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Badhaayi hai

Posted on: July 19, 2013

This article is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

As I sit at my computer to write up this post for this blog, I am filled with a sense of joy and fulfilment.

I still have my writer’s block (see post about this yesterday) but no writer’s block, nothing, is going to come in the way of my writing this post. I feel I will somehow get the strength to overcome all these blocks because there is an inner power driving this post.

For this post marks a very special anniversary for this blog.

Now anniversaries are nothing new here. To the extent possible, this blog recognizes and honours every day all those artistes whose birth or death anniversaries fall on that date. It is just a token of appreciation from our side to the artiste involved, to let him or her know that he or she is in our thoughts on that day. To help us with this, we have an anniversaries section that we try to keep as updated as possible.

That’s all very well – but there is another type of anniversary that comes only once a year for this blog.

And that is this blog’s birthday itself.

And that day is today, the 19th of July.

And what’s more, this time it is even more special because it is this blog’s 5th anniversary!!!

Yes, this blog was started exactly 5 years ago – on 19th July 2008.

I know it is a cliché but I cannot help saying that it feels like yesterday. Because it really does.

It feels like just yesterday that Atul and I were sharing songs on our cricket forum and Atul decided to start a blog of his own to post songs of his liking. Maybe he just wanted to dump his thoughts in cyberspace in a manner that he could control and manage. A cricket forum, for all its value, is not exactly a personal space.

As with many things in life, the blog’s early days were modest. I think Atul himself was happy to start with just one song a day – and to talk about it. Seemed a logical thing to do. Everyday talk about a song you like.

There was only one glitch. One of numbers. If one were to just post one song a day, we would have 365/366 songs a year (assuming a post every single day). And in 20 years, we would have a little over 7300 songs. Somehow, the pace felt like Gavaskar opening the bowling attack in the 1970s.

This realization was no doubt further brought home by the flurry of “farmaishes” Atul began getting. It was initially meant to be songs of HIS choice. But then when visitors began landing on his blog to check out the latest post, invariably they would leave requests for other songs. So much so, that Atul created a separate farmaishes page after a while, separate from the general comments page of the blog.

Talking of farmaishes, I have to plead mea culpa here – I was one of the most demanding guys in the early days, bombarding Atul with lists of 10 songs (sometimes more) that I wanted to see posted. The poor guy soon began satisfying farmaishes coming to him instead of posting songs of his choice.

Before the separate farmaishes page came along, there was already another major improvement Atul made on the site. One fine day in 2009, I was pleasantly surprised to see an extra tab on the site with lists of songs covered, sorted by film.

I remember once, when a few artistes had started hitting centuries, I discussed with Atul that it would be really nice if we could have statistics on the blog. Just to see the blog’s coverage. And also, as excitement to see which artistes were close to their centuries. In a few days, Atul came up with the statistics page. This is still a page I often frequent because I love seeing how various artistes are doing and who is close to what milestone.

A rather recent addition to the blog is the “movies covered” page. As the blog kept growing in terms of songs, we began having several cases where all the songs of a film had got posted. So, with the help of Arunji (our inhouse encyclopaedia, as Atul calls him), Atul began preparing this list of movies covered. Everytime a movie would get fully covered, this became a small cause for celebration for us. The movie title on the movies list became red.

Another recent addition to the blog is the anniversary list. This blog is not just a song blog, it is also a tribute to those who were part of the creation of the song, in whatever capacity. We thought it was only logical that we honour an artiste on his birth or death anniversary by posting at least one song on that day in his memory. Since there was all sorts of information out there on the net (and a fair amount not exactly reliable), Atul decided to compile his own anniversary dates list. Together with the active help of many members, this list is being constantly updated. Rarely does an artiste get missed out – this is the least we can do for the artiste.

The reason for mentioning all this is just to explain how the blog has evolved over the last 5 years in terms of its features. It is not a static blog by any standards, it is constantly being improved with new ideas, many of them coming from the blog’s visitors.

A word about the blog’s visitors.

It is fair to say that the visitors to a blog are often a big source of encouragement to the blog creator. Taking the liberty to speak on Atul’s behalf, I would say it is no different for him. From the first day of this blog (when there must have been just a few) to today (when the numbers are in many thousands), this blog has been buzzing with visitors. As of the time of writing, there have been a staggering 4.6 million visits to this blog! This is testimony to the blog’s popularity – often this blog is the first result to show up when a person searches for a song on google.

