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Kasmen ham apni jaan ki khaaye chale gaye

Posted on: December 25, 2012

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Unknown composers Composer 9- Kamal Rajasthani

How important is LUCK in one’s life ?

There will be different opinions. Some people will be tempted to quote the saying-” Luck is another name for Hard work “.

Is it really so ?

It does not seem to be the case in Film industry atleast.

Here,Talent, Hard work, Attitude, Opportunity, Performance and similar parameters are on one side and LUCK on the other side, certainly making it the heavier side !

There are umpteen number of cases in film industry which have no convincing explanation except calling it the magic of LUCK factor.

Take the case of the film “Jai Santoshi Maa “-1975.

The producer Satram Rohera was absolutely a small time producer, who failed in everything that he did before producing this film. He himself did not have much expectation from this film.

But the world has seen how this film turned out to be, getting the label of ” All time Block buster “,collecting 67 crores in just ONE year, according to the ‘Box office india”.

The film was released in 1975, when SHOLAY was also released. Still Jai Santoshi Maa became the second highest grosser of the year next only to Sholey ! And to think that Deewar and Sanyasi were also released in 1975 !

If this is not LUCK, then what is it ?

And remember it was only the Producer’s LUCK, because none of the cast or the others like Director or the Composer benefitted from it.

C. Arjun,the Music Director of this movie remained a B grade movie composer. He did not even get many films after Jai Santoshi Maa.

Another example. In the late 40s and 50s, both Dilip Kumar and Suraiya were the Top stars in demand. Dilip had worked with almost every big Actress, but he never worked with Suraiya. Not that there were no offers or efforts were not made(in fact K. Asif’s Jaanwar ,with these two stars was half made too), but no film of these two ever came to the screen. What to call this,but Luck ?

When Ashok and Kishore Kumar succeeded, why Anup did not, or when Premnath was a star, why Narendranath and Rajendranath were ordinary actors ? None of them lacked hard work, I presume.

In many cases wrong decisions by Actors changed their luck, like if only Ameeta had accepted Mother India role, which Kum Kum finally did …..

True there is no formula for success, except that one must have a fair amount of Luck with him, here.

It is this Luck factor which made NISSAR- one time most paid and popular Hero who dared to compete with Governor of Bombay- die in penury and anonymity.

Forget about actors. Even in Musical field, singers like Vani Jayram, and composers like Madan Mohan and Vinod did not get what they really deserved.

Hindi Film Industry is very touchy about successes and failures. 4-5 failures in a row, and the artist is branded as ‘panauti’ or inauspicious. No one is ready to touch him with a barge pole also.

There was a case of a gifted Composer Daan Singh, who came to Bombay with great ambitions. The luck was, whichever film he started to work in would be shelved half way. Out of 6 films he had, only 2 movies saw the light of the day and 4 were never completed. No wonder, the superstitious Industry decided to keep him away ! Even his two Rajasthani films got shelved half way ! I call this Luck.

Today we will discuss one more such case. The name of the Composer is KAMAL RAJASTHANI.

He had so many films on hand but only two of his films were released and 7 films were shelved midway !

“Mere Ghareeb Nawaz”-1973 and Idd ka salaam-76 were the only two released movies that he worked in.

His unreleased films were- Phir bahaar aayi, Raahon mein pada pathar hoon, Aapse pyar huwa, Mera yaar pocketmaar, mere payal tere geet, iss desh ka yaron kya hoga, and Idd mubarak.

In the film ‘Mera yaar Pocketmaar’, there was a song written by Gulzar and sung by Kishore Kumar. Kishore was so much in love with this song that he gave Rs.500 to Kamal after the recording! and he did not take the fees too !! All this from Kishore Kumar,remember !

Unfortunately, the film was closed. Gulzar took this song and used it in “Kinare”-77 in the voice of Bhupendra under R D Burman’s baton (Ek hi khwab kai baar dekha maine).

His film MERE GHARIB NAWAZ – 73 is a Landmark movie as the Debut film for singer ANWAR HUSSAIN. His first song is shot on himself.

Kamal Rajasthani composed many NFS which were regularly broadcast over AIR. Some of his Naats and Bhajans are still heard on Radio.

Despite talent, opporunity, hard work and performance LUCK did not favour Kamal Rajasthani.

ANWAR HUSSAIN , the most successful Rafi clone was born in 1949 in Bombay. When he was just 13 years old, seeing his love for singing, he was sent to Guru Abdul Rehman Khan to learn Music. He was the same person who was also the guru of Mahendra Kapoor.

Anwar started stage shows singing Rafi songs. In one such show Kamal Rajasthani saw him and gave him a break in his film. The song was filmed on Anwar himself. After this song, there was a cooling period and then in 1979, Mehmood gave him opportunity in JANATA HAVALDAR-79. His one song ‘Humse ka bhool gayi’ filmed on Rajesh Khanna became a hit and then there was a spate of offers to him. He also sang for Dilip kumar and Amitabh Bachchan. He was so good that Mohd. Rafi himself blessed him and said that he is fit to carry on his mantle in future.

After a few years Anwar went on a world tour with shows and then settled in USA. He came back in 2004 again for singning and some albums. Every year on 31 July, he holds a show in Rafi’s memory. Anwar is a step brother of Arshad Warsi and Asha Sachdev.

Let us hear the Debut song of Anwar from Mere Gharib Nawaz-73.



