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Laga hai kuchh aisa nishaana kisi ka

Posted on: February 3, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

C RAMCHANDRA is generally considered a rebel amongst the composers of his times. He is the one, who, in the fifth decade of the 20th century itself brought full fledged western music variety in Hindi songs. At the same time he composed soft and extremely melodious songs based on various Ragaas also. He took Lata Mangeshkar to the pinnacle where she remained, later, on her own merit, for a long period. Very few composers have exhibited such variety in their music. It was a fact that many of his films were sold merely on the strength of his music.

C Ramchandra is well known for his several Anokhe Bol and comedy based songs, but few have realised that he also contributed to patriotic songs .

His very First song in his career was Dr. Iqbal’s ‘Saare jahaan se achha’ in Sukhi jeevan-1942. In Muskurahat-43 there were 2 songs, Bharat pyara desh hamara and Soya desh jaga do; in Samrat Chandragupta-45 mata ki jai ho, in Sawan-45, Jago bharat ki ramani, in Bachhon ka khel-46 Na batega desh hamara, in Ahimsa-47, a marching song-Azaad hai hum and in Samadhi-50 the famous marching song kadam kadam badhaye jaa etc etc.

On top of it all,”Aye mere watan ke logon” was also composed by him.

Although C Ramchandra gave preference and first choice to Lata Mangeshkar, he never compromised on melody and suitability of the singer for the song. That is why in Duniya-1950, when the Heroine Suraiya was afraid that Lata may sweep all songs, C Ramchandra did not give even a single song to Lata. 9 out of 10 songs were done by Suraiya and one by Rafi in that film.

Similarly all leading and second level singers of his time were used by him. While Mukesh was not considered suitable for his type of songs, he did use Mukesh early on and later on Sharda too. The list of his singers reads quite long like Vasanti, Vishnupant Pagnis, Ishwarlal, Vatsala Kumthekar, Vanmala, Kaushalya, Shanta Apte, Shanta Patel, Binapani Mukherjee, Amirbai, Rajkumari, Zohrabai, Shamshad,Leela Sawant, Sulochana Kadam, Hamida, Leela Chitnis, Naseem Akhtar, Charlie, Rewashankar, Saraswatibai, Anuradha,Durrani etc etc. The usual singers like Rafi, Asha, Lata, Geeta, Talat, Manna Dey etc were always used.

He never had objection to any singer, but suitability for the song was a must.

One may think that Lata must have sung maximum songs for him, but the statistics paint a different picture. As per one estimate it is like this….

Music Director Lata Solo Lata Duet Lata Total Remarks
Laxmikant Pyarelal 392 274 666
Shankar Jaikishan 313 140 453
C Ramchandra 196 102 298 Duets with C Ramchandra-47 (including 5 for other Music Directors), songs including other voices as well- 55
Madan Mohan 168 42 210
Hemant Kumar 105 34 139
Salil Chaudhari 66 42 108
Vasant Desai 72 35 107
Madan Mohan 168 42 210
S D Burman 130
Roshan 104

C Ramchandra’s Hindi film career….

The producer of Sukhi Jeevan-1942 was one Mr. Harishchandra Kadam. Right from begining he must have seen something special in C Ramchandra. He encouraged him to a great extent, praised his tunes and introduced him to all visitors with pride.

On the day of recording his first ever Hindi film song(a chorus song) all arrangements were done. Chorus singers were ready, musicians were ready and technicians were ready. Suddenly, a set of visitors arrived at the studio. The visitors were all top composers of the day like Anil Biswas, K.Datta, Naval Chatterjee and some others.They all had heard about C Ramchandra, his tunes and his work. They wanted to see how he operated. C Ramchandra had tremendous respect for Anil Biswas. He knew that the contributions of Anil Biswas to Hiny Film Music was praiseworthy. Anil Biswas was a master of harmonization technique in western and indian music instruments.

C Ramchandra described this event thus-

” It was my great fortune that a senior composer whom I considered as my Guru was present at my first recording. To my greatest surprise all the visitors joined the Chorus group for singing. I just wanted to check if final take can be taken. I said one ..two..three and the song and music started, but I felt something was wrong. One singer was sounding different. I stopped and ran outside to singers. To my shock it was Anilda who put a Teevr Nishad which was not in my composition. He smilingly asked, is it Ok ? I said respectfully, No Dada, this is not right. He very magnanimously and without further questions agreed and they all sang on my tune only !.