Over this 5-year period, the blog has not just attracted so many visitors, it has also retained a fair number of them as loyal followers. There are many who visit every day to check out the latest posts. They may or may not comment but they certainly want to know what’s the latest update.

Then there are those who do comment. The comments on this blog are themselves often a treasure in their own right. Not only are many of the commenters extremely appreciative and supportive, they are also often very knowledgeable in their own right. This often means that we have interesting discussions about a song or a movie or an artiste – in the comments section.

Then there are the other contributors. Without doubt, Atul is the owner and prime driver behind the blog. But over the years, some of us (myself included) have joined Atul on this fun journey as co-travellers. We try to contribute in our own ways towards the blog. Some of us write posts, some of us help with preparing lyrics of the songs (that is a lot of work too), some give fresh anniversary information, there are different ways to help. We do this with a lot of love because this blog now belongs to all of us in a way, though its creator and owner is still very much Atul.

Now a bit about the content.

I’ve said this many times before – but I never tire of saying this – it is just amazing how the content on this blog is built up every single day by Atul.

It takes tremendous dedication, discipline and passion to be able to put in so much time every day to build this blog. What started as one song a day has now grown to about 6-7 songs a day. Each of these songs has to be written up, its lyrics have to be written down as accurately as possible (Atul is particular about a quality job) and other tagging details have to be provided, alongwith the video/audio. It is a fair amount of effort that goes into every song. There are no short cuts – it is more quantity, but without compromising on quality.

It is only this dedication that has seen this blog notch milestone after milestone. Blog centuries nowadays come at a fairly brisk clip in about 16-20 days, occasionally a bit slower. Many artistes have hit centuries here – it is one of the most satisfying moments for me to see a less-known (relatively at least) artiste being honoured here, whether on the occasion of a century or on his anniversary.

Very importantly (and I think this is THE most important thing about this blog), this blog is now a much-valued repository for Hindi songs, where you get all information about the song in one place. Many of the songs here were lost in the sands of time – now, thanks to this blog, they are being rediscovered and have their own secure place in cyberspace. At this point, I must also acknowledge and thank all those music lovers who have uploaded songs to youtube and other similar shared resources. Without their help, many of these songs wouldn’t have been on the internet at all, so we need to thank them too.

So, did Atul imagine this 5 years ago? I don’t think so. But, I’m sure I speak for every one of this blog’s fans that we are SO glad he started on this journey. Atul can proudly quote this famous couplet “Hum to akele hi chale the safar-e-manzil ki taraf, raah mein log milte gaye aur caravan badhta gayaa”.

I can go on and on – but I think it is time to now move on to the song for today.

I will confess I was initially at a loss to find a suitable song for today. I wanted something that was birthday-related, so I started searching on janamdin, saalgira type terms. Didn’t get very far, so I then switched to searching on “congratulations” – in other words “badhai”.

And I found a lovely song that I’d never heard before but I fell in love with, the first time I heard it. I then took the help of Ava to write down the lyrics for this song, while I would prepare the write-up. So the lyrics are courtesy Ava.

Ok, to be honest, this is not exactly a blog congratulatory song but then I challenge somebody to find me a song for this specific purpose. So we are happy that we got a congratutory song, even it is one on the occasion of, what seems to me, to be a coronation. But the words are quite suitable for this blog also, as we are celebrating it on its 5th birthday.

It is a lovely song from the film, Waaris (1954).

As many as 7 songs of this film have already been posted here on the blog. The film itself stars Talat Mahmood, Suraiya and Nadira. I haven’t seen the film (though I have heard of it), so I’m afraid I cannot talk about the storyline. But I am sure there are plenty of knowledgeable readers here who will be happy to tell us more about this film. One of the joys for me while preparing a blogpost is to bring a song or a film to the limelight and have others comment on it.

The lyrics are by Majrooh Sultanpuri, the lovely composition is by Anil Biswas. Everytime I discover an Anil Biswas composition, I can only marvel at it.

