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Aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye

Posted on: January 15, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

I have always been writing on old films, old songs, old artists, old anecdotes-in short, everything about old matters (what else you expect from an old man,anyway !). So,my post on a comparatively newer song,that too a Disco song may surprise some readers. It is sort of an anachronism, one may aver !

I do not think so. I have always maintained that “Not all after 1970 is Bad, as much as Not all before 1970 is good ! ”

Music has no boundaries. It is all pervasive. I am myself a lover of Western Music, Indian film music in Hindi, Marathi, Telugu and any tune in any language that fancies me. During my Teens, I was very fond of English songs by Jim Reeves, Cliff Richard, Bob Azam, Doris Dey, Connie Francis, Bill Halley and such many others of those times. Later I was fond of Abba,Michael Jackson, Bonny-M etc too.

Actually one of my hobbies was to find out which English song has been copied in Hindi songs. I had made a long list too. Anyway,the point is,Music is Music, whatever language, whatever era, whatever singer.

Rock Music is one type of music which has sustained for a very long period in the world. Many genres of songs like Rock n Roll, Blues, Jazz, Country and Western, Rockabilly, Folk, Alternative, Punk,Reggae, heavy metal,Hip Hop, Industrial,Pop, Techno,Barbershop, Latino etc came, ruled for some time and faded, but Rock remained steady. Rock music had started in late 40s and peaked in early 50s, when many Hollywood films were made on Rock music. This continued till early 70s, when the Disco music started attracting people.

The Hippy culture had taken a back seat and youngsters crowded at late night clubs. For the sake of Club visitors from African, American, Latino, Psychedlic and gay communities thronging clubs in New York and Philadelphia, special Disco songs started. It was seen as a reaction to Rock music domination.

The first Disco song was ” One night Affair ” by Jerry Butler in 1972 and then a spate of Disco songs flooded the scene. It used strings, horns, Electric Pianos, Electric Guitars and Synthesizers mainly. The popularity of Disco music angered the Rock lovers and a systematic attempt was made to curb Disco music lovers. There was a hugh gathering of Rock lovers in Football ground in Chicago,on 12-7-1979,calling it a ‘Disco Demolition night’. There were riots and hundreds of fans on both sides were injured. After this there was a decline in Disco music popularity and by Sept-1979 Disco songs stopped appearing on Music Charts.

As usual, almost at the end of Disco fever in the West, it entered Indian sub continent with the First song from Nazia Hasan in Qurbani-1980-‘Aap jais koii mere dil mein ..’. It became an instant Hit and Nazia becam , at 15 years, the youngest winner of ‘ Best female Playback Singer ‘ Filmfare award for this song.

After this there was a series of Hindi films on Disco music, spearheaded by Mithun Chakrawarty and Music Director Bappi lahiri. Films like ‘Zamane ko dikhana hai-81′, Disco dancer-82′, kasam paida karnewaleki-84′ etc flooded the cinema halls.

Who was this NAZIA HASAN ?

Nazia was a legend and a Pop icon of India, Pakistan and UK in the 80s. Born to a businessman Basheer and Muniz Hassan,in Karachi, on 3-4-1965, she was a born singer. Her brother Zoheb and sister Zara were also singers. As a child artist she did many shows on Pak TV. For further studies she went to London, UK.

Firoz Khan had gone to London where he had a meeting with Biddu, the composer. Both being from Karnataka, were good friends.Biddu suggested the name of Nazia to Firoz khan.They met and Biddu prepared a song- Aap jaisa koi. The song was recorded in London itself and was included in the Film-Qurbani-1980.

Biddu or Biddu Appaiah was an Indian born in Bangalore in 1944 and was raised in London. He was a renowned Composer, Lyricist,producer and a singer. During the peak period of Disco music, he had made a record-Kung fu story in 1974, which was very popular those days. He is also a Grammy winner. After Qurbani, Biddu did 4 more films in India,the last one being,’ shoot out at Lokhandwala-2007 ‘.

When Qurbani was released in India,the song made a terrific impact and became a Top Charter in no time. It became famous in Indian subcontinent. Nazia became, at 15 years the recipient of Filmfare award.

After winning accolades and adulation in India, Nazia did 4 more albums with Zoaib and Biddu-

Disco Deewane-1981, Star/Boom Boom-82, Young Tarang-84, Hot Line-87 and Camera Camera-91.

After this she also did Music-89 shows on Pak TV.

The sales of her songs rocketed to over 60 million mark.

Then she went back to UK to complete her higher education. She worked in UNO at New York and also for UNICEF. Here she was diagnosed with Cancer.

She had stopped singing. Biddu offered her the album-Made in India, which she refused and later it was done by Alisha Chinoy.

Nazia spent all her earnings on Charity.She worked for destitute children and women in New York and Pakistan Slums.