Song-Kasmen ham apni jaan ki khaaye chale gaye (Mere Ghareeb Nawaaz)(1973) Singer-Anwar, Lyrics-Mehboob Sarwar, MD-Kamal Rajasthani


kasme hum apni jaan ki khaaye chale gaye
kasme hum apni jaan ki khaye chale gaye
phir bhi vo aitbaar na laaye chale gaye
kasme hum apni jaan ki

keh kar gaye thhe vo ke na aayenge ab kabhi ee ee ee
keh kar gaye the vo ke na aayenge ab kabhi ee ee ee
lekin khayaal ban ke voh
aaye chale gaye
phir bhi vo aitbaar na laaye chale gaye ae
kasme hum apni jaan ki

rusvaayion ke dar se na aa aa
daaman bhigo sakey ae ae
palkon mein aansuon ko chhupaaye chale gaye
phir bhi vo aitbaar na laaye chale gaye ae
kasme hum apni jaan ki

anvar sujud e shauq ki mat pooch inteha aa aa aa
anvar sujud e shauq ki mat pooch inteha aa aa aa
har har kadam pe sar ko jhukaaye chale gaye
phir bhi vo aitbaar na laaye chale gaye ae
kasme hum apni jan ki

15 Responses to "Kasmen ham apni jaan ki khaaye chale gaye"

Arunkumarji, I don’t know how to thank you! This is one of my favourite ghazals! And Anwar has sung it with such depth, such ‘dard’! It’s quite a pity that he didn’t get the success due to him. May be because he concentrated mainly on ghazals. One will never know Another lovely song by Anwar is the duet he had sung with Hemlata from ‘Noor-e-ilahi’…”Hum unki aarzoo me, kuch aise ho gaye hai, kehte hai log humto deewane, ho gaye hai…” Masha allah!


Glad I could be useful to you.
Enjoy !


Waah! Listening it again today of my favourite ghazal.
Thanks to the Mr.Arun Kumar for a beautiful write up.


Happy that you got your Fav gazal to listen to.
Thanks for your kind words.



I have heard this song for the first time today. I know Anwar was Rafi clone, i have heard his few film songs like ‘ Janata Hawaldar ‘ and ‘naseeb’ (zindagi imtihaan leti hai).

This is a good ghazal, sung with right amount of dedication to the legend.

Thanx and regards.


I’m surprised nahm that for a die-hard Rafi fan, u did not hear this song earlier. Shabbir Kumar and Munna Aziz might have been more successful, but talent wise Anwar was the best of rafi saab clones. If not for his well-documented attitude problems, acting pricey with the likes of Raj Kapoor and Manmohan Desai, he would have been much more successful. You must have listened his Haathon Ki chand lakeeron ka on Dilip Kumar from Vidhata. If u havent already, check out his Rab Ne Banaya Mujhe Tere Liye with Lata from Sridevi’s Heer Ranjha (Laxmi-Pyare) and the awesome duet again with Lata — Main Naseeb Hoon Kisi Aur Ka (Rajesh Roshan’s Insaniyat filmed on Amitabh and Jayapradha).

And btw, I think there is a qawwali in S D Burman’s Benazir.


Even i was surprised that i had not heard this song before. But than if did not play this song on vividh bharati and AIR urdu service than i was bound to miss it. I know that Anwar was highly rated and in the late 80’s Shabbir Kumar and Mohammed Aziz were singing most of LP songs. Heer Ranjha song i must have heard but cant recall right now. Not sure about ‘Main naseeb hoon kisi aur ka’ .
Hathon ki chand lakeero ka’ is a well known song . i know it very well except it never registered it was sung by Anwar.

I dont know about ‘Benazir’ but one qawwali by SDB was posted recently on the blog. I dont remember it was from which film. The lyrics contributed by Nitin Shah ji, and i made a comment i was looking for a qawwali by SDB, for a long time , on the page.


Yeah, I remembered ur comment regarding Qawwali composed by S D Burman and then came across Benazir so mentioned. Here is the one:

And here are the two Anwar duets with Lata that i had mentioned:


In fact, this song was also written for Rafi Saab, just like 6 other songs that he did for this movie. Anwar was just filling in. When Rafi Saab listened to this recording, he asked to let this song be in the movie in Anwar’s voice without getting it re-recorded in his own voice.


Are there 6 songs by Rafi sahab in ‘Naseeb” ? i was able to find only these three.

Chal Mere Bhai Tere Haath Jodta Hun
John Johney Janardhan
Rang Jamake Jaayenge


Oh, 6 songs of Rafi Saab, was meant to be for Mere Gharib Nawaz.


Thanks a lot for finding all those links for me. As i thought, i had heard the “Heer Ranjha” song and had not heard the ‘ Insaniyat ‘ song. ‘ Insaniyat’ where Amitabh Bachcan is police officer, i remember, once i had gotten an autograph of Amitabh when he was shooting for this film @ JVPD.

The qawwali from Benazir is beautiful. The other one i mentioned is here :
‘Dr. Vidya’

Btw, i am able to decode your name. I should not mention it here.



His competitors conspired against him by sending him on world tours. In his absence they made hay; in the process his career went haywire.


Another song from my thirty years old memory of Radio Vividh Bharti! I could not realize the song from the title, but sounded so familiar. When I clicked the “Play” button, and then my expressions were OMG! How come I forgot this ghazal. Jaise hi gaana sunti gayi, saare shabd yaad aate gaye. I agree with bluefireji, that he was the closet clone of Rafi saab. Thanks for finding this treasure.


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