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Tu hai kamaal maula tu hai kamaal

Posted on: April 12, 2013

This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

I have thought up an idea of doing a series on ‘desert songs’. Unfortunately most of the famous desert songs are already posted, and I am left with a residue of songs from the 80’s only. I have myself written the post of the songs of ‘Laila Majnoon’ (1976) most of which are in the desert. I request readers to help me in this regard and provide the name of such songs picturized in the desert from 50’s and 60’s .

I have a small list of some of the songs which I personally like a lot. One such song is ‘Tu hai kamaal maula tu hai kamaal’ from the film ‘Sultanat’ (1986). The lyrics were written down months ago but I was waiting to find some more songs in this genre.

But a comment yesterday by Prakashchandra ji, alerted me that he has this movie in his sights. I thought to write this post fast or he will beat me to this song too. For all I know he may even have sent the lyrics of this song already.

This is a theme song being sung in the desert by a dervaish/faqeer. In one of the shots I thought it is Dalip Tahil singing this, but I am not sure. This movie had Dharmendra, Sunny Deol, Sridevi in the main roles and this is the only film in which Shashi Kapoor’s son Karan Kapoor was seen in the hindi film screen. I remembered this film because we had seen it in theatre. It must have been Minerva at Lamington road. Sunny Deol and Karan Kapoor are Dharmendra’s sons from different wives. Sri Devi played the heroine opposite Sunny Deol. As can be seen from the song, it is a tried and tested theme of lost and found.

The singer is Suresh Wadkar, lyricist is Anjaan and the music is by Kalyanji-Anandji. While looking for links, I found two different links with differnet stanza’s, to make a complete song. For some reason it is not sounding as good as I remembered.

Suresh Wadkar is sounding divine to start with, but for some reason, he is changing the style of singing for the other parts.

I looked for audio link which could have better sound quality, but to no avail.

This song has the Kalyanji-Anandji brand of musical lilt and gives the correct vibes of the desert.



Song-Tu hai kamaal maula tu hai kamaal (Sultanat)(1986) Singer-Suresh Wadkar, Lyrics-Anjaan, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


ae maalik-e-do jahaan
teri zameen ee ee
tera aa aaaa
tu kya soche ae
tu kya chaahe ae
yeh tere bandon ko
o o
khabar aa aa
yeh tere bandon ko
khabar aa

arrey tu hai kamaal maula
tu hai kamaal
teri qudrat kamaal
ho tu hai kamaal maula
tu hai kamaal
teri sultanat kamaal
arey kab kis ko kya de de
haan kab kis ko kya de de
kab kis se kya le le
khel tere bemisaaal
tu hai kamaal
maula tu hai kamaal
teri qudrat kamaal
teri sultanat kamaal

tere karam ka noor kahaan
kis ki taqdeer jagaaye
kis daaman mein phool khile
aur kis ka chaman mehkaaye
chheene kis ki hansi
kise de khushi
koyi yeh jaane naa aa
arrey banda parwar
mere faisle tere koyi
pehchaane na
tu hai kamaal
maula tu hai kamaal
teri qudrat kamaal
teri sultanat kamaal

maalik teri qudrat ka hai
yeh kya ajab tamaasha
betaa baap
baap bete ke
khoon ka aaj hai pyaasa
unhonee kya huyi
yehaan to koyi
raaz yeh jaane na
kaisa chhaaya junoon
lahu ko lahu aaj pehchaane na
tu hai kamaal
maula tu hai kamaal
teri qudrat kamaal
teri sultanat kamaal

kaise dekhen nazar kisi ki
yeh ghamnaak nazaara
baap ke seene mein bete ne
khanjar aaj utaara
waqt bada be-reham
kare kya sitam
koyi yeh jaane naa aa
arrey kis karni ka silaa
kise kya mila
koyi pehchaane na
tu hai kamaal
maula tu hai kamaal
teri qudrat kamaal
teri sultanat kamaal

kyun na tadpe rooh kisi ki
aankh na kyun bhar aaye
jab aulad ki khaatir
koyi baap yoon jaan lutaaye
kyun yeh qismat likhe
tujhe kya miley
koyi yeh jaane na aa
tu hi jaane khuda
kya hai teri razaa
koyi pehchaane na
tu hai kamaal
maula tu hai kamaal
teri qudrat kamaal
teri sultanat kamaal
kab kis ko kya de de
arey kab kis ko kya de de
kab kis se kya le le
khel tere bemisaal
tu hai kamaal
maula tu hai kamaal
teri qudrat kamaal
teri sultanat kamaal
teri sultanat kamaal
teri sultanat kamaal
meremaula kamaal
teri sultanat kamaal