She was married in 1995 to Mirza Baig and also had a son. She later divorced him .

NAZIA HASSAN, the Pop Icon died on 13-8-2000, in a London Hospital due to Lung Cancer and a bright career of a singer, and a social worker came to an end.

The song- Aap jaisa koii is written by Indeevar and set to music by Biddu.

This is my tribute to a great artist, whose music crossed national barriers.

Song-Aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye (Qurbaani)(1980) Singer-Nazia Hasan, Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Biddu


aap jaisaa koi meri zindagi mein aaye
to baat ban jaaye,
haan haan baat ban jaaye
aap jaisaa koi meri zindagi mein aaye
to baat ban jaaye,
haan haan baat ban jaaye
phool ko bahaar, bahaar ko chaman
dil ko dil, badan ko badan
har kisi ko chaahiye tan kaa milan
kaash mujh par aisaa dil aapkaa bhi aaye
to baat ban jaaye
haan haan baat ban jaaye
haan aap jaisaa koi meri zindagi mein aaye
to baat ban jaaye,
haan haan baat ban jaaye

ho aap jaisaa koi meri zindagi mein aaye
to baat ban jaaye,
haan haan baat ban jaaye
main insaan hoon farishtaa nahin
darr hai behak na jaaun kahin
tanhaa dil na sambhlegaa,
pyaar binaa ye bhatkegaa
aap saa kahaan hai dil aap ko hi paaye
to baat ban jaaye
haan haan baat ban jaaye,
haa aap jaisaa koii merii zindagi mein aaye
to baat ban jaaye
haan haan baat ban jaaye

ho aap jaisaa koi meri zindagi mein aaye
to baat ban jaaye,
haan haan baat ban jaaye
aa aa aa
aa aa
baat ban jaaye
ho ho ho ho ho
baat ban jaaye
ha ha ha
ha ha
baat ban jaaye

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)
आप जैसा कोई मेरी ज़िंदगी में आए

तो बात बन जाये

हाँ हाँ बात बन जाये

आप जैसा कोई मेरी ज़िंदगी में आए

तो बात बन जाये

हाँ हाँ बात बन जाये

फूल को बहार

बहार को चमन

दिल को दिल

बदन को बदन

हर किसी को चाहिए तन का मिलन

काश मुझ पर ऐसा दिल आपका भी आए

तो बात बन जाये

हाँ हाँ बात बन जाये

हाँ आप जैसा कोई मेरी ज़िंदगी में आए

तो बात बन जाये

हाँ हाँ बात बन जाये

हो आप जैसा कोई मेरी ज़िंदगी में आए

तो बात बन जाये

हाँ हाँ बात बन जाये

मैं इंसान हूँ

फरिश्ता नहीं

डर है बहक न जाऊँ कहीं

तन्हा दिल न भटकेगा

प्यार बिना ये तड़पेगा

आप सा कहाँ है

दिल आपको ही पाये

तो बात बन जाये

हाँ हाँ बात बन जाये

हा आप जैसा कोई मेरी ज़िंदगी में आए

तो बात बन जाये

हाँ हाँ बात बन जाये

हो आप जैसा कोई मेरी ज़िंदगी में आए

तो बात बन जाये

हाँ हाँ बात बन जाये

आsss आsss आsss

आsss आsss

बात बन जाये

हो हो हो हो

बात बन जाये

हा हा हा

हा हा

बात बन जाये


24 Responses to "Aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye"

Hi . Could you send me your mail ID .Wanted to share some music mails I write with you first rather than on the blog. Thanks

On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 1:25 PM, atul’s bollywood song a day- with full

My email id is mentioned on about page.
It is

Arun ji
Thank you for the post and the lyrics of the song.

Prakash ji,
The lyrics are done by Atul ji and not me.

Ah, memories of Nazia Hassan and Biddu and “aaj jaisa koi”. What a super, super hit song it was at that time!!! You couldn’t go anywhere without either this song, or “laila o laila”, also from Qurbani playing. Especially this song.

Even the Nazia/Biddu album “Disco Deewaane” was quite popular, even if it never quite scaled the heights of “aaj jaisa koi”. I remember the title song, as also “lekin mera dil, mera dil ro raha”, were pretty popular.

I was very shocked to hear of Nazia’s death. I didn’t know she had cancer, so when I read about her death, I was stunned. She was SO young!

Indeed her music crossed national barriers.

Thanks, Arunji, for writing this post. And, as usual, for giving us so much info. Your posts are always rich in content – I didn’t even know that there was a clash between the “rock” guys and the “disco” guys. And all that followed as a result. I should have known – after all I was not really a kid in 1979. But maybe all this just passed me by. So thank you for enlightening me about it.