” That time I was staying in Dadar in a one room flat in a building owned by one widow Mrs.Thakur. She had a daughter who was not very beautiful, but attractive and very smart. She used to come when I played tunes on Mandoline. Slowly we became friends and then we fell in love. We decided to marry.

My mother and sister came to live with me and I shifted to next building. After some time both families knew our relations and there was terrific opposition from both sides. My mother did not want a girl from other caste and her mother did not want somebody without certainty of income.

Ratan( Ben as she was called) was confident of me as some wellknown Astrologer whom she showed my Horoscope had told her that I will become a big man. My friends like Bhagwan etc were behind me. We decided to get married in Arya Samaj mandir on 19-11-1942. On the appointed day I took Ben (not without hiccups, ofcourse) and we got married. When we came home there was a tamasha.

Anyway, as there was only one room, we celebrated our first night in the Gallery. Next day my mother left my house. We too shifted to a bigger place. Ben was a good housewife. I had a very happy and comfortable life now.

” One day famous Director/Producer Jayant Desai called me and I was appointed his Music Director on Rs.300 pm salary. At the time of signing the contract Jayant Desai said,’ Yaar tumhara naam bahut simple hai’

I said,” to kya karen ?”

He said,” Change it. Take some screen name”

After marriage a woman’s name changes, here I was asked to change my name. I suddenly remembered V Shantaram.

I said,” OK. From today I will be C RAMCHANDRA”………………

(Some excerpts are taken from”Majhya jeevanachi Sargam”,copyright by Yeshwant Ramchandra Chitalkar, with thanks.)


SIPAHIYA -1949 was a soldier’s story. A story of muted love and sacrifice. It was a Super Picture’s film, directed by Aspi Irani and the cast was Madhubala, Yakub, Agha, Kanhaiyalal, Kashmiri, Husn Banu etc. the lyricists were R M Chaturwedi, Arzoo Lucknowi, Raj Kunwar, Banwari and Rajendra Krishna.

Beautiful Rani(Madhubala) considers Bankelal(Yakub) as her Protector right from her childhood. Rani loved Raja(Agha), and the whole village knows this. The village ruffian, Rasiya, whenever he tries to get Rani alone, faces Bankelal and hence is against him.

One day, in the village Mela, Baanke and and Rani are in one Tonga. The horse goes berserk and runs out of the village. Tonga is thrown off and both get unconcious. Back in the village, Rasia spreads a rumour that banke has kidnapped Rani. Angry villagers want to beat Bankelal. Next day when Bankelal brings Rani back to her house, Banke’s mother warns him and advises him to leave the village to avoid villagers’ wrath. He runs away and joins Army.

Banke wins several medals in Army and comes back to Village on furlough. By now everyone welcomes him. While leaving for duty, Raja wants to join Army. Rani requests Banke to protect his life.

Unfortunately, in the war action Raja is declared missing and presumed dead. Banke returns to get Rani’s anger only.

Luckily. Raja survives and returns to village and gets married to Rani.

Banke returns to Army and soon news comes that Banke died in action, with bravery.

Song-Lagaa hai kuchh aisaa nishaanaa kisi kaa (Sipahiya)(1949) Singers-Lata, C Ramchandra, Lyrics-Banwari, MD-C Ramchandra


lagaa hai kuchh aisaa nishaanaa kisi kaa
lagaa hai kuchh aisaa nishaanaa kisi kaa
ye dil ho gayaa hai deewaanaa kisi kaa
ye dil ho gayaa hai deewaanaa kisi kaa
lagaa hai kuchh aisaa nishaanaa kisi kaa
lagaa hai kuchh aisaa nishaanaa kisi kaa

mere hosh jaate rahe dekhte hi
mere hosh jaate rahe dekhte hi
qayaamat thha bas muskuraanaa kisi kaa
qayaamat thha bas muskuraanaa kisi kaa

