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Zindagi ka saaz bhi kyaa saaz hai

Posted on: August 10, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

I was quite surprised when I found that this famous song has not yet been posted on this Blog so far. It is indeed a wonder.In a way it was to my advantage that I am getting an opportunity to discuss this Iconic song from the film PUKAR-1939.

The song is ” Zindagi ka saaz bhi kya saaz hai,baj raha hai aur be-awaz hai ( Life is like a strange musical instrument,it keeps playing but no one can hear it). It is sung by an extremely beautiful star of the bygone era-NASEEM BANO. Due to her extraordinary beauty she got titles like ‘Beauty Queen’ and ‘Pari Chehra'( Fairy-face) in those days.

Our senior readers will surely enjoy this song and the Nostalgia it will bring.

The new generation may know Naseem bano only as Saira Bano’s mother.

Born on 2-9-1920 at Delhi -ROSHAN ARA aka Naseem Bano was the daughter of a famous classical singer Shamshad Begum. She too was very good looking . She was called ” Chhamiya” due to her adakari while singing. Naseem was so beautiful that even is school days her beauty was discussed by people. When sh was in school,once she came to Bombay and happened to see the shooting of ” Silver King-35″. She was so impressed with it that she decided to become an actress.

When Sohrab modi proposed to cast her as a Heroine in his “Hamlet”, her family flatly refused but gave in after Naseem sat on a Hunger Strike ! For her second film,’ Khan Bahadur’ she was advertised as a ‘ Beauty Queen’. (Later her daughter Saira bano also got this title). After some films like Divorce, Meetha Zahar and Vasanti, the most important film of her life and also for Minerva Movietone, PUKAR-39 was launched. In this film she enacted the role of Empress Noorjahaan,opposite equally handsome actor Chandramohan as Jehangir. She looked cute and beautiful as Queen in the get up. She became an All India star overnight and got the Title ” Pari-Chehra ” from the critics. Her song “Zindagi ka saaz” became so famous that thousands of records were sold in no time.

Naseem acted in limited films, like Hamlet, Divorce, Khan Bahadur, Vasanti, Meetha Zahar, Pukar, Talaq, Ujala, Chal chal re Naujawan, Chandni Raat, Main Haari, Begum, Jeevan Sapna, Door chalen, Mulaakat, Anokhi Ada, Baaghi, Shabistan, Ajeeb Ladki, Nawab Sirajuddaula and Pakiza.

After 1947, she stopped singing and did only acting. She married producer Director Ehsaan.

When her mother Shamshad begum “Chhamiya” died in 1983, many newspapers, magazines and Internet sites published erroneous news that the famous singer Shamshad Begum had died.

Naseem Bano died on 20-6-2002.

Naseem bano was never a singer, but she sincerely tried to improve her singing. her voice was thin and there was a tremor in it, so it sounded sweet( just like Talat).

Film PUKAR-1939 was an iconic film. It had the most beatiful heroine Naseem Bano, the most handsome Hero Chandramohan and the master of Dialogues Sohrab Modi. Set in a Mughal background it was a tale of Love, Revenge, Justice and Compromise. Modi became famous for his long and solid dialogues from this film and later he ensured that he got only those roles which had ample scope for Dialoguebazi which was his strength. In those days, like many others we used to see Minerva films only for Modi’s solid dialogue delivery. I saw Pukar in the late-almost end of 40s and was terribly impressed with Modi’s dialogues rather than the beauty of Naseem Bano !

The story of PUKAR-1939 was-

The story of Pukar was based on two separate phantasmagorias, set in the the harsh Mughal Emperor Jehangir’s court (Jehangir’s role was played by Chandra Mohan). The first involved Mangal Singh (Sadiq Ali) and Kanwar (Sheela) in which a violent feud raged between their families, and the second related to Emperor Jehangir and the Empress Noor Jehan (Naseem Bano). History also tells us that as Prince Saleem, Jehangir manoeuvred the murder of Sher Afghan, the Governor of Bengal in Mughal India to allow him to marry his beautiful widow. History also reveals that the Emperor Akbar, after coming to know of his son’s deep interest in Noor Jehan had her hastily married to Sher Afghan to keep her away from Prince Saleem. This aspect of history was totally ignored by the producer/director Sohrab Modi and his scriptwriter Kamal Amrohi.

As the story develops in the film, Mangal kills the brother and father of his lover. Mangal’s father, the loyal Rajput chieftain Sangram Singh (played by Modi) captures his son, presenting him before Emperor Jehangir, who condemns him to death. Jehangir’s claim that the law knew no distinction of class is put to test when a washerwoman (Sardar Akhter) accuses Queen Noor Jehan of having inadvertently killed her husband during a hunt. Emperor Jehangir offers his own life but the washerwoman magnanimously forgives him. The Empress and the Emperor in turn pardon Mangal Singh, thus unwittingly proving that class position did count after all. Their acts also obliquely suggest that the death penalty should never have been applied. The film became known mainly for its spectacular scenes of palace grandeur and the bewitching beauty of Naseem Bano.

Our dear Memsaab has reviewed this film in her inimitable style here.

Here is the famous song, sung by Naseem Bano. Enjoy…..



Song-Zindagi ka saaz bhi kya saaz hai (Pukaar)(1939) Singer-Naseem Bano, Lyrics-Kamal Amrohi, MD-Meer Sahab


Zindagi ka saaz bhi kyaa saaz hai ae
baj rahaa hai aur be-aawaaz hai

koi naghmaa hai na koi saaz hai
koi naghmaa hai na koi saaz hai
ek teri aur ek meri aawaaz hai
ek teri aur ek meri aawaaz hai
zindagi ka saaz bhi kyaa saaz hai
baj rahaa hai aur be-aawaaz hai

lay na toote zindagi ke saaz ki
lay na toote zindagi ke saaz ki
zindagi aawaaz hi aawaaz hai
zindagi aawaaz hi aawaaz hai
zindagi ka saaz bhi kyaa saaz hai
baj rahaa hai aur be-aawaaz hai
baj rahaa hai aur be-aawaaz hai

5 Responses to "Zindagi ka saaz bhi kyaa saaz hai"

She sang one song in Room No 9 if I remember rightly.
I feel her voice was reasonably good though as you said bit tremulous like Talat. If we consider Talat as singer we should also treat her as a singer.


Nitin ji,
From 1935 to 1947,Naseem Bano sang about 25 film songs.


Superb song…..thanks Arun ji!


It remimnds me of Dilke Armaan Aasuo main bah gaye….



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