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Jiyenge magar muskura na sakenge

Posted on: April 12, 2013

We in this blog initially discussed just movie songs. Once I discussed a K L Saigal song and it turned out that it was a non film song (NFS). Several regulars of the blog then lobbied for the inclusion of NFS in the blog. And that is how NFS began to be discussed in the blog.

By now we have discussed some memorable NFS sung by as many as 32 singers. This includes greats of Hindi movie music as well as many singers who made their mark predominantly as singers of NFS.

All the NFS sung by K L Saigal (37 in numbers) figure in the blog. With time, we expect to be able to cover all or nearly all NFS from other singers too.

Mukesh is one singer who may become the next big name whose songs (both film as well as NFS) may get fully covered in the next couple of years seeing that as many as 563 MUkesh songs have already been discussed in the blog and less than 400 Mukesh songs now remain to be discussed.

Here is a nice NFS sung by Mukesh. This song is written by Kaif Irfani. Music is composed by Murli Manohar Swaroop.

The year of recording is not known to me. I request our knowledgeable readers to tell us when this song was recorded. For the time being I have assumed it to be a song of 1960.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Mahesh.
PS-I am informed that this song is of 1952 and it was composed by Mukesh himself.

Song-Jiyenge magar muskura na sakenge (Mukesh NFS)(1952) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Kaif Irfani, MD-Mukesh

Lyrics (Provided by Mahesh)

aaa aaa
aaa aaa
jiyenge magar
muskura na sakange ae ae ae
jiyenge magar
muskura na sakange
ke ab zindagi mein muhobbat nahin hai
muhobbat nahin hai
labon pe taraane ab aa na sakenge
labon pe taraane ab aa na sakenge
ke ab zindagi mein muhobbat nahin hai
muhobbat nahi hai

bahaaren chaman mein jab aaya karengi
nazaaron ki mehfil sajaaya karengi
bahaaren chaman mein jab aaya karengi
nazaaron ki mehfil sajaaya karengi
nazaare bhi hum ko hansa na sakenge
nazaare bhi hum ko hansa na sakenge
ke ab zindagi mein muhobbat nahin hai
muhobbat nahin hai

jawani jo laayegi saawan ki raaten
zamaana karega muhobbat ki baaten
jawaani jo laayegi saawan ki raaten
zamaana karega muhobbat ki baaten
magar hum ye saawan manaa na sakenge
magar hum ye saawan mana na sakenge
ke ab zindagi mein muhobbat nahin hai
muhobbat nahin hai
labon pe taraane ab aa na sakenge
ke ab zindagi mein muhobbat nahin hai
muhobbat nahin hai

10 Responses to "Jiyenge magar muskura na sakenge"

Mukesh and Murli Manohar Swaroop came together foe the most memorable NFS — the 7 LP Ramcharit Manas which he sang an year before his sad demise in 1976. So this song may be 1974/75… And could be produced by Vijay Kishore Dubey of HMV, who produced many a gem then.


This song was released in 1952 as per also gives the year as 1952.
Even his voice in this song gives a feel of his late 40s early 50s songs.

As per the first link, the song was composed by Mukesh himself.


Atul ji,
The above NFS of mukesh was composed by MUKESH himself and NOT by M M Swaroop.


Beeeeeg favorite of mine from my radio days.


Never heard this before 😦 Such a beautiful composition! Thanks Atulji and Maheshji for the song.


The year of release is 1952 and the music is indeeed scored by Mukesh himself. Down Melody Lane website lists a total of 82 NFS by Mukesh. So we have lot of ground to cover of a singer whose total number of songs sung was in mere 3 digits in spite of being so immensely popular. I recollect a broadcaster on SLBC saying that this was the song recollected by Raj Kapoor on hearing the news of Mukesh’s demise.


Ava Suri posted a link to this song on facebook, a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics. Thanks for sharing—Shilpi


My dear Atul ji,
I have seen your site in depth for the first time today. You have done some amazing work by creating this site.

I am working on a song sung by Mukesh that is presumably lost today:
Jhoom Rahi Hain Shokhiyan.
Didaye Neem Baaz Mein
Jaag Rahe Hain Paasbaan
Yaar Hai Naz-e-kwaab mein

I have heard this song as a child for over three years from the age of about 7 to 10.

I still remember the wordings of at least one stanza.

Could we salvage this song?

Rakesh Ratti Kapoor.
New Delhi.


Dear Mr. Kapoor,

Jhoom Rahi Hain Shokhiyan is from the movie “The Mill” released in 1934.

Mukesh, born in 1923 was hardly 11 years old and definitely could not have sung in the said film.

However, before coming to Bombay, he had recorded a few songs (6?) in Delhi and are described in this post.

Since you say you are working on the song from The Mill, I am curious to know, if it was also an version song sung by Mukesh.



One stanza is the same.

For the remainder:
On comparing what I remember with the written lyrics of the song, it appears that Mukesh may have sung an adaptation.

I heard Mukesh’s version from the age of 7 onwards. I have continuously heard this song for almost four years. Naturally, I did not really understand the lyrics as a child.

Mukesh’s song, does not rhyme in the same manner as the lyrics and sounds that I remember.

I am soon coming out with a campaign to search this song. You shall hear from me shortly and I shall also enlist your help.



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