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Tamannaayen pareshaan

Posted on: July 16, 2013

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

“Ye Kis Ki Yaad Aa Gayee, Bahaar Ban Ke Chhaa Gayee” – a lovely rendition by Suraiyya, composed by Hansraj Behl, and the verses created by Anjum Jaipuri. This, and many more such wonderful ghazals and geets have come from the pen of this talented poet, who was equally at home with the adbi shaayari in chaste Urdu, and the songs that he wrote in unsullied Hindi for the many religious and historical films that he wrote for.

15th July, is the anniversary of passing away of this poet who has made significant contributions to the music of Hindi cinema. Alas, another of those talents who basically remained confined to the B and C grade films. He spent almost four decades in the industry, and wrote for more than 50 films in his career. Most of his work is relegated to anonymity, having written for small budget films. But as has been the experience of discovery on this blog, it is such unknown and anonymous films, where so many obscure but wonderful gems of musical creation are hidden.

It is a sad note that so many such talents have not only remained obscure in terms of their accomplishments, but also, very little is known about their life and their circumstances. So many references in print and online basically depend on discussing such lives through their creations only.

Yes, not much information is available about the life of Anjum Jaipuri Sb also.

His real name was Usman Khan Rehmani, and ‘Anjum’ was is ‘takhallus’ or signature. Originally from Jaipur, he used the pen name of Anjum Jaipuri.

Incidentally, he has also used a variation of this pen name. For two or three films, early on in his career in 1949-50, he also wrote with the pseudonym of Anjum Rehmani – ‘Veer Ghatotkach’ (1949) and ‘Pagle’ (1950).

His debut film was ‘Shaukeen’ (1949), in which he worked with music director Chitragupt. He wrote two songs – “Hum Hain Shaukeen Babu” and “O Taangewaale Kya Logey Tum, Prem Nagar Jaana Hai”. The film was directed by Nanabhai Bhatt (father of Mahesh Bhatt), who had invited Anjum Sb to come to Bombay and write songs for his film. It was a stunt film. And year 1949 being what it was – probably the best single year in the history of Hindi film music (I will refrain from listing all the films and songs, but please check it out, it was a fantastic year of film music), no one really paid much attention to this obscure stunt film and its music. The songs may have escaped the attention of the listening public, but this debut initiated his associations with Nanabhai Bhatt and with Chitrgupt, associations which were to bring up many more opportunities to work together in subsequent years.

(NOTE: it is said that in later years, Anand Bakshi was inspired to write “Chal Prem Nagar Jaayega, Batlaa O Taange Waale” for film ‘Jeet’ (1972), based on Anjum Sb’s song in ‘Shaukeen’.)

Working on the sidelines most of his career, his pen continued to give out some memorable gems – “Jeene Ki Khushi Na Marne Ka Gham” (Geeta Dutt in ‘Hamaari Shaan’, 1951), “Kuchh Der Hansi Aati Hai, Kuchh Der Ronaa” (Lata Mangeshkar in ‘Annadaata’, 1952), “Adaa Se Jhoomte Huye, Dilon Ko Choomte Huye” (Rafi Sb and Shamshad Begum in “Sindbad The Sailor’, 1952), “Do Bol Tere Meethe Meethe” (Hemant Da and Lata Mangeshkar in ‘Daara’, 1953), “Manzil Pe Pahunchana Hai Ab Dushwaar Hamaara Hai” (Nalini Jaywant in ‘Chingaari’, 1955), “Mushkil Hai Ae Dil Jeene Ki Raahen” (Geeta Dutt in ‘Baadal Aur Bijli’, 1956), “Dil Dhadakne Lagaa Sharmaayee Nazar” (Asha Bhosle in “Taajposhi”, 1957), “Is Pyaar Ki Basti Mein, Hum Rehte Hain Masti Mein” (Suman Kalyanpur and Baabul in ‘Jungle King’, 1959), “Mori Chunri Hawaa Mein Udi Jaaye” (Asha Bhosle in ‘Pathaan’, 1962) and so many more. The list would not be complete without mentioning the melancholic Mueksh – Asha Bhosle duet from the 1961 film ‘Saara Jahaan Hamaara’ –“Bhare Hain Aankh Mein Aansoo, Khushi Kam Hoti Jaati Hai”.

