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Hai bahut dinon ki baat

Posted on: May 26, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

This is the last song from film Bhabhi-57. The film had 10 songs which included a 3 part song-Chal ud ja re Panchhi….
It has already been posted and with this song all songs of Bhabhi-57 will be complete.

After Chandralekha-1948 became a mega Hit all over the country, with over 600 copies -in those days, mind you-,the Madras producers realised the vast potential for their films all over India. This proved to be a stimulus or a catalyst to induce the southern producers to look for greener and greater pastures in the Hindi Belt.

After Chandralekha, the next big South India Hindi film was BAHAR-1951, a remake of the original Tamil block-buster VAZHKAI-1949. Vyjayantimala made her Debut with Bahar.

After this, the trickle from south became a hugh flow in the 50s. During this period, many remakes of Tamil and Telugu films started flooding the Theatres all over India. Most remakes were shot in Madras and some were made simulteneously in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, thus saving time and cost on sets.

In 1955, when Azaad was to be made, its sets of the original Tamil film were kept intact for 6 months in Madurai.

Bhabhi-57 was also a remake of a south film ” Vadina’-55, in which Pandari bai had done the Pivotal role of the Bhabhi. She was picked again for the Hindi remake also. The film was a typical south masala film,with focus on extreme torture of the helpless, childless Bhabhi and her child widow niece lata (Nanda). There was comedy of Omprakash and Bhagwan/Agha who were Guest artistes, very good music and songs. As usual plenty of Characters, hero Heroine, his three brothers, their wives, those wives’ parents, neighbours, employees etc etc were there. In fact too many characters were there. May be this was meant to ensure a well attended customary group photo at the End !

Bhabhi had Balraj Sahni in it. Since his role of Shambhu Mahato in Do Bigha Zameen-53, he had become the perinnial face of the sufferer, be it a farmer, a husband, a big brother or a benevelent doctor. His partner/wife would change from Nirupa Roy to Pandari bai, but he would be there to portray the ever-dukhi elder brother or a poor father of a daughter. The movie also had Pandari bai and Shyama as well.I really failed to understand,why such a beautiful actress was always shown with negative tones, why not like a naughty role like in Aar paar ? Then there were Anwar Hussain, Raja Gosavi, Nanda, Jagdeep, Shivraj, Jawahar Kaul, Manorama, Krishnakant etc along with a Doggy too-Rude !( This is Doggy’s name).

PANDARI BAI was one of those rare breeds of actors, who was a marvel. Her career spanned 50+ years, in which she acted in 1,500 films in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi.

Pandaribai was born in 1930 at Bhatkal, in a Saraswat Bramhin family of North Kanara.Her first film was Vani-1943, but she got widespread fame, when she was invited by AVM for their film VAZHKAI-1949.( She learnt and became proficient in Tamil in just ONE month, for this film). She acted in both the Telugu (Jeevitham) and Hindi (Bahar) remakes of the Tamil film.

She acted in several Hindi films like, Bahar, Bhabhi ,Paigham, Rakhwala, Shehzada, Bandagi, Apna Desh, Raaz, Laadla, Nanha Farishta, Doli, Jyoti bane Jwala etc. She was good at doing character roles.

From her First film in Hindi-Bahar to any of her later Hindi films, it is to her credit that she NEVER used any dubbing for her Hindi dialogues. Her distinct southern tone was identifiable, but it was her committment to do the job 100%,that was very important.

This is in sharp contrast to the later Southern Heroines. The classic case is of SRIDEVI, whose first major film in Hindi was HIMMATWALA, -1983, with Jeetendra. (though she had debuted with Solva Saawan-1978,opposite Amol Palekar)

Starting with Himmatwala-83, for the next 40 films, Sridevi used a Dubbing Artist for her Hindi Dialogues ! She never felt that she should learn Hindi, if she was doing so many Hindi films. This is lack of commitment to the job ! ( her dubbing work was done by ex actress Naaz-wife of actor Subiraj. Naaz once said ” Sridevi’s Hindi was NIL. Her first dialogue in the film was to Asrani as ” Myerey ku katta katta kairi kaana aye”).

That way Rekha and Hema Malini learnt Hindi quickly. Though their south tons were unmistakable initially, they did not hesitate to do their own dubbing. That is some commitment.

In the film Bhabhi, the regional accent of Pandaribai and Raja Gosavi (Marathi’s top hero),sometimes prompted smiles and chuckles from the audience, especially while they had to utter serious dialogues.