I must say I found this qawwali-cum-dance song delightful. The choreography is also very pleasing to the eye.

Importantly, it is a gem – and that makes it extremely worthy of finding its place here, on this 5th birthday of the blog.

Congratulations to Atul and to all others here on this blog. Let’s enjoy this song.

Song-Badhaai hai (Waaris)(1954) Singers-Bande Hasan, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Anil Biswas

Lyrics(Provided by Ava Suri)

Badhaai hai

gaao badhaaiyya le lo
le lo ballaiya
Gaao badhaiyya le lo
Le lo ballaiya
ae ri sakhi tohe jiyara nihaal re
Dasrath ka lal
jiye jug jug Ramji hamaar
O jiye jug jug Ramji hamaar
O jiye jug jug Ramji hamaar
gaao badhaaiyya le lo
le lo ballaiya
gaao badhaiyya le lo
le lo ballaiya

aa aaan aaa aaa
gul khile harsims
Mausam par nikhaar aa hi gaya aa aa
aakhir ish wo din tha jiska
intezaar aa hi gyaa
aakhir ish wo din tha jiska
intezaar aa hi gayaa

aakhir ish wo din tha jiska
Intezaar aa hi gyaa

Aaheba aaheba
Aakhir ish wo din tha jiska
Intezaar aa hi gayaa

Aa aaan aaa aaa
tum ko dekha jab se dil par ikhtiyaar aa hi gaya
aa aa aa aa
Umr bhar ki beqaraari
ko qaraar aa hi gaya
Umr bhar ki beqaraari ko qaraar aa hi gaya

Umr bhar ki beqarari ko qaraar aa hi gaya
Aaheba aaheba aaheba
Umr bhar ki beqaraari ko qaraar aa hi gaya

dekhen do naina yehi rang raliyan
Ye rang raliyan ho
phoolon base more raja ki galiyaan
raja ki galiyaan ho
O more raja ki galiyaan ho
badhaai hai

Ae ri sakhi tohe jiyara nihaal re
Dasrath ka lal re
O jiye jug jug Ramji hamaar
O jiye jug jug Ramji hamaar
aaa aaa aaa
O jiye jug jug Ramji hamaar
aa aa aa aa

Aa aa aaa aaa
aa aa aa aa
Tum raho zinda aa aa
khuda rakhe tumhaari zindagi ee ee ee
Ham basar karden inhi kadmo mein saari zindagi
Ham basar karden inhi kadmon mein saari zindagi
ham basar karden inhi kadmo mein saari zindagi

Aheba aheba
Ham basar karden inhi kadmon mein saari zindagi

aa aa aa aa aaa
Tum hamaare hosakab hain
tumse pyari zindagi
Arzoo hai tumko mil jaaye hamaari zindagi
Aarzoo hai tumko mil jaaye hamaari zindagi
Aarzoo hai tumko mil jaaye hamaari zindagi
Aheba aheba aheba
Aarzoo hai tumko mil jaaye hamaari zindagi

Jiye raja mera jiwaan bhi laike
jiwan bhi laike ho
Chaina ki raina ho
Din hon mazey ke

Din hon mazey ke ho
Raja ke din ho mazey ke

Ae ri sakhi tohe jiyara nihaal re
Dasrath ka lal
jiye jug jug Ramji hamaar
O jiye jug jug Ramji hamaar
O jiye jug jug Ramji hamaar

24 Responses to "Badhaayi hai"

Congratulations to Everybody, on OUR blog`s 5th Anniversary.

Atul ji
Love you.

Raja Sir
Enjoyed every bit of your post. Thank you for that.



My heartiest congrats to Atulji on 5th janamdin of this blog. I simply don’t have words to write what the blog means to me. I am among those who visit this blog every day without fail and often check previously posted songs. I myself have a large collection of HFS and NFS. Some of these like film Anjali 57 MD Jaidev and Pyar ki jeet 62 MD Sudhir Fadke are not discussed her. But every day I find new songs not in my collection and the flood of information with it. It is nothing but a treasure. Atulji ji you are doing an invaluable service to all old film loveRs.
Personally though I sometimes feel it is an overdose of songs every day. Because these songs are to be cherished, savoured, enjoyed like a peg of whiskey and not like a glass of milk.
May you live happily and continue to spread this joy till, at least my last day! Ha ha. I just turned 70. GBU.


