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Aisa toone chheda mujh ko

Posted on: February 24, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

The original Tarzan story was written by Sir Edgar Rice Burrows and it was first published in 1912, followed by its 23 sequels. The story proved to be immensely popular. No wonder, then, that it attracted the Hollywood producers.

The First Silent film ” Tarzan of the Apes” was released in 1918 in which Tarzan’s role was done by Elmo Lincoln and Jane Porter was Enid Markey. From 1918 to 2008, Hollywood has made 89 Tarzan Films.

The First Talkie film on Tarzan was ” Tarzan-The Ape Man” in 1932. Johnny Weissmuller was doing Tarzan’s role and Maureen O’Sulivan was Jane in it.

Johnny was a German bred Romanian settled in America. He was an Olympic Swimming Champion with 5 Gold medals. The pair of Johnny and Maurine was very popular. Johnny Weissmuller did 12 films of Tarzan from 1932 to 1948. 6 films with Maureen, 2 without any Jane and 4 with Brenda Joyce. After Johnny 5 Tarzan films were done by Lex Barker and 6 were done by Gordon Scot. After 1960, there were different Tarzan actors in every film.

The Chimpanzee “Cheetah” was there in films from 1932 to 1960, when he died.

In most films, the scripts were loyal to the novels. However, in the novel, Tarzan and Jane get married and they have a son too. But in films, they never got married and their son ” BOY ” was found and adopted by Jane.

There was one film ” Tarzan goes to India”-1962, in which Feroz Khan, Simi garewal,Jagdish Raj (as Police Inspector),Murad and G Raghavan had also acted.

In western films, the popular roles are done by the same actors in many films and they are known by that character. For example Sean Connery is famous for James Bond roles. Similarly, Johnny Weissmuller is known for his Tarzan roles. These actors later did many other films but their names were connected to the famous roles for ever.

In India,we do not find such consistency. Here the actor is known by the Genre of his speciality films-like tragedy films- Dilip kumar, Comedy Films-Kishore Kumar, Romantic films-Dev Anand, Action Films-Akshay Kumar etc.

By the way, this reminded me of the suspense Murder drama ‘Mouse Trap’, written by Agatha Christie. This drama is being staged in London for the last 61 years contineously. Two actors
Mysie Monte(Mrs.Boyle) and David Raven(Maj.Metcalf) played their roles for 11 cosecutive years !(A Trivia- a clock displayed in the hall in the sets, is the same since 1952).

In the Indian versions of Tarzan this role was played by many actors like Dara Singh, Azaad etc.

In today’s film TARZAN AND COBRA-1987, Tarzan is played by VIJU PENKAR, who acted only in one Tarzan film (and 2 other films Mohra and Waqt hamara hai).

VIJU PENKAR( real name Ezekiel Penkar-a Jew) was a Body Builder who was Mr.Bombay, Mr.Maharashtra and Mr.India in the competetions. He was also the President of Body Builders’ Association of Maharashtra.

He was a Jew by birth. There were many Jew artists in Hindi Films like, David, Pramila, Latika, Nadira etc.

Viju’s Heroine in this film was Shobhini Singh.The others in the cast were, Leena Das, Bhagwani, Kammo, Tun Tun, Mohan Sherry, Jayashree T etc. The producer was R B Hebbali and Direction was by Bhagwant Chaudhari. The Music Director was Sonik-omi and the Lyricist was Verma Malik.

The story of TARZAN AND COBRA-1987 was-

Prof.Ram Dayal, his assistant Johnny and daughter Leena go to the Jungle in search of Cobra Tribe’s treasure. Jojo and Bakona a pair of crooks also follows them secretly.

When this party enters the jungle, the king of jungle, Tarzan takes away Leena to his hideout. Professor and party start searching for her. Leena is treated nicely by Tarzan and as expected she promptly falls in his love. When the party sees Tarzan they want to kill him, but Leena saves him.

While they are there Jojo and Bakona try to kidnap Leena, but Tarzan chases them and teaches them a lesson.

When the party proceeds further,Johnny changes his stance, kidnaps Leena and runs away. Tarzan follows him, rescues Leena and throws Johnny to the crocodile filled river to be eaten by them.

After a few days, the Cobra Tribe attacks the party and captures all, including Tarzan.

The tribal priest wants to sacrifice them to the sacred Fire God. The Tribal princess Samara likes Tarzan. The priest starts killing them. First the professor is killed. Tarzan breaks his chain, and starts fighting. He rescues Leena and others and throws the priest into the raging Fire.the Priest and the Princess die and the entire tribal village and their treasure is burnt down.

The party returns to the city and Tarzan and Leena stay back in Jungle.

Song-Aisa toone chheda mujh ko (Tarzan and Cobra)(1987) Singer-Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Verma Malik, MD-Sonik Omi


aise toone chheda mujh ko bhari jawaani mein
aise toone chheda mujh ko bhari jawaani mein
main to sharam se paani hi paani ho gayi paani mein
aise toone chheda mujh ko bhari jawaani mein

5 Responses to "Aisa toone chheda mujh ko"

Superb Arun jee, simply superb work

This is the same Shobhini singh, I guess
who was there in Satte Pe satta(as one of the love interests of 7brothers)and also
in a important role in Basu Chatterjee`s Baathon baathon mein(as another girl who is after Amol Palekar at Tina Munim1s house, She features in one of the song also in that movie -Na bole tum na maine kuchch kahaan)


Prakash ji,
You are right about Shobhini Singh.


The film’s poster credits Verma Malik as the lyricist. Can you recheck the info on Aziz Ghazi.


Param ji,
You are right.
The Lyricist is Verma Malik.
I will request Atul ji to make the change.
Thanks for pointing out.


Param ji,
Correction is done.


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