The story of Bhabhi was about the sacrifices of the eldest brother Ratanlal(Balraj Sahni) and his second wife(Pandaribai or The Bhabhi) Shanta ,made for his 3 brothers viz Jawahar Kaul,Raja Gosavi and Jagdeep. The story writers and the Directors could easily be the sworn enemies of the Brother and the Bhabhi, as they made them suffer, leave house, live in a hut like house ,go away and finally end up in Big Brother’s death, before everything is settled amicably, just before the end !

Similarly, Lata (Nanda), the child widow is also put to extreme torture and made to sweep, mop, wash, weep and sing for much of the movie.

I think those were the days when a section of the Indian audience liked these things, may be enjoyed it too otherwise what is the explanation for such a bucketful of a tear-jerker becoming a Hit film ?

I am just wondering ,what will be today’s audience reaction,should such a film come now ?

If people liked such films, who am I to object ? But one thing is sure, this film sealed a firm belief that films with titles having words like Bhai, Bhabhi, Behen, Sasural, Mayka, Babul and similar red signal words should be avoided, if one was not masochistically inclined.

If you are keen to read the review of Bhabhi-1957, it is done by Dustedoff –here.

When you eat too much of Sweets, you require some salted snacks, similarly, a sprinkle of comedy was used in Bhabhi to give enough time to change wet hankies etc.

Here is one such song of NAUTANKI performance by Bhagwan, Omprakash and Agha. The song is good and a Parody of this song was used in the song “de do mera panch rupiah bara anna” in the film ‘ Chalti ka naam gaadi’-1958. Enjoy this song by Manna Dey, S Balbir, Rafi and chorus.



Song-Hai Bahut dinon Ki Baat (Bhaabhi)(1957) Singers-Manna Dey,S Balbir, Rafi, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Chitragupta


o o o
hai bahut dinon ki
hai bahut dinon ki baat
thha ik majnu aur ik Laila
khhaa baithhe thhe teer nazar ka
donon pahla pahla
kismat thhi do par ek thhi jan
Ik dooje par thhe kurbaan
ik shama thhi ik parwaana
ik deewaani ik deewaana
jungle jungle basti basti
Majnu pyaar ka mara
aathon pahar lagaata rahta
Laila naam ka naara

Laila Laila pukaroon main ban mein
mori Laila basi mori man mein
Laila laila pukaroon main ban mein
mori Laila basi mori man mein

aa aa aaa
dil ke aaine mein hai tasveer e yaar
ho jab zara gardan jhukaayi dekh li
Laila Laila pukaroon main ban mein
mori Laila basi mere man mein
Laila Laila pukaroon main ban mein
mori Laila basi mere man mein


haay patthar se na maaro mere deewaane ko
haay patthar se na maaro mere deewaane ko
do ghadi sun lo zara pyaar ke afsaane ko
haaye pathhar se na maaro mere deewaane ko
jaan lelo meri ya mera kaleja lelo
jaan lelo meri ya mera kaleja lelo
mere Majnu ko na chhedo meri duniya lelo
haay meri duniya lelo
hoy meri duniya lelo
Kaif ke badle me taiyaar hoon mar jaane ko
haay patthar se na maro mere deewaane ko

haay Kaif

aa aaa aaa
ulfat ka jab maja hai
ke jab wo bhi ho bekarar
donon taraf ho aag baraabar lagi hui

haay Kaif
duniya waalon tumhe pyar ki duhai hai
duniya waalon tumhe pyar ki duhai hai
sab kuch har ke jholi pasaar ke
pyaar ki bheekh lene aaj Laila aayi hai
duniya walo tumhe pyaar ki duhaai hai
duniya waalon tumhe pyaar ki duhaai hai

ho jaaye jo majnu mera
kya bigdega duniya tera
yaar milaa de mera pyaar hansaa de mera
pyaar ki bheekh lene aaj laila aayi hai
duniya waalon tumhe pyar ki duhai hai
duniya waalon tumhe pyaar ki duhai hai

lekin ye beraham Zamaana
aa aa aa
dilwaalon ki baat na maana
ho o o o
ho o o o
Laila Majnu donon mar gaye
o o o
mar ke bhi wo naam to kar gaye
o o o o
o o o o
jo nahin milte is jahaan mein
ae ae ae ae ae
mil jaate hain aasmaan mein

7 Responses to "Hai bahut dinon ki baat"

Arun ji

Thank you for writing about Pandhari Bai and for the other information and the rare song.