Raja ji,
Thanks for appreciating my efforts.It is this encouragement that motivates me to continue.
This song was a great favourite with me and it still is on my mobile.
Nazia was superb.Sad, she went so soon.

Lovely article Arun Ji, like Raja Ji mentions, so much that we did not know, in spite of being part of that era. I do remember Nazia Hassan though, and had no idea that she is no more. I still remember her as a young singer. She also sang in the Kumar Gaurav starrer, Star. Incidentally, I do not think we have covered even one song from the movie Star on the blog yet :).

Thanks,Pradeep ji.

I remember watching Nazia Hasan sing Aap Jaisa Koi in the newsreel shots. She was as beautiful as a heroine herself. I loved this song and Laila main laila from Qurbani.

Dil me meethi meethi, hoti hai halchal is another big Nazia favorite of mine.

Biddu’s music was always a winner. He produced quite a few albums in those days. Remember Alisha Chinai and her hit songs – Made in India and Dil ke badle me dil de. Wow! Arunji, kai bhooli bisri baaten yaad aa gayi 🙂 Thanks.

Thanks,Ava ji,for your comments.
Whenever I hear this song.that period comes before my eyes.
Nazia was God sent,but He took her back too soon.

What a pleasant surprise! A disco song of 80s from you. Like truly you have said, every period of Hindi cinema had/has it’s own growth. Growing up listening to music of 70s and on wards, had a big loss for me even though my father was a big fan of K L Saigal, Pankaj Mullick, Ashok Kumar etc. I just “heard” those songs of 40s and 50s, never “listened”. It was only after reaching the milestone of 40, and due to resources available on internet, YT, I started listening and appreciating these gems. Now, the immense information provided by true music lovers like you, Sadanandji, Sudhirji, is helping me to acknowledge the contribution of music of 60s and before, in Hindi Cinema. Now I believe that “not all before 1970 was bad, as not all after 1970 is good !” 🙂

Well said,khyati ji.

Arunji, you surprised me!! This song is definitely a winner. I did know about Nazia Hassan, her songs, her popularity and that she died of cancer. What I didn’t know was the other side of her personality. I didn’t know that she donated all her earnings to charity, she indeed must have had a big heart. Thanks for the info which makes her more endearing to me!

Aparna ji,
Indeed,she was Big Hearted.
One of the Pakistani sites has said that she had donated her Body to medical college and her eyes to UK Ophthalmic Assn.,and that her family refused to follow this after her death and she was burried as per the Islamic customs.

Hmm, this is so sad. The diktat’s of religions 😦

Sir … surprised ! but this is a pleasant surprise … ( you have given us all a ‘disco jhatkaa’ ) !!! ultimately as rightly said by you ‘music’ has no boundaries, it is ageless and boundary less. Thanks for this informative and ‘dil se’ article. and thanks for taking us down memory lane and for reviving our childhood memories.

Arun ji,

Yes, pleasantly surprised with this post. And as we have come to expect, a post full of information and hard to find details.

You rightly noted that when this song hit the market, it took everything by storm. Besides being a top chartbuster, this song also raised a lot of controversy. There was anger expressed on what some people believed were very explicit lyrics, and very provocative picturization. (I wonder what the same people would say to some of the more raunchy items songs in the current crop of films ??).

Thanks again.


Deshmukh Sir,

Thank you for the informative post on Nazia Hasan. Her brother Zoheb Hassan also used to sing with her in private albums. They looked like twins. The news of her untimely death was there in the newspapers. I did not know about her social work.

Btw, have u heard Rekha Bharadwaj’s ‘ Damadam mast qalandar ‘ in the forthcoming film ‘David’ ? I saw it the other day and thought that Rekha Bharadwaj is the first one to attempt it after Runa Laila . (I am not taking into account Abida Parveen’s rendition here).

Nahm ji,
I am glad you liked the post.
I had seen the song almost the day it appeared on You Tube and had decided to inform you as soon as opportunity comes.

here it is-


And the full audio-


Thank you for the links. I had seen the short video version, but not the rock version, which is sounding more of a remix. Well, what will the music director do if not remixing with this eternal classic.


I am a little late in writing this comment. One-two trivia.
After the success of this song Nazia visited Bombay and Tabassum interviewed her on DD. Very cute girl ! I still remember how she blushed when Tabassum asked her something like expectations about partner or so.And then she sang Aao Na Twist Kare standing with mic (that time it was with wire) in one hand moving her body AAGE PICHHE.
Much later (about ten years) she revisited Mumbai and while travelling in a car she heard the tunes of Aap Jaisa Koi being played somewhere. She was so surprised to hear her own song !
Your post churned my memory and I was happy. Thank you Arunji.

Thank you Arun ji, for a wonderful write up, it is indeed shows great side of Nazia that not only she was good singer but a better human being…..this song will be cherished all the more!

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