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Prem ki pyaari nishaani

Posted on: January 10, 2013

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Sachin Dev Burman started his musical career as a singer-composer, mainly of non-filmy songs in the 1930s in Calcutta (Kolkatta). After joining the Hindi film industry as a music director in 1946, he sang very few songs in Hindi films and that too only those composed by himself. So I was under the impression that he did not sing any songs in Hindi films under the baton of other music directors. I was wrong in my impression as I found a few days that he sang such songs way back in the beginning of his career. As early as 1941, he had rendered a song for a Hindi film under the music direction of Madhulal Damodar Master. This song happened to be his debut song for Hindi films.

The song is ‘prem ki pyaari nishaani’ from TAJ MAHAL (1941). The film was produced under the banner of Mohan Pictures and directed by Nanabhai Vakil. The star cast included M Kumar, Sarojini, Indubala, Mubarak, S Nazir, Ram Marathe, S Khalil, Baby Suraiya etc. There were as many as 17 songs in the film written by 3 lyricists – Behzad Lucknawi, S Khalil who also acted in this film and Pandit Anuj. These songs were composed by Madhulal Damodar Master. This film was Suraiya’s first major film in which she performed the role of the younger Mumtaz. I have no knowledge about the film’s music director except that he was active during 30s. His musical career probably ended sometime in the 50s. I could not get hold of his filmography but in trying to identify his films, I came across his name being mentioned in some places as Madhavlal Master, Master Madhulal or simply Madhulal. I guess these names refer to Madhulal Damodar Master.

All the three lyricists mentioned above are credited with this song. The song is written in free verses which in those days were written by ‘Chhaayaawadi’ Hindi poets. So I think this song may have been written by Pandit Anuj. The style of poetry, in my view, does not match with the style of Behzad Lucknawi. And I have no idea about S Khalil, the third lyricist of the film. I would request our knowledgeable readers to share any information they have in this regard as also about Madhulal Damodar Master.

S D Burman has rendered this song in slow tempo emphasising on phonetics of some words in keeping with the mood of the song. The song does not have any musical interlude. The composition and the style of rendition resemble the singing of old classic English songs especially the way ‘taj mahal, mere taaj’ is rendered.

Only the audio clip of this song is available. My guess is that it is a background song.

Song-Prem ki pyaari nishaani (Taj Mahal)(1941) Singer-S D Burman, Lyrics-Master Anuj, MD-Madhulal Damodar Master


o o o
ta ra aa
ta na aaa
prem ki pyaari nishaani
jaag rahi
sar pe baadal taaj
rukh musaafir
aansooun ki ee
ruk musaafir
aansooun ki
bhent chadhaayen aaj
sar pe baadal taaj
aahen en en
aahen tumhaaree
rakh gayi ye prem kaa nishaan
maut jeet ke tum hi bassaye
yahaan prem ka raaj
mere taaj
mere taaj

prem ki raani kahaan mumtaz
piyaa ki abhimaan
tumhri yaad kar ke roye
tumhri yaad kar ke roye
pyaaraa Hindustan
aansoo bahaawe
aaj jamuna
jamuna aa
jamuna aa aa aaa
chameli kusum roye apnaa
chameli ee
chameli ee ee
chameli ee ee eee
chameli kusum roye apnaa
bujh gayi shamaa mehfil ki
padey reh gaye saaz
mere taaaaj
mere taaaj

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)
ता राsss
ता नाssss
प्रेम की प्यारी निशानी
जाग रही
सर पे बादल ताज
रुक मुसाफिर
आंसुओं कीsss
भेंट चढ़ाएँ आज
सर पे बादल ताज

आहें sss
आहें तुम्हारी
रख गयी ये प्रेम का निशान
मौत जीत के तुम हो बसाये
यहाँ प्रेम का राज
मेरे ताज
मेरे ताज

प्रेम की रानी कहाँ मुमताज़
पिया का अभिमान
तुम्हरी याद कर के रोये
तुम्हरी याद कर के रोये
प्यारा हिंदुस्तान
आँसू बहावे
आज जमुना
चमेली कुसुम रोये अपना
चमेली कुसुम रोये अपना
बुझ गई शमा महफिल की
पड़े रह गए साज़
मेरे ताज
मेरे ताज

12 Responses to "Prem ki pyaari nishaani"

One of the rare classical song from SDB. He sounds like a professional.


