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O gaadi waale gaadi dheere haank re

Posted on: December 19, 2012

“Mother India” (1957) was a Mehboob Production movie. It was produced and directed by Mehboob Khan. The movie had Nargis, Sunil Dutt, Rajendra Kumar, Raj Kumar, Kanhaiyalal, Jilloo Maa, Kumkum, Chanchal, Sheela Naik, Mukri, Ram Shastri etc in it.

As many as seven songs from this movie have been discussed in the past. Here is the eighth song from the movie. This song is sung by Shamshad Begam, Rafi and chorus. The song is picturised as a bullock cart song with lots and lots of bullock carts going away somewhere. The song is picturised on Chanchal, Sunil Dutt and many others.

Shakeel Badayuni is the lyricist. Music is composed by Naushad.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.

With eight songs from “Mother India” covered now, I wonder how many more songs from this movie are still left over. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on this matter.



Song-O gaadi waale gaadi dheere haank re (Mother India)(1957) Singers-Shamshad Begam, Rafi, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Naushad
Male chorus
Female chorus

Lyrics(Nitin Shah)

khat-khut karti chham-chhum karti
gaadi hamri jaaye
phar-phar bhaage sabse aage
koi pakad naa paaye

ho gaadi waale gaadi dheere haank re
gaadi waale gaadi dheere haank re
jiya udaa jaaye lade aankh re
jiya udaa jaaye lade aankh re
gaadi waale gaadi dheere haank re

khat-khut karti chham-chhum karti
gaadi hamri jaaye
phar-phar bhaage sabse aage
koi pakad naa paaye

ho gaadi waale gaadi dheere haank re

dil khaaye hichkole
gaadi le chal haule-haule
gaadi le chal haule-haule
gaadi le chal haule-haule

ho bindiya mori gir-gir jaaye
nathani haale-dole
ho ri nathani haale-dole
o dekh nazar na laage gori
kaahe mukhda khole

dekh nazar na laage re gori
kaahe mukhda khole

o naino wali ghoonghat se
naa jhaank re

gaadi wale gaadi dhire haank re

ara ra ra ra ra
mori laal chunariya udd gayi re
mori kajre ki dibiya gir gayi
hawa me udd gayi mori chunariya
mil gai tose akhiyaan
balmaa mil gai tose akhiyaan
balmaa mil gai tose akhiyaan

ho gora badan mora thar-thar kaanpe
dhadkan laagi chhatiyaan
rama dhadkan laagi chhatiyaan
o albeli beech dagariya
naa kar aisi batiyaan

o albeli beech dagariya
naa kar aisi batiyaan

o sune sab logwa
kate naak re hoy

gaadi wale gaadi dheere haank re

10 Responses to "O gaadi waale gaadi dheere haank re"

All the songs from Mother India are a gem This one is a class apart.


I have sent all the balance songs to you a week or so ago


Sorry for the spelling mistake.


when we listen this song a ‘ a village, its kachch road, bullock carts running, gaon ki mitti ki khooshboo, all automatically gets created around us’ !!! Naushad saab always maintained that ‘hindustani’ magic !!! i remember how we enjoyed travelling in bullock carts, when we visit them after the new crops arrived and the baking of the ‘jowar’ grains (‘ponk’ in gujarati and ‘hoordaa’ in marathi) and picnics arranged in the fields …..


Avinash ji,
You have recreated the childhood memories.
Truely,about 60 years ago,there was not much choice of transportation except the bullock cart in the villages.
I too remember how we all used to go to my mother’s Mayka,during
Winter Holidays and have special programmes for Hurda Party on the fields.
Thanks for the memories.


Atul ji,
There are still 4 songs remaining.
Incidentally,Mother India was the FIRST film in India,for which a LONG PLAY record was made and sold.


Thanks for this information. What are the remaining songs ?


Remaining songs-
1. matwala jiya dole piya-Lata,Rafi,Chorus.
2. Duniya me hum aaye hai to-Lata,meena,Usha
3. Ghunghat nahin kholungi-Lata and
4. O mere laal aa ja-lata


I was reading the post, and was about to list out the remaining songs from the movie, but I wanted to make sure Arun Ji has not replied yet, and as predicted, he had already listed the 4 remaining songs :).


Shri Mehboob was from Billimora, south Gujarat. The location for this bullock cart race was near Bansda, a princely state near his home town, and my hometown too. Many of my friends had bullock carts in those days and had participated in the shooting with their vehicles, and that was the ‘talk of the town’ for months.


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