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Mausam hai bada mastaana

Posted on: March 2, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

As I had mentioned earlier, the makers of Tarzan films always wanted to include something special in their films to enhance its credibility and acceptibility. In this process they would not stop anywhere, what if the story is senseless and unbelieveable ? They averred that the audience of ” C ” grade films does not come to the Theatres to quench his literary Thirst, but to get ‘paisa vasool’ stories, which satisfy his basic instincts. So no stones are left unturned to bring out that kind of stuff.

Another peculiar idea these film makers harbour is that the actor playing Tarzan roles must be a bodybuilder or a He Man. He must be physically strong looking, with lots of muscles, sinews and power to do the supernatural stunts, like taming wild animals, killing cruel animals with bare hands, fighting 10 people with weapons at a time and defeating them etc.

One wonders whether the wild animals who brought him up from a Baby had tucked his Gym aps somewhere in the jungle hidden behind bushes, so as to make him fit for a Mr.India contest and whether they converted him into a superhuman creature ?

If you see the earliest Hollywood Tarzan movies, you will find the Tarzan normal, though very tough but not with super powers. Such type of heroes, ofcourse will not do in Indian films as Tarzan.

Today’s film is TARZAN AUR HERCULES-1966.

Now, Hercules is a Greek Mythological character, son of God Jupiter and an earthling Alcmene. He has tremendous powers. One story in greek Mythology states that Hercules had even helped Atlas in taking the Universe on his shoulders for some time, till Atlas reported again for his duties !

So, this Greek Hercules joins hands with our Desi Tarzan in this film. As per the convention a wrestler and a bodybuilder named curiously, Hercules was taken for this role and one Mr.Bombay- Murad was doing the role of Tarzan.

The film was made by Jayant films and was directed by Mehmood (not the comedian mehmood). The music was by MOMIN, his First and only film as a Music Director. Momin was a Harmonium and Violin player in the orchestra of C Ramchandra, S D Burman, Roshan,Ravi and many other composers.

The lyricist was Naqi Azmi for our song.

The cast of the film was, Hercules, Murad, Indira, B M Vyas, Sunder, Shakila Bano Bhopali, Bholu Pehalwan etc.

The story was-

Hercules is a young man in the kingdom of Zingaro. He is highly distressed with the tyrant of Zingaro and calls Tarzan to help him. Tarzan is challenged by Zingaro’s official wrestler for a Fight to finish and Tarzan finishes Angoora in open darbar. The queen who likes Hercules appoints him in Angoora’s place, which is not liked by Zingaro. He sends Hercules to the Snake Kingdom to fetch Red jewel for him. Tarzan also accompanies him. In the Snake kingdom, the Princess Sanpli falls in Tarzan’s love and wants to marry him. Tarzan agrees, provided she gives him the Red Jewel.

Princess Sanpli brings the Red Jewel and the three run away from there. When they arrive in their kingdom, Zingaro puts them in Jail. The queen who now loves Herculis helps them to escape from the prison. In the final encounter Zingaro gets killed.

Today we will listen to a song from this film, sung by Krishna Kalle and chorus. The music is by Momin and the Lyrics are by Naqi Azmi….

And to resume our discussion on Animals in films….(with thanks to vasant Bhalekar who is the copyright holder of the article)…

Besides Raaz and Agha Mehmood, there was also KAMAL, who was a famous Trainer and supplier of animals to films. Kamal started as an assistant in 1951 but became an independent operator in 1956. He has been supplying horses, Dogs, cats, Parrot, Peacock, hen, even pigs and Asses to various films. He had trained a dog called Tiger. The earlier generation Tiger dog is different. This 6 year old Tiger was an expert in picking up children, Taking telephone receiver in mouth, untying the strings, opening doors, bolting doors, high and long jumps. etc.

Tiger loves to act in films. He has done wonders in Milan, Shikari, Kunwari, Madamme Zorro, Son of India etc. In son of India he and Sajid have major roles in the film.

Tiger loved to travel in a car. Kamal knew how to get him angry. Just whisper the words” Chalu ” in Tiger’s ears and he started growling and barking. He did this in Bazigar and Teen Ustad.

Kamal had also trained “Johnny” the Bitch and Raju the cheetah.

Then there were Mr.Bharucha and Mr.Datey who also supplied animals. Vithal Vishram supplied Horses and Agha and Raaz used them as they had stopped having their own horses.

All these trainers complained that maintenance of these animals was very costly, particularly when there were no films on hand.

Slowly the use of animals- particularly wild animals in films almost ended and a stage came when no one trained or kept Tigers or Lions. Their use was limited only as Circus animals.

In absence of Action and stunt films, animals like Dogs and cats were used in Social films, like in the following-

Ramu elephant in Haathi mere saathi, Tiger in Mr.Natwarlal, Bajrangi Monkey in Aankhen, Pigeons in Maine Pyar kiya, Dogs- Tuffy in Hun Aapke Hain Kaun, Peter in Raani aur Jaani, Moti in Teri Meherbaniyan, Puppy in Hunterwali, Aashiq in Char Darvesh etc. Cows in Gaai aur Gauri, Jumbo elephant and Raja Horse in Khoon Bhari Maang, Badar horse in Mard, parrot Sooraj in Appu Raja, Snake Charles in Doodh ka karz, Eagles- Sheroo in Dharmveer, Alla Rakha in Coolie, Zippy in Insaniyat and Pedro in Zimbo etc etc.

