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Preetam aan milo

Posted on: June 13, 2013

This article is written by Pamir Harvey, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

The film Angoor (1982) has only three songs and thus this is the last song to appear from this film. This song has not only similar opening lines like C. H. Atma’s preetam aan milo (also sung by Geeta Dutt in Mr. & Mrs. 55 , but also shares its tune. Dismissing this version as a parody, however, would be underrating it.

I would rather see it as homage to the singer and the earlier composition. The song is funny in the sense that the character is stoned while singing it. Closer examination of the lyrics though brings the true spirit of a birhan song. The lyrics uses the forces of nature to depict a lovelorn person pining for his/her lover, but also the encroachment by a rival. Not only the words but also the music gladly uses the sounds of the wind, the bellowing curtains, a frog, the rolling wheels of a carriage to create an atmosphere of loneliness and dread and humour all rolled into one. Other than the sounds mentioned, the music uses musical instruments rather sparsely. Only some sort of drums (I presume) are used. I’m very bad at identifying musical instruments from their sound. Please do correct me if I’m wrong.

The song is also appropriately used in the film. All the characters in the film are at the moment pining for something or somebody. The characters played by Sanjeev Kumar and Deven Verma for freedom, Moushumi Chaterjee and Aruna Irani for their respective husbands (even though they think they have their real husbands on their sides, they surely see that something is amiss), Deepti Naval for normalcy.

The song is filmed on Deven Verma in the movie.



Song-Preetam aan milo (Angoor)(1982) Singer-Sapan Chakraborty, Lyrics-Gulzar, MD-R D Burman


preetam aan milo
preetam aan milo
ho dukhiyaa jeevan
kaise bitaaoon
preetam aan milo

raat akele
dar lagtaa hai
jungle jaisaa
ghar lagtaa hai

chalti hain
jab tez hawaayein
lehraataa hunter
lagtaa hai
kitne hunter khaaoon
preetam aan milo
ho dukhiyaa jeevan
kaise bitaaoon
preetam aan milo

waa waanh
waa waanh

birhaa mein koi
bol rahaa hai
birhaa mein koi
bol rahaa hai
peedaa kaa ras
ghol raha hai
phir se jaam
labon par aayi
phir koi ghoonghat
khol rahaa hai
mukhdaa kaise chupaaoon
preetam aan milo
ho dukhiyaa jeevan
kaise bitaaoon
preetam aan milo

12 Responses to "Preetam aan milo"

wah wah wah Kya movie hain!!! kya gaana hain!!!! Yippee!!!! one more movie goes red


This is a film, which I love to watch again and again and still discover some subtleties, which I missed before.


Wah Harvey. Just by this write up you reminded me of the huge fun I had watching this film. 🙂


It is funny but all the same very deep!


Harvey ji, so finally done with ‘angoor’ ! are bhai ye angoor ‘khatte’ nahin, bahot bahto mitthhe hain …


bahut bhaut mitthe hain!


Yippeeee!! indeed. Angoor (1982) joins the ranks of movies where all songs from the movie have been discussed on this blog. Thank you.


Preetam Se CHale Deven Verma. R.I.P sir
got the news that he died early this morning (1.45 to be exact) in Pune after being ill for sometime.


it should read Preetam Se Milne Chale Deven Verma
{sorry for the error}


new audio link


Amusing, and amazing how closely he singer’s voice resembles that of C.H.Atma, whose original version was NFS. OPN should have been mentioned as the composer of the enormously popular original. Legend has it he was offered royalty or Rs. 75 as a one time payment, and the then young man accepted the latter, when, as he said, a peg of whisky in Lahore Club cost four annas! He missed out on lacs in royalty. Present song is entertaining too, made funny by Deven Varma – sad to hear of his demise – my tribute to him too………..


Our tributes to Deven Verma ji !!
He has given many unforgettable performances, and his memories – through his films – will always be with us forever…


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