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Nadi ka kinaara mendhak kare shor

Posted on: March 26, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Film songs are an integral part of our cinema culture. There have been songless films, but their number is miniscule, compared to films with songs.

The First hindi film without songs was way back in 1937- Naujawaan. It was a Wadia Movietone film, directed by Aspi Irani. The story was extremely novel and different. A businessman, returning after doing business in China, returns to India with priceless Chinese treasure and money. He makes a will and gives it to his son and niece. A Chinese and an Indian crook are after this treasure. The businessman is murdered and the son gets only 24 hours to unearth the murderer. It was a very good mystery film, very engrossing too, but there were no songs.

When this film was released and people went to see it, they felt cheated that there were no songs in the movie. The public ire was so strong that many theatres were damaged due to the riots. The film was hastily withdrawn from the theatres.

The producers then thought up of a plan. They made a 10 minute Trailer of the film and explained the public in it that since this was a mystery movie ,there was no scope for any songs in it.. The Trailer was shown all over India for a month and the film was again released. This time the people saw it. There were critical acclaims for it too, but it was not so successful at the Box-office.

This was a lesson for Wadia’s and all subsequentmovies from the stables of Wadia movietone had atleast 5 to 6 songs in them !

Music Director S D Burman had written an article in Cine Advance dated 8th September 1966, titled ” Songless Indian Films”. In this article Burman da had likened songs in films to s “Embroidery Works”, which enhanced the acceptibility of the films. According to him,songs were needed in Hindi films, because the storylines of Hindi films were very weak. This was not so, he averred,in Bangla films, as there are many songless films in Bangla due to their strong storylines.

After the First songless film Naujawaan-1937, it took a cool 17 years before the next songless film Munna came in 1954. This was produced and written by K A Abbas. The film detailed the experiences of an orphan boy in his life with various types of people. The film was a big flop. Infact no one knew about it when it came and where it went.

The Third songless film, however,was a big Hit. “KANOON”-1960 was a B R Chopra film and a murder mystery. It was a highly successful film indeed.

Then again there was a hugh gap of over 40 years before the next songless films appeared. In the First decade of this century, there were many songless films. In fact during the period of 2003 to 2005, there was a spate of such films. Some of the songless films were (I have seen NONE of them, so there might be some error)- Page 3, Bhoot, Hawaa, 3 Deewaane, Darna manaa hai, Ek din 24 ghanta, My wife’s murder, Ab tak 56, Delhi belly, Sarkar, A wednesday etc etc. I could easily collect a list of atleast 25 songless films in this period alone.

Truly, songs are “Embroidery” works, and it goes without saying that the right tosing a song in a film rests mainly with the Hero or the Heroine only. It is on rare occasions that songs are sung by any other characters in the movies. In the 50s and 60s, comedians like Johnny Walker and Mehmood had special songs, but otherwise songs have always been the prerogative of the Lead pair only. Guru Dutt, however is known to have given peppy songs to unknown junior artists in his films many times. Otherwise songs are a NO NO for all other actors.

Major comedians,in their heydays, had songs specially made for them. So if there is a song filmed on a small time comedian, it is a rarity and it is a pleasure towatch the picturisations of such songs.

Today we will see a Parody song from the film “SHARARAT”-72, which is shot on the popular comedians Ram awtaar, Tun Tun, Kamal Mehra, Junior Mehmood, Kumkum etc.

SHARARAT-72 was directed by Manmohan desai with music from Ganesh-the talented brother of Pyarelal(of Laxmikant Pyarelal team).

This song does not feature in the list of songs in HFGK, for unknown reasons. Perhaps this song was deleted from the film.

The singers are Manhar Udhas, Rafi, Shamshad begum and another unknown female voice. After this song Shamshad begum sang her last song in film Bankelal-1972, before retiring from films.

Song-Nadi ka kinaara mendhak kare shor (Sharaarat)(1972) Singers-Manhar Udhas, Shamshad Begam, Rafi, female voice, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Ganesh


nadi ka kinara
mendhak kare shor
jiyara re kaanpe aise
jaise thaane mein ho chor
nadi ka kinaara
mendhak kare shor
jiyara re kaanpe aise
jaise thaane mein ho chor

bade armaanon se
bade armaanon se rakha hai
balam baap kasam
o balam baap kasam
pyaar ki duniya mein ye bhaari kdam
ho o o bhaari kadam

ke o ho
ae maa
hum tum thasse se
bandhe ek rasse se
jayio kahaan e hazur
ye khota apna hi umadega
ke hum tum thhasse se
bandhe ik rasse se
jayiho kahaan
jayiho kahaan ae hazur

meri billo mujhe mil gayi
maine tujhe bacha liya
arrey chup rah mote
tu kya mujhe bachaayega

arre bhaag

saajan saajan pukaaroon main naali mein
saajan saajaan
ke saajan saajan pukaroon main naali mein

mere man ki ganga aur tere man ki jamuna ka
bol billo bol sangam hoga ke nahin
arrey bol billo bol sangam hoga ke nahin
nahin nahin
kabhi nahin

lohe ki deewar na todi
mujhko ?? diya
ek shaitaan ki beti ne
mera dhoti kurta phaad diya
lohe ki deewaar na todi

ek bechaara
o o
pyaar ka maara
o o o
raaho me tere dekh khada hai
daal de zara
husn ki body ishq ki nalli
pyaar kaa paaya

mera dulha aaya
sang doli na kahaar
mera dulha aaya
sang doli na kahaar
aayi ??
mujhe dekh ke bukhaar aaya aa aa
mera dulha aaya
sang doli na kahaar

parde mein rahne do
parda na uthaao
parda jo uthh gaya to
billo kaat khaayegi
amma meri tauba

baba meri tauba
amma meri tauba,
haay haay baaba meri tauba

yak chatur naar
yak chatur naar karke singaar
badi hoshiyaar
mere man ke dwaar
wo ghusat jaat
wo ghusat jaat
ham marat jaat
ye ghusat jaat
wo marat jaat

main ka karoon raam ponga pandit mil gaya
haay main ka karoo raam ponga pandit mil gaya
mujhe pandit mil gaya
haay haay ponga mil gaya
main ka karoon raam ponga pandit mil gaya

yaa hoo
yaa hoo

chaahe koi mujhe pongaa kahe
chaahe koi mujhe ghonga kahe
hum khel ke maidaanon mein khade hain
ham kyun daren
chaahe koi mujhe pongaa kahe

aa mere hamjoli aa
khelen gulli danda aa
kheto mein khalihaanon me
basti aur virano mein

ho o
main maaroon tu ise khele
main maaroon

main maaroon
main maaroon

2 Responses to "Nadi ka kinaara mendhak kare shor"

-Gulzar’s Achanak (73) was officially a songless movie. However, in one scene in the movie, they do play SDB’s Sun Mere Bandhu Re in the background.

-As far as i know, BR/Yash chopra’s Ittefaq (69) and B R Ishara’s Reena Roy debut Zaroorat (72) had no songs. But havent watched them in recent times, so cant confirm if they had any songs like above mentioned Achanak.

-Several art house / NFDC movies were officially without songs. For example, Mani Kaul’s Uski Roti (70) and Duvidha (73); Shyam Benegal’s Ankur (74); Saeed Akhtar Mirza’s Arvind Desai Ki Ajab Dastan (78); Basu Chatterjee’s Ek Ruka Hua Faisla (86), etc. Not sure if these movies got widescreen release or not, but some of them did win National Awards.

-Shamshad Begum’s last song featured in Ganga Maang Rahi Balidaan (81).


@ Deshmukh Sir – enjoyed the post , thanks a lot !!!


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