koi man mein aakar ke aise basaa hai
ae ae ae ae
koi man mein aakar ke aise basaa hai
ki mushkil huaa hai bhulaanaa kisi kaa
ki mushkil huaa hai bhulaanaa kisi kaa

milin un se aankhen to bijli si tadpi
milin un se aankhen to bijli si tadpi
ee ee ee ee
kuchh aisaa thaa aankhen ladaanaa kisi kaa
kuchh aisaa thaa aankhen ladaanaa kisi kaa
ye dil ho gayaa hai deewaanaa kisi kaa
ye dil ho gayaa hai deewaanaa kisi kaa
lagaa hai kuchh aisaa nishaanaa kisi kaa
lagaa hai kuchh aisaa nishaanaa kisi kaa

14 Responses to "Laga hai kuchh aisa nishaana kisi ka"

When did Anna discover his singing prowess? It could not have been all of a sudden.


There is nothing much to discuss about CR and Mukesh combination as probably only Sharada (1957) and Wahan Ke Log (1967) are the two films where the two came together apart from a couple of non film bhajans. Since you have written about CR using Mukesh “early on” could you please elaborate on this topic which is of personal interest to me. Thanking you in advance.



Mahesh ji,
What I said about ‘Early on’ is true.
Mukesh and Lalita Deulkar sang- ‘ na na na, tum hum pe hanso na piya” in Mera Munna-1948.The record No. is N-35613.
Though HFGK has not mentioned the singers’ names for many early films(but there are Record numbers in most cases) of CR,
Pankaj Raag has mentioned about this one song in his book.
There is a possibility that some more songs of Mukesh,sung under CR may also be there,but for want of specific mention of singers in HFGK,we can not do anything.
If some old record collector finds Mukesh-CR songs we might get to know,if it is uploaded on UT.


Hello Arunji,

When you are checking with your regular sources for rare old songs, you might want to check with this person also. In fact I had written to Sudhirji about him a few days back. He is a songs collector from Mysore and there was article in a regional newspaprer called “Star of Mysore”. The person’s name is Parathasarathy and he has been magnanimous to share his mobile number with all music lovers. The article said he has colelctions starting from 1930s to 1970. His number is +91 91645 57282. Hope you will be find it useful in some context or the other.

With Regards,


Aparna ji,
Thank you very much.


My favourite song…genius composition with befitting instruments and ending at right moment…Anna’s speciality… In my opinion no other music director has this prowess …heart touching song.


I observe, Mukesh ji was never a choice of Anna…however, the song from Sharada ( jap jap jap jap …japa re…) is a superhit song…just listen to the accompanying instruments carefully…genius composition.


Thanks for the details and the Record Number. But still the song is considered as “unreleased” as per singermukesh website. There is however a reference of this song in hamaraforum also.
Shrirammoghe ji,,
I had heard this song earlier, but lent a more closer ear to the music after reading your comment. True indeed.

Raju Bhartan’s article on Mukesh’s unique phenomenon, wherein reference is made to CR also.


Arun ji, wonderful write up as usual, one small doubt though. Has Lata sung so less number of songs for Naushad that his name does not appear in list?

Warm Regards,


Umesh ji,
These are statistics collected from a source in which Naushad and many other composers’ names were missing.Anyway Naushad is NOT among the first 5 names,in any case.


Dear Arun ji,
Thanks a lot from prompt response! Always thought Naushad had done many more films than 60-70 shown by WIKI and hence the doubt 🙂

Warm Regards,


Umesh ji,
Yes,Naushad has done 74 films from 1940 to 2004,but in his early films Lata was not even on the scene.
Lata came on his radar from probably Andaz-1949,which was Naushad’s 23rd film. moreover he was a very slow composer and Lata’s songs were never more that 2-3 in his subsequent films,solo or duets,that too not in ALL films.


Arun ji,
Thanks for detailed explanation……as you rightly said, after replying, I realized Lata came later on scene.

Thanks once again for taking out your time to reply my query!

Warm Regards,



A duet from this film ” Aye Aankh ab na rona ,rona to umra bhar hai ” by CR and Lataji is melodious if it can be posted here I shall be highly obliged
Fatehali Damani


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