Nice enjoyable song. About typecasting of Balraj Sahani in suffering elder brothers roles, even Om Prakash did those very well, e.g. ‘Gopi’ , ‘gharana’ etc.

BTW the word is not ‘ kaif ‘ , it is ‘qais’, another name of manju .
Please refer :


I meant ‘khandan’ not ‘gharana’.


Yeshwantbhai Bhatt(Khyatiben’s relative) has also sang in:

Alaap>Putlibai & Yashwant Bhatt>K Narayana Rao>Bhadar Gundvi> Dhokebaaz (1946)
Aye Phul Bata>Husn Bano & Yashwant Bhatt>K Narayana Rao Mustafa Nisar Usmani>Royal Mail (1946)
Aye Saki Tujhe>Husn Bano & Yashwant Bhatt>K Narayana Rao Mustafa Nisar Usmani>Royal Mail (1946)
Dil Bechte Hai Hum>Kusum Mantri & Yashwant Bhatt>K Narayana Rao>Shewan Rizvi> Khooni Laash (1943)
Do Hai Naina Hon Chaar Kaise>Leela Mehta & Yashwant Bhatt Naresh Chandra, Shyam Babu Pathak>Indeevar>Namak (1947)
Ek Jyoti Bujhi>Freni Shroff & Yashwant Bhatt>K Narayana Rao Indeevar> Jagriti (1949)
Ilzaam Dene Wale Badnam Karne Wale> Uma Devi & Yashwant Bhatt>Nisar Bazmi> Rajjan>Jiyo Raja (1949)
Itna Bedard Hai Ye Zamana Haaye Hamne Na Jana>Sheela, Yashwant Bhatt>K Narayana Rao> C M Hunar>Billi (1949)
Itna Pyara Hai Ye Zamana Pyara Pyara> Sheela, Yashwant Bhatt> K Narayana Rao>C M Hunar>Billi (1949)
Ye Kali Raat Mujhe Bekarar Karti Hai>>Sheela, Yashwant Bhatt>K Narayana Rao> C M Hunar>Billi (1949)
Jivan Ki Beet Gayi Sukh Bhor>Yashwant Bhatt>K Narayana Rao Bhadar Gundvi>Dhokebaaz (1946)
Joru Walo Ke Pake Parathe>Yashwant Bhatt> K Narayana Rao> Shewan Rizvi> Khooni Laash (1943)
Kuk Koyaliya Kuk>Naseem, Yashwant Bhatt>K Narayana Rao> Shewan Rizvi> Khooni Laash (1943)
Lo Prem Ka Nata Tut Gaya>Yashwant Bhatt> K Narayana Rao> Shewan Rizvi>Qatil (1944)
Mai To Beti Thanedar Ki Re>Sulochana Kadam, Yashwant Bhatt Aziz Hindi>Nazim Panipati>Actor (1951)
Matwali Hamari Zindagi>Sulochana Kadam, Yashwant Bhatt>Shyam Babu Pathak>C M Hunar>Kismatwali (1947)
O Jane Wale Thehar Zara>Yashwant Bhatt>K Narayana Rao> Shewan Rizvi> Khooni Laash (1943)
O Rone Wale Ye Duniya Hai>Yashwant Bhatt>K Narayana Rao> Shewan Rizvi> Qatil (1944)
Pyara Desh Hamara Hai>Yashwant Bhatt, M Rana>K Narayana Rao Bhadar Gundvi>Dhokebaaz (1946)
Suno Kya Laye Sandesha>Kusum Mantri, Yashwant Bhatt>K Narayana Rao>Waheed Qureshi> White Face (1948)
Ye Duniya Ki Reet Nirali Hai>Yashwant Bhatt>K Narayana Rao> Waheed Qureshi>White Face (1948)
Ye Rang Rangili Duniya>Yashwant Bhatt>K Narayana Rao> Black And White (1946)
He has sung 7 solos


Nice write-up. Enjoyed the song too.
Pandari Bai was replaced by M S Draupadi in Vazhkai because of her Kannada accent.


As far as I have the information,Pandaribai was more into Telugu films,than in Kannada films,though her mother toungue was Konkani-not Kannada.(she was a Saraswat bramhin of North canara).




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