Many happy returns of the day Kirit jee. 🙂


Sir, wishing you a very happy birthday too !!
and thanks for your kind words for this blog, i find my emotions there in.


Thanks Avinashbhai.


Congratulations, badhaayi, to all connected with this blog which completes five years. What an achievement!! I came to know about this blog only very recently and I have had the pleasure of knowing the background of many songs through this blog. Many songs I hadn’t heard were also revealed to me. Let’s uncork the bottle to celebrate this occasion!!! By the way, is M M Video still functioning?


When I was a teenager, the only way I could keep in touch with my friends who had moved away, was to write letters to them. I would exchange long letters, filling it with (I think now), god knows what!

If my friend wrote back with less than 4-5 pages of single space/both sides written letter, I would feel cheated and complain. “Such a short letter?” I would remark!

Similarly, if Raja wrote a short post, I would feel cheated 🙂

You surely write long and meandering posts, but I assure you, Raja, each word is interesting.

This song was so fabulous. It is indeed a hidden gem. I was charmed by the sweet dance and the handsome looking Talat. I have never seen a song cum qawwali before.

On one side the ladies of the house are showering the (I assume) Dulha with flowers and doing Arti. On the other side a qawwali is going on. It does seem like a song that celebrates the multiple cultures of India.

I must thank you, Raja, for letting me write the lyrics to this song. It was a very rewarding assignment.

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS to Atul and all of us for the 5th anniversary of this blog.

Thank you Raja, for letting us know how the blog progressed.

ATUL – Hats off to you. May your broadband never fail!


Raja ji,
Thanks for your ‘from the heart’ post detailing the development of this Blog over these years. Your posts,as Ava ji said,are always highly readable as they exude your inside feelings.
Your comments about the Blog are significant because you are the actual witness to its Birth and Development(in fact you knew the parents too!).
What you have expressed about the Blog’s visitors and the contributors is absolutely true.
Thanks again.


Thanks, Arunji.
I felt inadequate in my writing that I could not write enough about the song/movie.

Am hoping you will add to our knowledge. Also about the singer Bande Hasan. 🙂


Raja ji,

WARIS-1954 was a Minerva Movietone film Directed by the famous Nitin Bose. The cast was Talat mehmood,Suraiya,Nadira,Yakub,Jagdish Seyhi etc. The music was by Anil Biswas and lyrics were by Majrooh and Qamar.
It was one of those Talat movies which flopped miserably,despite good songs and music. The plot was very weak and predictable,full of cliches and coincidences.
Rana Himmat Singh(Jagdish Sethi) is a rich Zamindar in Himmatpur.He sends his only son to one of his own mills,to work as a clerk and get experience. On the way,Kunwar(Talat),his son meets Shobha(suraiya) in a train and falls in her love,finally marrying her.Rana gets annoyed,disinherits him and also removes from his service thru his Manager Kailash(Yakub). Kunwar joins Army,goes to war and is declared dead in action. Rana repents and calls his pregnant,widow,daughter in Law to live with him. While going to him,Shobha’s train meets an accident and she is presumed dead and Kanta(Nadira) a pregnant lover of Kailash-who has ditched her- is mistaken for Shobha and taken to Rana’s house. She delivers a baby boy too. Five years go by and one day Kanta learns that Shobha is very much alive and stays nearby with her son. Being a good (?) lady,she brings her back to her house.Kailash does not like this and tries to kill her. On the deathbed kanta reveals the truth and dies. Exactly at that time enters Kunwar,back from war-alive,but on crutches !
All is well that ends well.

As far as Bande Hasan Ali is concerned,he was a traditional qawal from Bhopal,who came to Bombay thru a friend. Waris was probably his first qawali in Hindi films. He has sung only qawalis in films likeMirza Ghalib,Blackmailer,Paak Daaman,Naqabposh,Kitna badal gaya Insaan,Barsaat ki raat,Shabab,(Mahalon mein rahne walon),waris,Daara,Duniya Jhukti Hai,Jungle ka Jaadu,maalik,Mera Salaam,khandaan etc.


