960)? Or is there any program of children that ever complete without once listening to “Chanda Mama Door Ke. . .”(‘Vachan’, 1955) or “Tim Tim Karte Taare” (‘Chiraag Khahaan Roshini Kahaan’, 1959)? Or is there a romantic who has never whispered “Chaudhvin Ka Chaand Ho Ya Aaftaab Ho”(‘Chaudhvin Ka Chaand’, 1960) to his beloved? Or is there a selection of haunting melodies ever considered complete without including “Ae Mere Dil e Nadaan, Tu Gham Se Na Ghabraana”(‘Tower House’, 1962), and “Sau Baar Janam Lenge”(‘Ustaadon Ke Ustaad’, 1963)? The answer to all these questions, of course, is ‘NO’. All these melodies, and many more perennial favorites, come from the baton and the mind of Ravi.

Ravi, a composer who kept his promise of one hit film score after another, for a better part of a career that lasted over six decades. Ravi, whose lasting relationships with production houses were almost legendary in the industry – BR Films (BR Chopra), Goel Cine Corporation (Devendra Goel), AA Nadiadwala, SD Narang, AVM, Gemini, Ram Maheshwari, OP Ralhan etc.

Interesting anecdote to note that BR Chopra made a departure with his Dilip Kumar starrer, ‘Dastaan’ (a 1972 remake of his own 1951 film ‘Afsaana’), and had the duo of Laxmikant-Pyaarelal compose for this film. The film duly sank at the box office (considered for reasons of listless music, besides others), and BR Chopra dutifully recalled Ravi for his next film, ‘Dhund’ (1973).

Born in Delhi on 3rd March, 1926, Ravi (Ravi Shankar Sharma) came into this world into a family that was not even remotely connected with or interested in music. It turned out that Ravi had a good singing voice, and a very good ear for music. And yes, his first dreams and ambition was to be a playback singer. Having unsuccessfully attempted the Matric examination, his family and well wishers guided him towards training as an electrical technician, and Ravi landed a job with the Post and Telegraphs department as a maintenance technician.

But of course, the compulsion inside for a singing career in the film industry was too strong, which finally brought him to Bombay. It was not an easy one-thing-led-to-another in his case. The early years were an intense struggle. He continued to repair electric motors and fans as a part time occupation, while looking for a break. By his own account, his condition was reduced to utter penury, and there was a stage when he had no money to buy a new pair of footwear for himself. But eventually, after making the predictable rounds of studios and producers offices, in the archetypal ‘tooti huyi chappal’ (worn out slippers), he finally landed a job as a tabla player (percussionist) at Filmistan. He then graduated to working as an assistant for Hemant Kumar, a relationship that brought tidings of encouragement and a rising career. All this while, his original dream of being a playback singer faded away, and he grew into the role of a composer and a music director.

The famous ‘been’ music from ‘Naagin’ (1954) had Kalyan ji playing the claviolin, but not many know that it was Ravi on the harmonium that accompanied this music. And then, the song “Hum Laaye Hain Toofaan Se Kishti Nikaal Kar”(‘Jaagriti’, 1954) was a creation by Ravi himself. In both these films, Ravi worked as an assistant to Hemant Kumar.

Hemant Kumar encouraged and helped his talented assistant, to search for independent assignments. Ravi landed his first contract with Devendra Goel for his film ‘Vachan’ (1955), a relationship that lasted a complete life time, till ‘Aadmi Sadak Ka’ (1976), the last film of Goel Cine Corporation. (Devendra Goel passed away in 1979). From 1955 to the mid nineties, Ravi composed music for more than 110 films for Hindi cinema. Beyond the mid nineties, Ravi and the Malayalam film industry discovered each other, and this musical genius continued to compose and win appreciation. And the most amazing thing about this late blooming relationship in Ravi’s career is, that Ravi does not / did not know Malayalam at all. And yet, while composing for Malayalam films, he went on to create box office hit music and got honored with regional and national level awards – making music for films in a language he knew nothing about.

A remarkable thing to note about Ravi is that as per the documented details of his life and work, he apparently had no formal training in music, whatsoever. Especially not in classical music. And yet, he has gone ahead and created such fabulous melodies in the semi classical genre. Just listen to the fabulous ‘bhairavi’ rendition in the song “To Se Laage Nainaa, Sainyyaan ho. . .” from the film ‘Nai Raahein’ (1959). It would be difficult to believe that a composer with no grounding in classical music, has created this.

This song here is a lovely enchanting melody from the film ‘Pyaar Ka Saagar'(1961). Directed by Devendra Goel under the banner of Film Rays, Bombay, the film has a cast list that includes Meena Kumari, Rajendra Kumar, Madan Puri, Malika, Mohan Choti, Leela Misra,SK Prem, CL Shah, Abhimanyu Sharma, Jagdish Raj, OP Ralhan etc.

The film has eight songs, seven of which are penned by Prem Dhawan and one song by Asad Bhopali. This particular song comes from the pen of Prem Dhawan. Ravi’s music is a hallmark of melody, and he as used orchestration very sparingly in his creations. His sense of the thematic and situation related requirements of the film, made his music blend so well into the flow of the narrative. That is the reason that the producers and directors considered his music as the most amenable for picturization.

