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Meet na milaa re man ka

Posted on: August 5, 2013

This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Hullo to all Atulites

So yesterday was Kishore Kumar’s 84th birthday. Okay so what?

We had a deluge of Kishore Kumar songs on our blog. And also a whole day spent in front of the TV. Waiting for Total Recall on Times Now channel plus Bollywood Roots on CNN-IBN plus An Affair to Remember on Headlines Today plus Bemisal Kishore Da on a Hindi news Channel. The major part of my day went in analyzing the various programmes mentioned above. And my poor Better half was at the receiving end of my rantings about how these news channels have only a set number of songs to show us. And I will not say to make matters worse but these same songs will be shown next week and the week after and any other time under a different title– for example tribute to Pancham or Dev Anand or Majrooh birthday etc. only the hindi channel had a song or two “hatke” from the usual list. They showed Koi hota jisko apna (‘Mere Apne’, 1971), Koi hamdam na raha(‘Jhumroo’, 1961), Mere mehboob qayaamat hogi(‘Mr. X In Bombay’, 1964), Dukhi man mere (‘Funtoosh’, 1956) and a few more such numbers. They also showed a clipping of an old Doordarshan programme to sign off their tribute to Kishore Kumar where he was singing Zindagi Ka Safar (Safar).

Then I came to check our world here in between breaks of the said TV programmes. And I saw 4 different songs. If someone asks me to rate the 4 songs in order of my liking them then the song from “Dostana” will come 1st for me simply because it is from a movie I have seen a few times, and I used to like it as an adolescent. And yes that song was also apt for yesterday’s Friendship Day. So I just read the write up sang the song a few times for old time’s sake and went on to read Raja’s write up. I read half way through and then went on to the song as I couldn’t hold myself from hearing a song with what people would call typical kishore kumar lyrics. (Why I say typical is because I feel he himself –if he had been there- would say he liked serious songs). Oh the song itself was wonderful only if it had not been Biswajit in the video (oh I don’t have anything against him but phir bhi koi aur hota toh aur majaa ataa nahin?)

Then sometime in the day I questioned Atul about why a song I had sent him Ded Saal ago was still missing from the blog. (Poor man he is answerable to all of us these days about what he is doing on his own Blog. We tend to forget that probably he started this blog 5 years back to post about songs he loves. And as I always say a handful of us have virtually hijacked it from under his nose by making him post our Farmaishes and write ups and contributions… whichever way we like to call our intrusions into his space. And we are so nice to him by profusely compliment him that he is sweet enough to lets us intrude. 😉

So he told me that I can speed up matters by writing a post to the said song. I agreed and look what I have done. Written a Paanch page ka Nibandh. (I am sure it will be a 5 pager if it was hand written in our school note books)

Oh and I read last week in Amitabh’s Blog that it is 40 years of his marriage and 40 years since Abhimaan released. So here is the 40 year old…we all know that the music was by SD Burman. Written by Majrooh Sultanpuri. Sung by Kishore Kumar. That it was a stage song. Also a radio song. This song is the opening song for the movie. It shows Lalitha Kumari as a fan.



Song-Meet na mila re man ka (Abhimaan)(1973) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-S D Burman


hmm hmm hmm hm
he ae ae ae
ho ho ho ho ho
hm mm hm
he he ae ae

meet na mila re man ka
meet na mila re man ka
meet na mila re man ka
meet na mila re man ka
koi toh milan ka
koi toh milan ka
karo re upaay
meet na mila re man ka
meet na aa

chain nahin baahar
chain nahin ghar mein re
chain nahin baahar
chain nahin baahar
chain nahin ghar mein
man mera dharti par
aur kabhi ambar mein
usko dhoondha
har nagar mein
har dagar mein
gali gali dekha nain uthaaye
meet na mila re man ka
meet na

roz main apne hi
pyaar ko samjhaaun
roz main apne hi
roz main apne hi
pyar ko samjhaaun
woh nahin aayenga
maan nahin paaun
sham hi se prem deepak main jalaaun
phir wohi deepak du main bhujaaye
meet na mila re man ka
meet na

der se man mera
aas liye doley
der se man mera
aas liye doley ae
preet bhari baani
saaz mera boley
koi sajani
ek khidki bhi na kholey
lakh taraane raah mein sunaaye
meet na mila re man ka
meet na
meet na

7 Responses to "Meet na milaa re man ka"

Lovely choice P’s Mom. Lovely write up. I smiled all the way through. 🙂

We must not forget to thank Atul 🙂

Thank you Atul.


This is such a hilarious write-up, Peevisie’s Mom. I loved reading it! 🙂
You didn’t read my full write-up? You missed the best part! 🙂 Chaliye, maaf kiya – very busy day anyway. 🙂

This song “meet na mila” brings back memories of my schooldays. I had a classmate who had newly got a two-in-one set with cassettes. He had an Abhimaan cassette and would always be singing just one song – this one. Whenever I listen to this song, I am reminded of him. 🙂

Thank you for posting this.


sorry Raja.
for not having read your full write up, kya karoon i was in a hurry to listen to the song and worst part is that that song has such abnormal words for lyrics ke pehle ek line suna, then go to the lyrics and see if i understood it right etc. like you said gaana listening is a hard job. and even more so these days after having joined Atuldom. i ve started listening to songs very intently 😉 😉
and in between all this v ve to find ways to keep atul in good humour for our own entertainment like they say in Mumbai -Atul ko Channe ke jhaad pe bhi toh chadna hota hain!!!!! 😉


It is now almost 37 years, that I watched this movie for the first time. With the weekly screening of films started at our colony (we were living then), it was very enjoyable and we were always eager to know which movie the ‘club committee’ has finalized for the coming weeks.
A very nice hummable song that we all friends enjoyed then and keep singing.
All songs from this movie are my favorite songs!!
Thanks Peevisie’s Mom ji !!
Thanks, Thanks, Thanks Atul ji !!!


Kishore da in his elements and at his best.. what a movie and what songs. Just brilliant! Thank you Atul ji.. thanks to this blog, we are all able to have so much fun.





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