Were Pt Anuj and Master Anuj the same person. If so then he has given lyrics for Gopal Krishna -38; Mera Ladka-38; Bharat Milap-42 etc


Just on a different note…we all know Taj as a symbol of love, but lesser known facts are:1. Mumtaz was 4th wife out of 7 wives (great) 2. Shahjahan killed Mumtaz’s husband to marry her (excellent) 3.Mumtaz died during her 14th delivery (outstanding) 4.After her death Shahjahan married Mumtaz’s sister (amazing)………..5. He did not even care to see her when she was on death bed, instead he preferred to enjoy party at Mandu….(where the hell was LOVE) ……But the song is a gem …


List of song movie wise does not show this as yet. I searched this film the day I came to know of this link, because I am a great fan of S>D>B> voice apart from his music and this information I got from a special program of S>D>B> on the great Vividh Bhaarti radio…Please if some knowledgable viwer can share all 17 songs of Taj Mahal we all will be grateful.


hi atul
you have to update the “List Of songs Movie wise” as well as the lists “Year wise” & “music director wise”. i think the updation is pending from mid december 2012.
thank you


Last update was on 6 january 2013. Now I have updated the pages again.


This is a real find!!


Madhulal Master in his later days stayed in the slums of Mumbai in abject poverty.He used to do puppet shows there to earn his livelihood.
He was murdered there for unknown reasons, and the case was never solved. He had a humorous nature as seen in Doordarshan’s serial “Gata Jaye Banjara”.


Bharat Upadhyaya ji,

I feel very sad when such type of wrong information is circulated about yesteryear artistes,albeit unintentionally.
Master Madholal spent his last days in a comfortable way staying in his own flat in posh Shivaji park area of Bombay. After retirement he engaged himself in making dolls and combiig his musical experiences,he used to make shows. He became an International figure in this trade and was honoured by The International puppettiers’ Organisation.
He was also honoured in Bombay by Raajkumari and Naushad at the time of publishing the First issue of Hindi Film Geet Kosh on 8-10-1983.
His humourous speech on this occasion pleased everyone present.
His wife met with an accident and was hospitalised. Masterji was staying alone. One night he was murdered for no known reasons.
This news appeared in Times of India dated 19th June 1990.
All this information is given by Harmandir Hamraz ji in Listeners’Bulletin No.82 of September 1990.
The dolls of Joker, used in the film MERA NAAM JOKER were made by Master Madholal ji.

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Atul ji and Sudhir ji,

After posting this song on the Blog about 7 years ago, I have got some additional inputs to add. The trigger for a gathering additional information about the song came from Subhashjbhai Bhatt who has attended Atulites’ Meet in my house last year. Few days back, he pointed out to me that as per HFGK, the song under discussion was recorded and released on Hindustan Records (Record No. H.922) whereas all other songs from the film was released on Twin Records (Part of HMV). He felt that the song may have been composed by S D Burman himself and not by Madhulal Damodar Master.

I had read during the time of writing articles on S D Burman for the Blog that S D Burman had taken a decision sometime in the early 40s that he only would compose the songs that are to to sung by him. With this background, I also felt that probably, the song under reference might have been composed by S D Burman. My search in the books on S D Burman written by Khagesh Dev Burman (S D Burman: The World of His Music) and Anirudha Bhattacharjee and Balaji Vittal ( S D Burman: The Prince Musician) revealed that the song under reference is the Hindi version of Bengali non-film song,’premer samadhi teere’ sung by S D Burman under the music direction of Sursagar Himagshu Dutta which was released in 1940 (Record No. H.831)

The hindi version of the song was used in ‘Taj Mahal’ (1941) which has the same tune as that of its Bengali counterpart. As per the books I referred to above, the Hindi version of song was written by Munshi Zakir Hussain.

So the credit to the Hindi song in Taj Mahal’ (1941) should go to Munshi Zakir Hussain as lyricist and Sursagar Himangshu Dutta as music director.


The song is a translation of the Bengali song
“Premer Samadhi Teerey” written by Sailen Roy.

The music is identical with the music of the original
Bengali version composed by Himangshu Dutta
whom Salil Chowdhury regarded as the Father of Modern Bengali Music.

The Bengali song was also sung by S.D. Burman.


audio link:


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