Arun ji, thanks in letting us know the story. I wonder where this song fits in. Maybe at the end of the story after Kunwar returns.

The story of this movie also sounds a little Kati Patang-ish.


Atul ji,
Heartiest Congratulations on the 5th Anniversary.
Here is wishing you many more milestones and Birthdays.


Conrats Atulji for the stupendous and spectacular achievement. 5 years is 1825 days and with 8370 songs the average is a super 4.6 songs per day better than Test average which can be easily increased to 5-6 like ODI and 7-8 like T20 even if we chug along at the present rate over 1 or 2 years as we were bit laggards earlier


Congratulations Atul for reaching an important milestone. Your blog has become the most important repository of songs at one place, and an invaluable reference source.

Thanks Raja for this journey down the memory lane. All of you who are part of this team deserve compliments.


Congratulations Atulji, all contributors and readers!! Stupendous acheivement by all involved. Badhaayi ho badhaayi!!


For some reason, I don’t see the “Reply” tab immediately below Arunji’s comment above, so saying this separately.

Thank you very much for the info, Arunji. I knew I could count on you to have all the details. 🙂 The movie storyline sort of sounds ok to me. No worse than many other movies I’ve seen. 🙂 And though I noticed the name Bande Hasan only now, it seems he has sung quite a few qawwalis then. I wasn’t aware of this.


Raja ji,
Since it was my reply to you,there wont be a ‘reply’ tab after my comment. If you click on ‘reply’ tab of your comment,your above comment would have appeared just below my reply.


Congratualtions to all once again!!
Raja Saab – great post !!
and a what a song selection !! Simply Great !!

‘Jiye raja ji hamaare mera jeewan bhi laike’
Raja ji ke din ho ‘always good connectivity & mazey ke’ !!


Raja ji,

A little earlier, Ava ji has commented that she would feel cheated if there was a short post from you.
I would like to add – thank you for the post Raja ji, and also for the writer’s block (without whcih we would be reading your post into the next day. 😀 😀 )
(Just Kidding 🙂 )

The post – fun reading, the song – love it.

Thanks Raja ji



o wow a gr8 Post
and i completely agree with Sudhirjee… Thank you writer’s Block. 😀 😀
i think atulodom has quite a few people who are inspired by the teacher in ‘Guddi’ who tells her class:- Cinema aur uska samaj par asar pe 1000 shabad ka niband likho.
i know i have not quoted the dialogue correctly but who cares. as long as we have lots of reading each other’s essays.


Great work in preserving rare songs. I am trying to do the same for different genres of Indian music.
Happy Birthday!


Unbelievable, I just landed on a 5 Year old blog today 😀

Atul Ji, it’s a rarity to see “old is gold,” kinda blog these days. I just loved the collection of old songs you’re preserving here. Congratulations, on successfully running this blog, since last 5 years. Hats off to you sir!

And yeah, for modern Bollywood songs lyrics you can definitely check out our new effort, named as lyricstaal.

Hope, you’re surely going to take a visit!



Atul ji,
Belated Heartiest Congratulations on the 5th Anniversary.
Here is wishing you many more milestones and Birthdays….as other have have rightly said, this blog has become a repository to information, anecdotes apart from songs & lyrics. Thanks to Sudhirji, Arun ji, Avinash ji, Nahm ji, Raja ji, Khyati ben, Nitin ji, PC ji, Kamath ji (I am sorry if I have missed any regular contributors name)….this is a beautiful journey 🙂
You guys are and will be fountainhead of joy and happiness!

Warm Regards,


Der se aaye par durust aaye :). Sorry for such a late comment on this post, I am now catching up on songs I missed earlier :). What a lovely walk down memory lane Raja ji.. mazaa aa gaya. This blog has been a boon for so many of us, that for a few of us, there is no other we would like to be on than our very own Atul ji’s blog :). Belated 5th Anniversary to our blog (by the time I write this comment, we have also completed the 6th Anniversary :).

I am guessing this post also calls for a YIPPEEEE!! moment.. yes Waris (1954) joins the ranks of movies that have all their songs discussed on the blog. At this moment, we have just another 15 YIPPEEEE!! movies to go to reach the magical figure of 500 YIPPEEEE!! movies. Looking forward to this major milestone for the blog.


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