A very soft and a slow paced melody, wherein Ravi has used the voice of Mukesh and Asha Bhosle, for Rajendra Kumar and Meena Kumari. Considering this pair of lead performers, an obvious choice would be Rafi and Lata. But the situation, and the emotions are so well captured and so well expressed with the voices of Mukesh and Asha. And with a minimum orchestration. The underplayed expressions and body language by both artists has made this song even more beautiful to watch.

Enjoy this lovely duet, that I am sure will steal your heart away. 🙂

pyaar ka saagar
dekha hai kisi ke chanchal nainon mein

An ocean of love
I have seen
In someone’s mischievous eyes

kuchh din se mere dil ki dhadkan,
kyun tez huyi jaati hai
kyaa baat huyi ke raaton ko ab neend nahin aati hai
dil pal bhar chain na paaye

Wonder why my heart
For some days now
Beats faster (on a certain thought)
And wonder why
Sleep has deserted by eyes
And I spend wakeful nights, waiting
And heart is ever restless, every moment

phir un se milun, kab un se milun, din raat yehi dil soche
kya un se kahun, aur kaise kahun, bas baath yehi dil soche
aur soch soch reh jaaye

The thought persists in my heart
I should meet her(him) again
Oh when can I meet again
(And on meeting)
What will I say
And how will I say
The heart contemplates (all the time)
And remains absorbed, engrossed



Song-Pyaar ka saagar dekha hai kisi ke chanchal nainon mein(Pyaar Ka Saagar)(1961) Singers-Mukesh, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Prem Dhawan, MD-Ravi


pyaar kaa saagar
dekhaa hai kisi ke chanchal nainon mein
pyaar kaa saagar
dekhaa hai kisi ke chanchal nainon mein
pyaar kaa saagar

kuchh din se mere dil ki dhadkan
kyun tez hui jaati hai

kuchh din se mere dil ki dhadkan
kyun tez hui jaati hai
kyaa baat hui ki raaton ko
ab neend nahin aati hai
dil pal bhar chain naa paaye

pyaar kaa saagar
dekhaa hai kisi ke chanchal nainon mein
pyaar kaa saagar

phir unse miloon
kab unse miloon
din-raat yahi dil soche
phir unse miloon
kab unse miloon
din-raat yahi dil soche
kyaa unse kahoon aur kaise kahoon
bas baat yahii dil soche
aur soch-soch rah jaaye

pyaar kaa saagar
dekhaa hai kisi ke chanchal nainon mein
pyaar kaa saagar
dekhaa hai kisi ke chanchal nainon mein

pyaar kaa saagar
pyaar kaa saagar
pyaar kaa saagar

7 Responses to "Pyaar ka saagar dekha hai kisi ke chanchal nainon mein"

Dear Sir, This is a superb article. Enjoyed reading it and learning more about Composer Ravi. Thank you.


Jatin ji

Thanks for your appreciation. I am glad you liked this write up.



Sudhir is having a treasure of info about hindi film music.I got connected to this site very recently and find that Atul and Sudhir are doing invaluable service. Coming to this song which is the title song of the film (in olden golden days almost all the films had Title song,which invariably was hit with listners ) is a gem creation of Ravi-Mukesh.This film had 2 other tacks by Mukesh, sada khush rahe tu…..and wafa jinse ki bewafa ho gaye….both beautifully picturised on Rajender Kumar . Pyar ka Sagar had another beautiful duet by Asha-Rafi combination..Mujhe Pyar ki Zindagi dene wale…..
Music of this film was truly a landmark composition by genius Ravi.


Geetpremi ji,

A hearty welcome to this blog. I see your other comment on the Log Book also. As Atul ji responded, on this blog we take a lot of pains to ensure that the write ups are well researched and the information is accurate and authentic. Not that we do not make errors sometimes, but then we have a very active and diligent group of contributors, who help each other out with right information and additional updates.

I appreciate your comments, and thank you for the same. I do make effort to collate relevant and important information in my write ups. But I assure you that there also are other more senior stalwarts who have contributed a wealth of information, making this blog an invaluable archive of Hindi film songs.

I want to specifically introduce you to Shri Arun ji Deshmukh, from Bombay. He is an avid follower of the Hindi films for many decades, and has a storehouse of information about the films and the artists of yesteryears. On this blog, we refer to him as our in house encyclopedia of Hindi films and film music. His major contributions are through the comments he posts everyday on the songs that appear. He is our touchstone and conscience keeper, and he painstakingly ensures the correctness of the information being posted by various other contributors.

Another senior person we have on the team is Sadanand ji Kamath, another avid follower of the Hindi films and music for many decades. Besides, we have a very large group of contributors who contribute write ups, lyrics, translations and information through comments. The list of such contributors is very long and includes Nitin ji Shah, Shekhar ji Gupta, Raja ji, Khyati Bhatt ji, Atif Bhai, Prakashchandra ji, Nahm ji, Bluefire ji, Ava Suri ji, Avinash ji Scrapwala, Peevesie’s Mom, Santosh ji Ojha, Lalitha ji, Pradeep ji Raghunathan and many more. You will find these names and more, under the Guest Lyrics and Guest Post categories on the left side.

Regarding the other songs from this film, that you have mentioned in your comment, both Mukesh solo songs and the Rafi-Lata duet are also already posted. You can locate songs from a movie by clicking on the link ‘List of Songs – Moviewise’, which near the top of this page.

Your name tag shows you love music, and I am very sure you will love being here on this blog.

Welcome once again



I guess we have 3 more songs left from this movie to be reviewed.




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