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Mujhe na sapnon se behlaao

Posted on: April 5, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

The fifth decade of last century (40s) was very significant for Music lovers. It is during this period that along with film music, Non-Film Songs(NFS) also became very popular. Recording of such songs first began in Bengal. In fact many singers started cutting their records for private songs from 1937-38 onwards . The response of the people to such songs was so overwhelming that many new singers started their careers with NFS.

Jagmohan, Pankaj Mullick, Saigal, Hemant Kumar, S D Burman, Talat Mehmood, Rafi, Geeta Roy, K C Dey and many more singers regaled music lovers with their melodious private songs. Many of these singers like Hemant Kumar, S D Burman, K C Dey, Pankaj Mullick etc became Music Directors themselves in later life, but they knew the importance of NFS and cut NFS records whenever chances came.

I remember an article in the 50s that described Saigal, Pankaj Mullick and Jagmohan as the ‘ TRIMURTI ‘ of music from Bengal, because of their NF songs.

JAGANMOY MITRA or Jagmohan was born in 1918 in Calcutta. He won many prestigious Music Competetions in 1937 after his matriculation and he started as a regular singer for NFS from 1938 onwards.

His First NFS was in Bangla-” Shrawan raate jodi…”,with lyrics from Kazi Nazrul Islam and composed by Jagmohan himself. His First Hindi NFS was ” Mujhe na sapnon se bahlao” in 1939. The lyrics were by Faiyaz Hashmi and music was composed by Kamal Dasgupta.

After singing his first Bangla Film song in 1941, he sang his First Hindi film song for ‘Bhakta Kabeer’ in 1942. Then he sang in about 25 Hindi films, like Arzoo, Amiri, Bhaichara, Meghdoot, Vijay Yatra, Aisa Kyun etc. His last Hindi film song was for ‘Zindagi’ in 1956.

In 1945,Bengal govrnment conferred the title of ” SUR SAGAR ” on him.

More than his film songs, Jagmohan will be remebered for his enchanting Non Film Songs, which were a rage from the 40s through the 60s.

Jagmohan was very close to Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Subhashchandra Bose, Jaiprakash Narayan and many other leaders of those times.

In the late 50s and 60s, he toured all over the world doing stage shows of his songs. Jagmohan was also a social worker.

After Calcutta, he stayed some time in Delhi and Ahmedabad, but settled in Bombay where he died on 3-9-2003.

Jagmohan was my favourite singer. Today I will present his FIRST HINDI NON FILM SONG-“Mujhe na sapnon se behlaao”.

Song-Mujhe na sapnon se behlaao (Jagmohan Sursagar NFS)(1939) Singer-Jagohan Sursagar, Lyrics-Faiyyaz Hashmi, MD-Kamal Desgupta


mujhe na sapnon se behlaao
mujhe na sapnon se bahlaao
doori kaa dukh dil pe sahoon main
rah ke paas bhi door rahoon main
doori kaa dukh dil pe sahoon main
rah ke paas bhi door rahoon main
chhoonaa chaahoon
chhoo na sakoon main
chhoonaa chaahoon
chhoo na sakoon main
kaun ye reet bataao
hai kaun ye reet bataao o o
mujhe na sapnon se behlaao

gangaa se tum aavo nahaa kar
kesh sukhaao baanh phailaa kar
gangaa se tum aavo nahaa kar
kesh sukhaao baanh phailaa kar
meri tamannaaon par chhaa kar
meri tamannaaon par chhaa kar
kaahe phir chhup jaao
tum kaahe phir chhup jaao o o
mujhe na sapnon se bahlaao

roz mere sapne mein aanaa
nit nit roop nayaa dikhlaanaa
roz mere sapne mein aanaa
nit nit roop nayaa dikhlaanaa
roz chhudaa kar aanchal jaanaa
roz chhudaa kar aanchal jaanaa
aisaa zulm na dhaao
tum aisaa zulm na dhaao o o
mujhe na sapanon se behlaao
mujhe na sapanon se behalaao

8 Responses to "Mujhe na sapnon se behlaao"

All Jagmohan NFSs are five stars for me.
Thanks for reviving his first Hindi NFS.


I agree with Sadanandji 100%. Any Jagmohan song gets my full attn.


Thanks for this beautiful post Sir ! i listen the song for the first time and like it very much. Lyrics are beautiful too !


During my college days, our group of music loving friends were always on lookout for new releases of the then famous trio singers Jagmohan, Hemant Kumar and Talat Mahmood. We would write down lyrics of those songs while listening to the radio and then compare notes with each other and try to learn the tune, The romantic lyrics were an ‘in’ thing even in those days!!


always my favorite


A die-hard-fan of Jagmohan, I have uploaded some rare gems at


Alas…there will be no Punkaj Mullick, Jagmohan, Talat Mah mood and Hemant Kumar around us. No one can ever take their place.


How badly do we miss such a great singer who lived in oblivion for most of the time.This particular song makes me much nostalgic about bygone days.Indeed a great to find u reviving the golden time.Thanks


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