The other side of his talent is the songs written for religious and mythological films that are a treat of pure and unsullied Hindi language, coming from an ‘adbi shaayar’. His songs from films like ‘Veer Ghatotkach’(1949) – “Sandes Mera Paa Ke Mujhe Daras Dikhaana”, ‘Shri Ganesh Mahima’(1950) – “Sakhi Ri Mera Mann Naache”, ‘Veer Babruvaahan’ (1950) – “Naari Tere Jeevan Ki Ye Karun Kahaani”, ‘Nav Durga’ (1953) – “Chham Chham Naache Mere Nainon Mein Pyaar”, ‘Daara’ (1953) – “Aa Nainon Mein Jhoom Kar Saajna” etc. are excellent examples of his command over chaste Hindi.

As I was searching for a song by Anjum Jaipuri Sb for this post, my focus was his early years, but my attention was drawn to this lovely duet from a completely non-descript and obscure film from 1975. The film name is ‘Biwee Kiraaye Ki’, and as per some available comments, this film was a super flop. But when I played this Mukesh – Asha Bhosle duet, I was immediately taken in by this lovely song of melancholy.

The film is produced under the banner of Jain Enterprises, Bombay, and is directed by Ajit Kumar Jain. The music is composed by H Parshuram, a name that I am not at all familiar with. A cursory review of Geet Kosh shows that this probably the solitary film done by this composer (at least till the 1980s). the star cast includes some familiar and some not to familiar names – Sona, Inder Kumar, Durga Khote, Anita Guha, Mohan Choti, Uma Dhawan, Purnima, Sonu Arora, Bhardwaj, Shivraj, Baby Deepa, Mohan Sherry, Jagdeep, Munshi Munakka, Iqbal Akhtar, Rishiraj Gupta, Reshma, Bam Lahari, Uma Dutt, Kishore Sharma.

Listen to this wonderful piece of poetry from Anjum Sb. Enjoy.

Song-Tamannaen pareshaan (Biwi Kiraaye Ki)(1975) Singers-Mukesh, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Anjum Jaipuri, MD-H Parshuram


tamnnaa’en pareshaan
dil ne phir tumko pukaara hai
zaraa aa kar to dekho haal e dil
ye dil tumhaara hai
bhalaa aaun to kaise
jeete ji duniya ne maara hai
jahaan waalon ke aage
kyaa karoon
dil besahaara hai
tamnnaa’en pareshaan

sitaare meri haalat dekh ke
chup chaap rotey hain
dekh ke chup chaap rotey hain
yehi raaton ka aalam
aur yehi din ka nazaara hai
tamnnaa’en pareshaan

mujhe tum bhool jaao
khwaab to tootaa hi karte hain
mujhe tum bhool jaao
khwaab to tootaa hi karte hain
khwaab to tootaa hi karte hain
siwaa mere jahaan mein
aaj bhi sab kuchh tumhaara hai
tamnnaa’en pareshaan

raho chaahe jahaan bhi
dil se tum jaane na paaoge
dil se tum jaane na paaoge
bhalaa ho is jahaan ka
har koi dushman hamaara hai
bhalaa ho is jahaan ka
har koi dushman hamaara hai

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)
तमन्नाएँ परेशान
दिल ने फिर तुमको पुकारा है
ज़रा आ कर तो देखो हाले दिल
ये दिल तुम्हारा है
भला आऊँ तो कैसे
जीते जी दुनिया ने मारा है
जहां वालों के आगे
क्या करूँ
दिल बेसहारा है
तमन्नाएँ परेशान

सितारे मेरी हालत देख के
चुप चाप रोते हैं
देख के चुप चाप रोते हैं
यही रातों का आलम
और यही दिन का नज़ारा है
तमन्नाएँ परेशान

मुझे तुम भूल जाओ
ख्वाब तो टूटा ही करते हैं
मुझे तुम भूल जाओ
ख्वाब तो टूटा ही करते हैं
ख्वाब तो टूटा ही करते हैं
सिवा मेरे जहां में
आज भी सब कुछ तुम्हारा है
तमन्नाएँ परेशान

रहो चाहे जहां भी
दिल से तुम जाने ना पाओगे
दिल से तुम जाने ना पाओगे
भला हो इस जहां का
हर कोई दुश्मन हमारा है
भला हो इस जहां का
हर कोई दुश्मन हमारा है


3 Responses to "Tamannaayen pareshaan"

A very lovely duet from mid 70’s era…the tune and rhythm of this duet was very popular during 1960’s. all the characterizations were fairly standard during 50’s & 60’s.

Very very rare song ,surprise to know that MD Parshuram has done ONLY this film.His music sounds mature music.I would salute to the team who created this song.

Yeah it is indeed surprising Parshuram has given music to only this film….. beautiful duet! Thanks Sudhir ji! Regards,

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