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Yaad aane waale phir yaad aa rahe hain

Posted on: February 28, 2013

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

During my ‘crazy’ days of collecting 78 RPM gramophone records of rare gems of old Hindi films songs, I realised that there were many old Hindi films of early 50s whose gramophone records in 78 RPM format were not available at all. Some of the songs of such films were “sajaan ki ot leke” (Zevaraat, 1949), “yaad aane waale kyon yaad aa rahe hain” (Anmol Ratan, 1950), “preetam meri duniyaa mein do din to rahe hote” (Adaa, 1951), “baandh preeti phool dor” (Malti Madhav, 1951), “main saagar ki mast lahar” (Dhuaan, 1953), “bhool jaa sapne suhaane bhool jaa” (Rajdhani, 1956) etc. I had spent long hours in some of the prominent record shops in Mumbai for buying gramophone records of these and other rare songs but did not succeed at all. Those days, EPs/LPs records had made their presence in the records shops and these were displayed on the front side of the shops while 78 RPM records were relegated to the far end of the shops. In some shops, 78 RPM records were stored in ante-rooms full of dust.

Since my success ratio in acquiring those rare Hindi film songs was almost zero, my office colleague who was also my mentor in this field, suggested that I should scout for those records in the second-hand shops (kabaadi shops) and from the Chor Bazar. He even accompanied me on these trails on a couple of times. Those days, a new 78 RPM record used to cost Rs.6.60 and in the second hand shops, these used to be available anywhere between Rs.3 -6 depending more on the basis of the condition of the record than the popularity of the song. Most of these shop-keepers did not know much about the Hindi film songs. For them, it was like ‘buy low sell high’ kind of the business deals rather than the intricate value of the rare songs.

However, there were a couple of shopkeepers in Chor Bazar who were very knowledgeable about the old and rare gems of Hindi film songs. They were well versed with the demand-supply conditions of such rare songs. They also knew which of the master/mother discs of film songs were no more available with HMV and who had, in possession, records of such rare songs that were willing to sell at a premium. If my memory serves me right, one of those knowledgeable shopkeepers quoted me Rs.30/- for the 78 RPM record of “mere khayaalon mein aake gale lagaa jaa” from ‘Gunaah’ (1953). I did not buy the record but these experiences forced me to give up the hobby of collecting the rare gems of old Hindi film songs sometime in the mid 1972 after which I never ventured into buying 78 RPM records. Actually, there was no need to buy such gramophone records after a few years.

One common factor of the rare gems of old Hindi film songs referred to above seems to be that most of the films of these songs failed miserably at the box office. In the event, the songs were soon forgotten. Since there was no demand for such songs from the movies which have failed in the box office, HMV may have taken the decision to destroy the master/mother discs of these songs after some time to create space for new master/mother discs. In hindsight, the HMV’s decision was short-sighted. Realising their folly, sometime in early 70s, HMV did bring out in the market EP/LP versions of some of the rare gems of old Hindi film songs. But those enhanced recordings did not satisfy me as much as the songs on the 78 RPM records. We are lucky that internet technology has made us possible to listen to most of those rare gems of old Hindi film songs – some time in better audio quality than that of old 78 RPM records.

I have chosen for discussion one of such rare gems the gramophone record of which eluded me. The song is ‘yaad aanewaale kyon yaad aa rahe hain’ from ANMOL RATAN (1950). The song is sung by Talat Mehmood and Lata Mangeshkar on the lyrics of D N Madhok and composed by Vinod. The film was produced under the banner of Jamini Dewan Productions and directed by M. Sadiq. The star cast included Karan Dewan, Meena Kumari, Madan Puri, Gope, Nirmala Devi etc. I have no idea about the film story except that it belonged to the genre of social film. Only the audio clip of this song (as well as other songs from this film) is available. With the average sound of this audio clip with abrupt end, it appears to me that audio clips of this song was created either from the tape or from the radio. But the song is so beautifully written, composed and rendered that one can ignore the short comings of the audio clip. After all, something is better than nothing.

This may probably be the first duet song of Talat Mehmood and Lata Mangeshkar.


Song-Yaad aane waale yaad aa rahe hain (Anmol Ratan)(1950) Singers-Talat Mehmood, Lata, Lyrics-D N Madhok, MD-Vinod


yaad aanewaale
phir yaad aa rahen hain
yaad aanewaale
phir yaad aa rahen hain
mere khayaalon ki duniyaa pe aen aen ean
chhaaye jaa rahen hain

phir yaad aa rahen hain
yaad aanewaale
phir yaad aa rahen hain

ham bhi chup hain
wo bhi chup hain
pyaar khadaa muskaataa hai
ham bhi chup hain
wo bhi chun hain
pyaar khadaa muskaataa hai
nain miley sharmaaun
nain ki aur jiyaa ghabraataa hai ae ae
nain miley sharmaaun
nain ki aur jiyaa ghabaraataa hai
maujon ki raaten umangon ke din
beete jaa rahen hain

phir yaad aa rahen hain
yaad aanewaale
phir yaad aa rahen hain

mast alag se nighaaon waale
ham par ek ehsaan kiye jaa aa aa
mast alag se naghaaon waale
ham par ek ehsaan kiye jaa
meetha meetha dard suhaana
meetha meetha dard suhaana
dene waale aur diye jaa
jholi meri bhar de tere dar pe ae ae ae
sar jhukaa rahen hain
phir yaad aa rahen hain

5 Responses to "Yaad aane waale phir yaad aa rahe hain"

Your experience made me recall a similar instance.
My brother-in-laws in Indore have shop selling white goods plus filling up cassettes with old (for us new) songs. I used to tell him to get me some very old songs. He would say they do not keep such songs as nobody is interested. I got desperate; I suggested that there may be some old boxes of cassettes which you have discarded and kept aside. Get them. Lo and behold true to my prediction there were 3 boxes of cassettes which were veritable goldmines.


Later on HMV House at Kala Ghoda had computerised the list of records of old songs from which we canselect our choice and they would charge Rs 15 per song. I must say they had a good ‘haul’.
My principle was not to buy any records/cassettes/videos(which stood me in good stead and proved me right over the decades) as I was enamoured with the ‘surprise element’ when you hear your favourite songs suddenly out of the blue on the radio.
Though I used to visit ‘Music Parlor’ near Shanwar Wada near some the theatre(forgot the name)in Pune where they would charge few rupees per song, which can be heard sitting in small cubicles.
Now off course You tube have made all collections redundant. All songs are available at the click of the mouse. Sadly the craze and novelty of the so called ‘prized possession’ of rare songs are all but over.


Sadanand ji

I enjoyed reading the post very much.



In anmol ratan there is no meena kumari but meena short..


Meena shorie


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