12 Responses to "Tu hai kamaal maula tu hai kamaal"

Karan Kapoor also starred in “Junoon” “36 Chowringhee Lane” “Loha” & “Afsar”


I believe Arjun Hingorani himself is acting as the Faqeer in this song. Also, as far as I know, movie Afsar was never released. Sultanat and Loha would be only 2 movies where Karan Kapoor acted as the hero. Other movies are home productions where he was too young.


During 50s and 60s, top stars (Dilip-Raj-Dev-Rajendra-Sunil Dutt-Shammi K, etc) mostly did urban/rural/social types of movies. The scope of featuring the desert was mostly relegated to B-grade Fantasies/historical movies – Aladin, Alibaba types stories starring the likes of Mahipal and the “studio” registan ;). There were some A-grade listings like Guzra Hua Zamana featuring Madhubala in Shirin Farhad, and like u mentioned, most of them are probably covered. Try Sheikh Chilli (56), Reshma Aur Shera (71), Dharmatma (75), Abdulla (80), Love and God (86 but delayed), Batwara (89), Lekin (90), Border (97), Sarfarosh (99), etc, for desert/camels/kafila types songs. Even if newer, there are some good songs there which are not covered yet.


You are right about the drawback of a ‘registaan’ in the studio. For the songs of 50’s it has to be a foregone conclusion. Even the songs of ‘Love & God’ have studio look. Thanks for giving the list of those films. I see that those films are not yet ‘red’ in the list so some songs are possible. The song from ‘Abdullah’ is there is the list. ‘Sarfarosh’ & “lekin’ songs I am very fond of, both Sonu Nigam and Lata songs are my favourites.


Dor(2006) a very very good Ayesha Thakia/Nagesh Kuknoor movie picturised on desert locations(Hope I am right)may have 1 or 2 songs picturised in the desert.I am not very sure about this, But there are chances.


J.P.Dutta the director has got obsessio with desert locations.

His Yateem(1988)has got very good 4 songs(Sung by Kavita Krishnamurthy and co.)
1)aake tujh par aaj kar doon main nyochhavar zindagi
2)Teri nigaah pe sab kuchch lutaane aaye hain(a excellent 2 version-qawwali sung by Sukhwinder Singh, Mohammed aziz)
(That`s a deviation from your desert subject, it is picturised at a Dargah)
3)Dil ne chaahaa hai kyaa(Kavita Krishnamurthy)
4)Rut piyaa milan ki aayee(Sukhwinder Singh,Kavita Krishna

His Hathyar(1989) got one Kavita song “Der se aayee door se aayee(picturised on a desert location-amrita singh)

His Batwara(1989)got 3 songs picturised on desert
1)Ye ishq dunk bichchuaa ka, are isse raam bachaaye
2)tu meraa kaun laage(Kavita, Alka,Anuradha )
3)jo main aaisaa jaanthi

cham cham barsaa paani
dil na kisikaa jaaye

I may be wrong, in this regard, but you can try above movie songs for you desert location songs.


You may like to look at a song ‘husn kehta jaa raha hai’ from ‘Humaayun’ (1945) even though it does not fall in your preferred time frame. I have watched this movie only a couple of days back.


Thanks for the info about this song. I have found it.


Nice post NAHM ji, and all the best for the ‘desert’ series undetaken ! i think in the song from Abdullaah ‘ae khuda har faisla tera mujhe manzoor hain’ there are some desert locations, do not remember it completely now. So please consider this in your list. And please do not include ‘tu mera kaun laage’ from Batwaara (as i have it in my ‘memories of Rajasthan’ series), basharte ki ye dono gaane kahin Prakash ji ne already share na kar diye ho !!! 
Thanks !


I think this audio clip got good sound quality and also consists all stanzas:


Thanks for the audio link, which has the complete song as per the lyrics. And also thanks for your suggestions on ‘deser’ songs.



Nahm ji Nice song, my favourite in this genre…..far better than the so called Sufi stuff being rammed in our ears there days…..


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