There are more stories and information about Animal Trainers and films in our next final episode,so watch out….

Song-Mausam hai bada mastaana (Tarzan aur Hercules)(1966) Singer-Krishna Kalle, Lyrics-Naqi Azmi, MD-Momin


masuam hai bada mastaana
har phool bana paimaana
dil dhadke nazar sharmaaye
dil dhadke nazar sharmaaye
jhoome hai saara zamaana
masuam hai bada mastaana
har phool bana paimaana aa

masuam hai bada mastaana
har phool bana paimaana
dil dhadke nazar sharmaaye
dil dhadke nazar sharmaaye
jhoome hai saara zamaana
masuam hai bada mastaana
har phool bana paimana aa

rangeen bahaaren aayin
paigam khushi ka laayin
nazron se mila ke nazren
nazron se mila ke nazren
main ulfat ka nazraana
masuam hai bada mastaana
aur phool bana paimaana aa

mere jalwa hai taaron mein
ek do mein nahin saaron mein
sab husn ke mere kaayal
sab husn ke mere kaayal
kya shamma kya parwaana
masuam hai bada mastaana
har phool bana paimaana

mere sapnon mein kaun aaya
kyun mujhpe nasha sa chaaya
main aaj talak to behkoon
main aaj talak to behkoon
jaise koi mastaana
masuam hai bada mastaana
har phool bana paimaana aa

dil dhadke nazar sharmaaye
dil dhadke nazar sharmaaye
jhoome hai saara zaamana
masuam hai bada mastaana
har phool bana paimaana aa

10 Responses to "Mausam hai bada mastaana"

Arun ji

Thanks Sir, for the nice song, nice post, and you know what “Anmol information”, Jo sirf hamaare Arun ji hi hamein de sakthe hain



Thank you,Prakash ji.


Arunji, thank you very much for the series on Tarzan and info about animals used in films and their trainers. No movies of that kind are being made nowadays. Reasons could be many, cost, the various approvals needed etc. But when we were kids, such movies were a sure hit with us. Used to watch all movies in which animals acted and fof course with parental approval 🙂

This reminds me of a funny incident. There was this movie called “hunnimeya ratriyalli” which was a A certified movie, in which late Lokesh and Ashok had acted. Parents didnt know and we didnt know, we didnt tell them later. It was assumed that since animals were there in the movie, it was good enough for children to watch, lol. The main attraction was a monkey and a snake in it. We went and watched the movie with our granny. Good she didnt berate us for taking us to an adult movie. Even remember the story line. It is about a young girl who is fed small amounts of snake poison everyday. When she is adult enough she starts biting necks of men (something similar to Dracula), they in turn get affected and start biting others. People die and all that. Dont remember the ending though. But enjoyed the acts of monkey and snake.


Aparna ji

I have seen this “Hunnimeya Raathriyalli”, one small correction, It not about a young girl but a young man(Lokesh acted that role-Roopa chakravarthy his love interest, and other actors are ashok, Musuri krishnamurthy etc) who is fed small amount of snake poison everyday. Lokesh On full moon day(i.e. Hunnime)goes on biting necks of beautiful young women in trans.)
I am not sure, but it was a TAmil movie remake


oh, is it so? It is a long time, I have forgotten. Thanks for the correction. He gets cured at the end, right? Do you remember by whom and how?


Aparna ji and prakash ji,

This was a very very ancient method of making Poison Girls or VISH KANYA. According to history,Chanakya advocated use of Vish kanyas to defeat enemies.These girls,from childhood used to be fed small amounts of Poison.When they grew up,their mere bite was enough to kill any person.Such Vish kanyas were used as
weapons by kings etc.


Thank you very much for the additional info Arunji.


Aparna ji

The last scenes are full of BEEN sound effect and the snakes and snakes everywhere, I generally avoid such movies full of snakes, it gives me nightmare there afterwards, where I get dreams full of snakes. But ,I remember the scene upto Lokesh was caught by Roopa Chakravarthy`s brother Ashok, and then onwards there are scenes full of snakes, I remember ,the scenes and sound effects then onwards became quite umbearable for me, to watch. I have watched the full movie, but not able to clearly remember the end scenes. That movie comes every now and then on Udaya movies channel, next time when it comes, I will catch up and give you the details.
Sorry, I clearly remember One S.P.Balasubramaniam song “Hunnimeya rathriyaalli”, where Lokesh bites a banana tree and that banana tree turns blue. A little bit skin show was also there, I think,The film was technically not upto the mark , but as a Child I got scared by the sight of snakes coming to a mountain place from everywhere. It`s scary, really, the slithering effect you know.


oh, you also saw it as a child. Very good. Censor certificates dont make any sense in our state then!! I too must have been very scared, so only I dont remember the end I think.


Here, u can watch the hindi version with Mithun and Rakesh Roshan:



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